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  • Kayla Banacka

    Posted March 15, 2001 By in With | Comments Off on Kayla Banacka

    Dog Guardian – Champagne Room Dog Daycare Activity Center

    Growing up, I’ve always heard from relatives and family friends how well I would get along with even the snarliest of dogs. From when I was 4 until about 6 I grew up with a potbellied pig, so I had to learn to not show fear or back down really, but sadly when we had to make a move Katie went to a petting zoo and we ended up just taking our Boston terrier Toby with us. Well over the years I had many of opportunity to see other dogs, For ten years, had neighbors that had Rotties and Saint Bernards, then around 8 my own mother and father decided to get into working with Greyhound Guardians which was a rescue group for retired Racers and upon getting our first greyhound from them, I knew I wanted to work with animals in some way when I got older. I did my first shelter volunteer job when I was 16, for two years in Arizona and really enjoyed my experience there. I ended up helping a dog named Rocky that didn’t trust anyone but me to hand feed him enough to get his strength up.  Rocky had been a neglect case that the elderly owners couldn’t care for.  Growing up around all sorts of dogs made me have a passion for dogs and other animals but dogs are my top goal in life!  I currently share my home with my brothers-in-law, my husband, a very spoiled elder cat named Keri Anne, and a dog that I am sure is an antelope trapped in a dog’s body…Senri Micheal.  I am beyond excited to join the Noble Beast Dog Training Team and contribute to the amazing work they do!

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