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  • Barb Schultheis

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    Obedience Trainer / Behavior Consultant

    After a successful career as a middle school English teacher, Barb finally found her true calling as a dog trainer. Much of her interaction with dogs in training, as well as people, has been shaped by her background in the field of Education. “I was a middle school teacher for about 14 years.” Having a BA in Psychology, was key to her understanding of the science behind positive reinforcement dog training, including Classical Conditioning and Behaviorism. In addition, having an MA in Curriculum and Instruction, has greatly enhanced her ability to conduct group and private dog training classes.

    For Barb, dog training is not as much about the money, but more about helping dogs find forever homes, and leading loving productive lives with humans who love, understand, and successfully care for their needs. She adopted two rescue dogs, a Vizsla mix, named Cooper, and a Pitbull named Samantha, who have both thrived in her loving, structured home. Her main objective as a dog trainer is to help keep as many dogs in caring homes as possible! She has worked in dog daycare as well as dog training, and is quite used to working in challenging, and strenuous positions with various dog sizes and temperaments. Because much of canine training is centered around human training, Barb is very comfortable working with and around both adults and children, as well as dogs! She has worked in retail at both PetSmart and Petco as a dog trainer, and has trained many people along with their canine companions.

    Barb has been with and in love with animals, especially dogs, since she was a young girl. Growing up in a small row home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, her love of animals began when Mom and Dad surprisingly bought home two baby green iguanas. Who would have thought in the middle of Philadelphia, there was a tiny row home with exotic reptiles in a dining room? They had “Billy Green” and “Jimmy Green” for many years and eventually gave them to the Philadelphia Zoo, when they grew gigantic! Next came Schnitzel, a cute, standard Dachshund puppy! That spirited little “doxie” was the beginning of a lifelong love, respect, and appreciation for canines! 

    Barb is super excited to join the Noble Beast Dog Training Team and share her passion and talent with the Noble Beast Clients!

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