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  • Amber Schwartz

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    Certified Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant

    I’ve always had a passion for learning about and working with animals. I have a large family of fish, reptiles, bunnies, birds, ferrets, cats, and dogs. My pets are my family and I’m always looking ways to improve my communication and bond with them. I started training my German Shepherd and Pitt Bull agility training when I was ten. When I turned fourteen, I volunteered at a dog rescue to teach dogs basic commands to help them to be more adoptable. I was always amazed at what animals could do with the proper encouragement. After trying out some job shadowing with different jobs involving animals, I decided to become a dog trainer. I wanted to help teach people how to communicate with their dogs as well as deepen the bond between pets and their owners. To help hone my skills I became an ABC student and became an ABC certified dog trainer and am excited to be able to share my skills with the Noble Beast Clients!




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