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Enroll in a Prickly Pooch Class

  • Course Level



    For dogs who have a challenge with reactivity or over arousal around other dogs or people


    2 Months and Older

    Class Duration

    6 Week Class
    1 Hour Sessions – Attended Once A Week – same day of the week, same time and same location



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    A Noble Beast Dog Training Class

    This class

    is for

    Dogs who bark, growl and lunge on-leash 

    Dogs who have a hard time meeting or being around other dogs/people

    Dogs who are so fearful they refuse to interact with other dogs/people

    In this class

    you will learn to teach your dog

    Confidence building games

    How to engage and disengage

    Relaxation protocol


    Calm excitement

    Counter Conditioning

    We designed this class to help you help your dog by managing thresholds and environments, as well as help you understand and give you tools to help your dog learn how to cope with the outside world so that you can more comfortably walk your dog successfully on leash.  It is our goal to help you understand why your dog behaves this way and coach you through how to help him/her be more successful when out and about.  Our large facility and visual barriers allows us to provide an environment that your sensitive dog can feel safe and learn in, while we guide you through exercises that will promote alternative behaviors to their reactivity or avoidance – ultimately helping them get over their reactivity or avoidance!

    Because this is a class full of sensitive dogs and to be sure that everyone is absolutely safe in the rare instance a leash is dropped, your dog will be required to be muzzled while entering and exiting the building.  However, if your dog has never been muzzled before, we will be sure to email you muzzle training instructions so that your pup is nice and comfortable in a muzzle before you start class. 

    For those of you uncomfortable with the idea of muzzling your dog, here is a great article to read by the great Nan Arthur:


    In choosing a muzzle for your dog, we suggest Basket Muzzles, which are very comfortable for the dogs, allowing them to pant, drink water, and take treats.  Mesh or cloth muzzles that clamp the mouth shut, are used typically in emergency situations for short term muzzling and will not allow your dog to pant, drink water, or take treats.  Although your dog will only be required to wear a muzzle while entering and exiting the building, being muzzled trained is a great thing to teach your dog and gives you much more freedom to interact with other dogs and people as it will ensure there will be no injury if contact with other beings happens.  As well, if you need help finding and fitting a muzzle, we do sell muzzles at the Noble Beast Dog Training & Education Center (4335 Vine Street, Denver, CO  80216), as well as treats, treat pouches, and front clip harnesses – all of which we require for class (except the front clip harness – which is highly recommended).

    We cap this class at a 4 dog max.


    Here is the difference

    REGISTER: You must register yourself and your dog(s) with Noble Beast before you can enroll in a course or service.

    ENROLL: Once Registered you can enroll in a course or service.

    *Please note, your enrollment is NOT complete and placement is NOT guaranteed until you receive a confirmation email from our Client Relations Team

    Important Information

    PAYMENT – Payment must be made prior to your first class AND no refunds will be honored 48 hours prior to a class start date, due to limiting the number of dogs in class.

    MISSED CLASSES – While we are unable to accommodate makeup classes, if you are unable to attend any of the classes in your training series, simply let your trainer know as soon as possible and he/she will catch you up on the missed curriculum by emailing you the detailed and easy to follow homework as well as provide a phone or email consult if needed to ensure you don’t fall behind.

    REFUND OF TRAINING – We only offer refunds on missed classes if there is an emergency situation with owner/dog, severe illness or death of owner/dog, or relinquishment of dog due to being a danger to self or others in the household.  We will also provide a refund due to proven trainer negligence.

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