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  • Dana Brown

    Posted October 15, 2013 By in With | Comments Off on Dana Brown

    Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant / Building Manager

    My love for dogs goes back as far as I can remember and I was fortunate enough to have parents that enjoyed having dogs around as well.  The first dog in our family was a black German Shepherd name Dude who was an amazing boy and my best friend!  Soon after, we adopted a dog named Bruno.  A black lab mix pup who lacked training.  He was quite challenging for my parents as they worked a lot and did not have time to work with Bruno, but Bruno and I got along great!  After Bruno’s passing, we did adopt an adorable Afghan hound/chow mix – but had to find her another home as I was busy with high school and my mom and dad were working long hours – so we could not give this pup the home she needed.  At that point, given our love for animals, Mom was ready for nothing but cats, however, my love for dogs carried on and led me to a dog training career.  I became extremely interested in dog behavior and how to help them through common behavioral challenges, further helping them to connect with their owners as we all know that dogs can and are extra special companions for us.  I had a keen understanding of their body language and how they actually communicate, so I found it rewarding to work with them to help improve some of the behaviors that were causing them problems in their human family unit so that all involved were happy!  Prior to Noble Beast Dog Training, I completed my dog training education and became a Certified Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant, training hundreds of dogs.  I am excited to be a part of the Noble Beast Dog Training team and have to say, I am constantly learning new and improved training methods through this organization so that I can continue to make dogs and their families happy.

    Noble Beast Trainers and Daycare Providers care very much about our k-9’s and that is something that attracted me to them.  They truly want to do whatever it takes to help dogs and their owners succeed.  What I love most is listening to and being a part of the brainstorming to figure out ways to help dogs be the best they can be, as well as the team being genuinely concerned about team members as well.  I am happy and grateful to be a part of Noble Beast Dog Training.

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