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  • Elly Beyer

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    ABC-CPDT/ Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Elly has always been compassionate about animals, dogs especially. Growing up on a farm in Iowa, they always had dogs. Along with chickens, ducks, cats, snakes, rats, and spiders. Elly’s first dog, Dozer, was a St. Bernard lab mix. Dozer was a rescue who had been abused and malnourished. After seeing him open when he became part of the family, she understood then that all dogs are special beings and have nothing but love to give. Her animal career started when she began working at a doggie daycare at age 20, back in Iowa. It was then she knew her path! She then began Animal Behavior College. Completing their program for basic obedience she become a certified dog trainer. Since then she has worked in a couple doggy daycares, studying canine social behavior, play and falling more in love with dogs. Also, working on her own as a dog trainer for friends and family. Delilah is Elly’s delightful Rottweiler. Best friends that spend every moment they can together. Going to work, snuggling up at the end of the day, hiking or a pleasant stroll in the neighborhood, working on their parlor tricks. Life just wouldn’t be right if Elly didn’t have her sassy shadow everywhere she went. Elly has done some work with grooming as well! Basic cuts and nail trimmings, she finds it peaceful. Working on keeping the animals clam, she had to find out how to calm herself. She’s done work with basic to advanced obedience, beginning agility, she would like to further her studies in aggressive and fearful dogs.

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