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  • Maretta Hamman

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    Champagne Room Director of Dog Daycare

    I started my first doggy daycare job when I was 21, and from the moment I walked through the doors I knew I had found my purpose. I started reading and studying everything I could about dogs. On weekends when I had split shifts I would go to the library and read about dogs, and other animals. This research sparked my interest in ecology and ethology, and I went to college to pursue a bachelor’s degree. I have a degree in research biology/ecology with a minor in psychology, to create an animal behavior degree. I put myself through college working as a barista and dog daycare guardian. This is where I got interested in training and how dogs and humans interact with each other, and how the interaction changed them. After I graduated I struggled with finding a way to turn my passion into a career, until I took a step back and started looking into myself, this is when I realized I wanted to work as a trainer helping dogs live their best life. I share my home with a cat named Lancelot, he is my best friend and most constant companion, though we are both looking forward to the day when we can add a dog to our little family!!



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