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  • Elias Perez

    Posted March 17, 2001 By in With | Comments Off on Elias Perez

    Guardian – Champagne Room Dog Daycare Activity Center

    My passion for dogs began my senior year of high school with my first occupation at a doggy daycare from my very first day I knew this was what I was meant to do. From an early age I was made aware that not all dogs are seen the same, my dog, a purebred Pit Bull wasn’t welcome where I was and at my age, I couldn’t understand why but I wanted to, I had to and so my passion for behavioral training began and so I educated myself in history and future of their breed and learned that it’s the owner, not the breed and that there was a serious need in our world for certified trainers to help strengthen the bonds between Man and his best friend no matter the breed. I felt an overwhelming obligation to fill that need and help as many dogs and owner relationships as possible in my time with Noble Beast Dog Training.





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