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TRICKS FOR FUN – Online Video course

  • This online video course is good for 1 full year!!!

    Studies show that working with your dog and teaching them new things is not only an amazing form of enrichment for them but you as well! It also creates an amazing bond and working relationship – not only while your working with your dog, but in the overall dog/human relationship!

    Thanks to COVID-19 and the fact that many cities are issuing orders to residents to stay at home, you and your pup will likely be spending more time at home than you ever have before. While that may sound nice at first, once you get a few house chores checked off your to-do list, finish binge-watching your favorite shows, it won’t be surprising if you AND your pup start to feel lonely, a little depressed, and B-O-R-E-D. So bored!

    For a limited time only, Noble Beast would like to bring you some JOY by offering you this online “Dog Tricks for Fun” training class. This Video course contains instructions for 15 different tricks you can teach your dog and a WHOLE YEAR to get through the course!

    This course is instructed by Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA, founder of the Dog Gurus. All tricks taught are aligned with the Noble Beast Relationship Focused Dog Training methods (no fear, pain, or intimidation), and customer support, once you have purchased the Tricks for Fun Video Course, provided by The Dog Gurus Customer Care Team for a full year, while you are enrolled.

    You will have online access to 35 short video tutorials covering over 15 different trick behaviors including:

    • The basics (sit, down, name game, stay) 
    • Kennel up
    • Shake
    • Spin
    • Roll over/play dead
    • Go to mat
    • Platform training
    • Leave it
    • Drop it
    • Peekaboo
    • Muffin tin game
    • Ring the bell
    • Back up
    • Weave between legs
    • Say your prayers
    • Jump through arms

    So be stuck at home and HAVING FUN with your dog and order your TRICKS FOR FUN Online Video Course Today!


    • PAYMENT – Once payment is made, we will register your name and email with the Dog Gurus Customer Care Team, who will then email you instructions to get started!
    • LIMITED TIME OFFER – This course has been offered to help with the challenges times of COVID 19, once the pandemic is over – the program will be discontinued.  

    TRICKS FOR FUN – Online Video course – $125.00 $99.00

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