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  • Keecia Reid

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    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Keecia has loved all animals since birth and has had animals in her life since she can remember.  Keecia has had a few diverse careers, from cosmetology to production supervisor for a major snack food corporation, but after receiving a life changing diagnosis, Keecia felt that life is too short to not spend every day doing what you love – which for Keecia is training dogs!  She is highly passionate about dog training, dog behavior and coaching pet parents on the training their dogs and how to better communicate and understand their furry best friends, as well as how to incorporate what they have learned into their everyday lives ensuring a lifelong bond. 

    Keecia is a fierce Pitbull and Bully Breed advocate and has filled her life and home with bully breeds for over 20 years.  Keecia currently shares her home with Azi (blue and white pitty) who is 2 years old and Diesel who is an 8-month-old American Bully who is a typical teenage boy of course.  Keecia also rescues any and all dogs and once a miniature horse she found running down the street. 

    When Keecia is not dog training, she enjoys volunteering at one of the local animal shelters and has also started hospice pet sitting for owners that have a pet with a serious diagnosis, but still have to go to work.  While they are at work Keecia visits their furry best friend and feeds, administers medications or just hangs out and keeps these sweet and needy pets company. 

    Keecia is excited to be a part of the Noble Beast Dog Training Team and can’t wait to work with our amazing clientele!

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