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The Playful Pup Socialization Class

  • The Playful Pup Socialization Class

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    The most critical time in your puppy’s life is RIGHT NOW! If you want your dog to grow up and be comfortable around all kinds of people, as well as get along with other dogs, Puppy Socialization Classes are a must! In the Playful Pup Socializing Class, not only will your pup burn some energy playing, but they will continue learning how to communicate properly with each other, how to appropriately set and respect boundaries, how to use a soft mouth, and learn to trust that we as their leaders will keep them safe. For Pup Parents, come get all your questions answered, learn and understand basic dog communication, as well as how to raise a well-balanced pup. We offer multiple Playful Pup classes every weekend for your convenience and there is no set curriculum so you don’t have to worry about missing a class, come when it is convenient for you!


    • The $5 entrance fee is DUE IN CASH upon entry AT THE TIME OF CLASS.
    • There are 12 open spots in each class listed on our schedule. You MUST PRE-REGISTER and send over proof of vaccines at least 24 hours in advance to a class start date.  If you don’t have internet or email capabilities, please let us know so we can modify this process for you.

    • Noble Beast Dog Training is a family-friendly organization and encourages the entire family to be a part of your new pup’s training and education, however, because this class is extremely active with many puppies in attendance, we do have a few class rules for the safety of both the humans and the puppies:

      • No children under the age of 4
      • 3 guest limit per puppy – If one of the guest is a child under the age of 11, there must be one adult to supervise the puppy and one adult to supervise the child.
      • Please be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing as this is a very active class and you will be expected to jump in and participate!
    • PLEASE NOTE– Once registered with Noble Beast Dog Training, you are able to ENROLL for future Playful Pup Classes – 2 CLASSES AT TIME PER WEEK, MONDAY – SUNDAY by simply sending us an email or by filling out the form below – YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO THROUGH THE ENTIRE REGISTRATION PROCESS AGAIN!

    We are not able to accommodate more than 2 Playful Pup Class enrollments at one time!
    Be sure to email us after each class you attend if you would like to attend another class!

    This class is open to pups from 8 weeks – 20 weeks.

    $5 per visit TO BE PAID IN CASH upon arrival

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