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  • Cormisha Garner

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    Certified Trainer & Dog Guardian at the Champagne Room Dog Daycare

    I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, and living and growing up in Colorado greatly influenced my automatic love for animals, especially for dogs!  I would always try to bring home stray dogs, or help hurt dogs.  As a young girl, I would pretend to be a vet or a dog trainer and would set time aside to watch any show dog related!  I found my knack for dog training when I became a dog trainer with the Women K-9 Program. This is where I found my passion and it grew!  It was at this time I knew I wanted to become a professional trainer for dogs.  When I relocated, I took a position in a doggie daycare as a daycare attendant, which further expanded my dog knowledge through experiential learning.  Working in a group pack environment gave me the knowledge and understanding of a dog’s body language and the intricacies of dog/dog socialization.  I also became aware of how many dogs had behavioral issues, and how many parents needed solid help and direction with training from basic obedience to serious behavior challenges.  My passion and my goal are for dogs to be better pets for their owners – and owners to be better owners to their dogs – through training & education.  I want to save homes and to make homes, as well as ensure safety for all involved.  As a guardian in the Champagne Room, I’m here to make sure the dogs have fun, and stay mentally, emotionally, and physically safe, and continue their training in this dynamic environment.

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