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  • Kelly Kohlhagen

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    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Kelly has always had a passion for animals. She grew up in St. Louis, Missouri alongside an escape artist beagle named Louie. Throughout her childhood, she had a menagerie of fish, insects, hamsters, rats, a guinea pig, a cockatiel, and Louie, of course. Her favorite pastime was teaching them new things. Her cockatiel knew a variety of songs and her rats quickly learned basic commands. Kelly always loved dogs, but when Louie passed away, much to Kelly’s horror, her family decided to go dog-less. To continue having dogs in her life, Kelly started her own dog-walking and pet-sitting service for her neighbors. She maintained this small business all through middle school and high school. Kelly always enjoyed learning and teaching others, so she pursued and completed her Bachelor’s in English, with a minor in Psychology, then went on to complete her Master’s in Elementary Education at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri. Following her love of working with animals, Kelly joined the Equestrian Team and learned a new skill: showing horses. Practicing each day and working with such gorgeous creatures was a dream come true!

    After graduating from college, on one cold February day, Kelly moved to Colorado and began a career as an elementary school teacher. Something was missing, however; Kelly had always wanted a dog in her life again. She adopted a mutt who needed a lot of love and a lot of help becoming socialized around other dogs. Her new pup Archer was fearful, insecure, and reactive; he lashed out aggressively at dogs and had a hard time reading the body language of other dogs. Kelly did research and began socializing Archer with much patience, treats and toys galore, and with the help of friends and their dogs. They made progress, but Kelly wanted to know more and make sure that her training was in line with best practice, so she turned to Noble Beast Dog Training. There, they both learned how to be a better team. This challenging and enjoyable training experience inspired Kelly to pursue a career as a Dog Trainer. Since then, Kelly has also started a dog-sitting, dog-walking, and dog-boarding business. This has given her years of practice managing behaviors in a variety of different types of dogs and in making sure these dogs stay calm, safe, and happy while their owners are away. Dogs and their parents learn from each other when they have a healthy relationship, built on trust and respect. Kelly loves helping more dogs and dog parents become a better team and live their best lives!

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