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    Noble Beast Dog Training is excited to add and offer a daycare option to the Noble Beast Dog Training list of services.

    Champagne Dog Daycare
    ONLY offered at the Noble Beast Dog Training & Education Center

    4335 Vine Street, Denver, CO 80216

    As a training team that specializes in dog/dog socialization and group play dynamics, the way we run our daycare will fully support the science of dog behavior and dog learning. 

    This daycare has been designed to support our relationship focused training philosophy.  Where some of the daycare staff will actually be trainers, those that are not, will get 16 hours of group dog training with a Noble Beast Senior Trainer in our Group Day Training Program to ensure they are fully versed in dog body language, a healthy social environment for dogs in groups, as well as learning the best safety and management measures for dogs in groups.  In addition, they will be expected to participate in our continuing education meetings, lectures, and seminars that are offered multiple times throughout the year.

    Another thing that makes the Champagne Room different from other doggy daycares is we FULLY understand that doggy daycare is not for every dog.   Due to the sensitive nature of dogs with moderate to severe arousal challenges, fear, anxiety, and/or aggression challenges, this service would not be a good fit – as the daycare environment of ANY daycare for dogs of this nature, is often counterproductive to a positive experience, and something we cannot support.  In addition, dogs like people, vary greatly in personality, social preferences, and play styles.  Where some dogs absolutely could attend doggy daycare as they lack any kind of outward sign of fear, anxiety, and or aggression – if they prefer more intimate play settings with a smaller group of dogs, enjoy the engagement of people over dogs, or maybe even have health or pain challenges that would lead them to become snappy if dogs in play ran into them, then it is our responsibility to recognize these preferences and withdraw them from daycare.

    However, at Noble Beast Dog Training, we do have a solution for those types of dogs – our Group Day Training Program is often a great fit for those types of dogs to help them become better at trusting, socializing, feeling comfortable, and learning to be more relaxed in an environment with other dogs, as it is a highly controlled environment with no more than 6 dogs in each group.

    The Champagne Room is designed and ran to support an environment that is fun, safe, and enjoyable for all dogs in attendance, and only being offered to the Noble Beast Dog Training client. 

    As a pre-requisite to having your dog attend daycare at the Champagne Room, you dog must have trainer approval, and to get trainer approval your dog must…:

    1. Be attending at least two weeks of, or have passed (either in a group class or privately), one of the following classes:
    1. Have attended at least 5 sessions of our Group Day Training Program. 
    2. Have attended at least 3 sessions of private in-home training with a focus on Manners & Obedience – Private In-Home Training.  

    This ensures a solid social behavior and manners foundation has been set, which will help the pups acclimate to the structure, rules, and daycare games they will experience in our daycare environment.


    Our hours of operation will be Monday – Friday from 6:30am – 7:15pm, with an option to pick up between 7:15pm – 8pm for an additional $15.

    The daily schedule for the dogs will be as follows:

    • Morning drop off is from 6:30am – 9:00am. Doors will lock at 7:30am so the dogs can start their playtime so if you drop your pup off between 7:30am – 9:00am, please ring the bell! 
    • We will not be able to accept dogs after 9:00am as our playgroups will have officially began and all staff and dogs will be in group following their schedule and structured day.
    • Morning Playtime will commence at 7:30am and go until 11:30am, at which point the pups who are registered for a full day will be kenneled for naptime, and the dogs who are registered for a half day will be picked up and dropped off anytime from 12pm – 12:30pm.
    • Naptime – Doors will be locked during Nap Time from 11:30am – 12:45pm, so if you are picking up or dropping off your pup for Half-day Daycare, please ring the bell!
    • Afternoon/Evening Playtime will commence at 12:45pm and go until 4:45pm, at which point the pups will be kenneled for evening pick up.  
    • Evening pick-up is between 5:00pm – 7:15pm – and doors will be unlocked!
    • We do offer a LATE PICK UP between 7:15pm and 8pm for an extra charge of $15 CASH, which will need to be paid at the door and upon pick up.  As well, all late pick-ups must be scheduled 24-hours in advance.


    It is MORE than normal for dogs to nap throughout the day, it is natural.  Some will nap on and off, others will take a solid 2 – 3-hour nap, and some may actually cat nap here and there.   Dogs in general need a lot more sleep than people – it is natural for most adult dogs to sleep 8 – 14 hours a day, and puppies often sleep closer to 12 – 18 hours each day (often in short sessions throughout the day).


    In a daycare environment, when dogs don’t get a solid break and opportunity to nap – just like people it can create frustration, lack of patience, intolerance, anxiety, and sometimes even highly aroused behavior (often misinterpreted as extra energy) that lead to not so great experiences with other dogs and at daycare.

    At the Champagne Room, it is our goal to help dogs be the best they can be in this social environment, an environment that IS NOT for all dogs simply because the nature of ‘dog play’ is not in large groups, rather one on one – often times with others trying to jump in.  Here is a great article about Doggie Day Care, by renown Dog Trainer & Animal Behaviorist, Dr. Patricia McConnell – Doggy Day Care –Fun for Fido or Not?

    • Afternoon/Evening Playtime will commence at 2:00pm and go until 6pm, at which point the pups will be kenneled for pick up time between 6pm – 7pm.
    • Evening pick up is available as early as 5:30pm, but you must ring the doorbell as the doors will be locked
    • Doors will be unlocked for evening pick up between 6pm – 7pm with no extra charge
    • If you have a need to schedule a late pick up for whatever reason, you must give a 24-hour notice, but can pick up anytime between 7:15pm – 8:00pm for and additional charge of $15 cash – to be paid to the Guardian who stays late.

    We can honestly state that we feel the Noble Beast Dog Training Champagne Room Doggie Day Care will be the best daycare environment for dogs in the state of Colorado, simply because it was developed by Relationship Focused and Scientifically Based Noble Beast Dog Trainers!


    ***PLEASE NOTE******

    Our daycare is not a drop-in daycare.  Because we choose to limit the number of dogs’ we have in our space we are unable to accommodate random, selective, or drop-in days.

    You will need pick a day or multiple days per week that your pup will be in attendance!


    Full Day Daycare:

    • Full Day Daily rate                         $ 35.00
    • 5-day package                                 $170.00 (save $5.00)
    • 10-day package                               $330.00 (save $20.00)
    • 15-day package                               $480.00 (save $45.00)
    • 20-day package                              $620.00 (save $80.00)

    Half-Day Daycare

    Can attend either the Morning Session or Afternoon Session.

    • Half Day Daily rate                        $25.00
    • 5-half day package                         $120.00 (save $5.00)
    • 10-half day package                       $230.00 (save $20.00)
    • 15-half day package                       $330.00 (save $45.00)
    • 20-half day package                      $420.00 (save $80.00)

    Additional Services – COMING SOON!

    • 20-minute walk during nap time
    • Brush Only
    • Pawdicure
    • Ear Cleaning
    • Furminator Treatment (De-Shedding)
    • Regular (Bath & Brush Only)
    • Deluxe (Includes Nail Trim, Teeth Cleaning, Ear Cleaning, Bath & Brush)

    Prices are dependent on a variety of factors including the size of your dog.


    • A Pre-Training Questionnaire will need to be filled out prior to your pup being enrolled in daycare to determine:
      • If they have met the training requirements
      • If Daycare is an preproperate environment for them.  On occasion it will be necessary for your pup to complete a working evaluation where he/she attends daycare for 1 – 5 days before determining if the environment is appropriate for him/her.
    • CANCELLATION POLICY – We do need a full 24 hours’ notice of your dog not being in daycare for the day to not be counted against your package or to avoid charges.  The exception to this rule is if there is a human/dog illness or emergency, or if the roads are too dangerous to drive.
    • This class is not an open enrollment class so you won’t find a class schedule on the website for this service. Contact Noble Beast for availability.
    • Once enrolled, renewal payments must be received by 3pm the day before a scheduled day of Daycare to be able to attend the following day
    • It is a requirement for all dogs to be committed to a weekly schedule – we do not offer drop-in daycare as we limit the number of dogs in our program to ensure a safe and happy environment both mentally & physically.


    If Already Enrolled, Pay Here