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  • Kat Salcedo

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    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Kat has had a strong passion for dogs since she was a little girl.  Before she could read, all she wanted was books with pictures of dogs; her parents eventually bought her a breed encyclopedia.  To this day, Kat wants to talk all about dogs all of the time, driving friends and loved ones a bit nuts with it all, but she has owned dogs her entire life and has worked really hard training them all.  She just never thought it was viable as a career.

    Her love of dogs was reinforced on a whole new level when she adopted a stray from rural TX with severe anxiety and named him Kyle. She studied all she could by herself to help her new four-legged family member. With the help of books, podcasts, videos, and her own passion, she helped build up Kyle’s confidence and now he’s a wonderful little member of society. He loves meeting new people and hiking in unfamiliar places with her.

    After visiting Denver, she loved how dog-forward (not just dog-friendly) Denver is and fell in love with the mountains! She decided to leave her corporate job in NYC and pursue her dreams of working with dogs. She started dog handling and dog walking, and has been able to hone in her instincts at understanding dog body language and behavior. Kat’s mission is to not only help dogs cope with their new environments, but to teach dog owners how to communicate with their friend and is so excited to be a part of such an amazing dog training team!

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