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  • Lynn Maedel

    Posted September 20, 2001 By in With | Comments Off on Lynn Maedel

    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Lynn has loved dogs from the time she was a small child, in fact she loves pretty much all animals!  Lynn remembers the D book within the set of encyclopedias her family had, automatically fell open to the pictures of all the dogs when taken from the bookshelf.  She has owned and successfully trained 2 dogs and 2 horses, and reflects on these experiences as having enriched her life tremendously.  After 40 years working in the field of medical laboratory science and retiring from teaching hematology, the study of blood cells and diseases of the blood, Lynn decided to follow her heart and lifelong passion of working with dogs.  Training dogs and their owners seemed like the right path to pursue since most of her career involved teaching.  Lynn is starting with simple basic obedience and manners training as she feels she has much to learn about behavior training through positive reinforcement methods, but is extremely excited about her opportunity with Noble Beast Dog Training and fully knows this second career will fulfill many of her dreams and allow her to contribute to society in wonderful ways.  Watching dogs and their human parents open up the doors of communication, allowing them to learn and create that special bond of trust, respect, and love is something that simply makes her own heart flutter!

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