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  • Alison Grove

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    General Assistant Manager

    Alison has always had a passion for animals. She originally discovered this during her time in Girl Scouts. Beginning at age nine, she had ambitions of becoming a veterinarian but decided that wasn’t the career for her. Instead she decided to volunteer at a local humane society to work with the residents in need. After working with dogs at the shelter she concluded that obedience instruction was inherently significant in the adoptability of dogs needing a forever home. After graduating from college she decided to change careers from finance to obedience instruction in order to pursue a more fulfilling life. In 2015 she attended Animal Behavior College, and during her externship she had the pleasure of working with Calisse Basada who introduced her to the Noble Beast family. Alison finds facilitating communication between dogs and their parents very beneficial and rewarding, and she currently lives in Broomfield with her boyfriend Adrian and their German Shepard, named Charlie. Alison plans on adding more dogs to her family when space allows, hopefully an Irish wolfhound and a Doberman! But that is currently a little ambitious. Alison primarily encourages and enforces positive reinforcement to maintain a healthy relationship between dogs and their families.

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