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  • David Hoffman

    Posted March 17, 2001 By in With | Comments Off on David Hoffman

    Dog Guardian at the Champagne Room Dog Daycare Activity Center

    I grew up on Long Island under the roof of 2 dog-loving parents. It was only a matter of time before we added a furry family member! My teenage years were spent petting, walking, and keeping an eye on a gargantuan golden retriever named Roswell. Roswell was a friendly dog who meant well, but if you left your food out on the counter or the pantry door opened a crack….it was back to the grocery store. He was quickly forgiven every time, thanks to his bubbly personality and quirky antics; most memorably, he would howl whenever my mom was practicing singing opera. For all the food Roswell stole, his outgoing demeanor and loyalty to the family still strengthened my love of dogs; it just also made me realize the importance of training for our furry friends!

    I started volunteering at animal shelters after moving out and no longer having a dog of my own. My experience reinforced that love of dogs, and I realized I wanted to dedicate my life to improving theirs. It was so heartwarming to see the stray puppies get excited for a walk, a game of fetch, or some pets. I want every dog to live the same charmed life Roswell had, minus 98% of the food. That’s why I am excited to join the team at Noble Beast Dog Training, where everyone shares that same goal and passion for the dogs! Having a dog is a delightful experience for both humans and dogs, doubly so with great training and guidance!

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