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  • Bex Smith

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    Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant / Prickly Pooch & Wonderful Walker/W&T Mentor Trainer

    To Bex there is nothing more rewarding than being able to communicate with your dog. Communication is the key to any healthy relationship and her main goal is to help people develop strong, lasting relationships with their furry companions. Bex started on the path towards dog training when she got a puppy while living in New York City. In the big city she saw so many untrained dogs and struggling owners. She was determined to learn everything she could so she could turn her puppy into a well adjusted dog. Bex immediately started to educate herself by reading as many books and attending seminars by well respected dog experts like Jean Donaldson, Karen Pryor, Patricia McConnell, Ian Dunbar, Kathy Sdao, and Pat Miller. Bex started her doggie career as a dog walker for high end clients in lower Manhattan. Walking around the city taught her a lot about urban dog culture, and it was there that she decided to focus on training. In March 2011 Bex and her husband moved to Denver in order to enjoy the fantastic dog culture and for Bex to pursue a career in dog training. She worked at a small grooming shop where she managed the retail side, assisted the groomers, and organized several adoption events. She then moved on to a big box dog supply store where she became an Certified Trainer teaching basic manners & obedience classes, as well as advising customers about a multitude of dog training products. At the same time Bex joined the Colorado Dog Trainers Network where she learned of a great opportunity to work with Mindy Jarvis. There she accepted the position of Day Trainer, a training position where she help dogs not only learn obedience in a group environment, but also teach them how to respect boundaries, and mind their manners with other dogs and people. She has worked with multiple dogs to improve their overall obedience and learn effective social skills. In addition, she also taught puppy socialization classes and Good Behavior & Manners classes. She absolutely loves seeing the joy on owners’ faces when they see their dogs learning and problem solving. The one thing Bex wants all dog owners to know is that training should be FUN! If it’s not fun, you’re doing something wrong! 🙂

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