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  • Yukari Bianchi

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    Certified Dog AND CAT Trainer & Behavior Consultant & Director of Cat Training

    Im originally from Osaka, Japan. While in Japan, I worked as a vet tech assistant in a local vet hospital for a year and a half. After I moved to Denver, Colorado from Japan, I started volunteering at a local animal shelter as a kennel tech assistant. I also became a foster parent at the same time, caring for animals that need more individual attention. Then, I started working as an assistant in the foster department. There I cared for animals with a wide range of needs; physically, mentally, emotionally scarred, and broken animals. The experiences I got from it gave me more confidence and knowledge about animals; especially puppy/kitten development, common illnesses, and minor behavior issues. I had a tremendous amount of hands-on training while I was there.

    Since 2004, Ive become a student of Muay-Thai (Thai Kickboxing). Ive learned the importance of encouragement, motivation, inspiration, teamwork, and having fun while working hard! After the shelter experience and continuing Muay Thai practice, I re-directed my energies to animal training; utilizing positive reinforcement methods and combining my unique experiences, I’ve been able to help many people with “challenged” furry kids. Now I’m so excited to be a part of this wonderful team at Noble Beast Dog Training! I look forward to meeting everyone and to helping more feline families along with canine families!

    In addition to my passion and love of animals and Muay-Thai, I enjoy cooking with my wonderful chef (aka. Husband), crafting, singing, and traveling.

    We had 2 very different types of dogs previously. We lost Midori (Cattle dog mix) at age 14 in 2017. She was the best couch potato dog and my toe warmer, after she became a canine citizen. Sakura (Shepherd mix) on the other hand, was not a social butterfly like Midori, but smart and loved learning new things. Sakura and I competed and won second place at World Canine Freestyle Organization in 2014. She passed away at the age of 13, on June 3 of this year, 2020. Now we only have a cat, but we call her “Dragon cat”. Oryo may be a 12-year-old long hair senior cat, but her personality is bigger than a dog! She rules the house and teaching me so many feline wisdoms.



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