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  • Lyndsay Krausa

    Posted March 18, 2001 By in With | Comments Off on Lyndsay Krausa

    Certified Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant

    Lyndsay has had a love for animals going back as long as she could remember.  There has never been a time in her life that she has not had at least one dog!  Her love of dogs started with her first dog, Beebee, who was enamored with her since day one! Beebee was sort of like a dog mother to her – she was always there to make sure Lyndsay was okay, and even tolerated her pulling her tail and trying to ride her (to be fair, Lyndsay was a toddler when she would do this).  Since then, she has owned dogs all over the board, from playful puppies to crazy, hyperactive labs, to reactive and fearful dogs. She now owns a sassy chihuahua mix named Stella.

    Along with owning a myriad of dogs, Lyndsay has also worked extensively as a dog walker and sitter, and has experience working with dogs of all temperaments. She believes very firmly in positive reinforcement training, and her favorite thing about dog training is the bonding experience it creates between dog and owner. She is very excited to help you connect with your furry friend!



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