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  • Aaron Greenmyer

    Posted February 20, 2001 By in With | Comments Off on Aaron Greenmyer

    Dog Guardian / Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant

    All my life I’ve had dogs. They’ve always been a part of what keeps me happy. My professional experience has been with 3 different daycare facilities and has pushed my life in a much better direction than I would be headed without them. It has been almost 6 years so far, and I plan to keep it up. I have my CPR certification and I also have some training experience and classes done with the K.P.A. and a previous boss who was also a CPDT. My goal is to enjoy my time with the dogs, and I will always work to keep them safe and happy.  By the way, with me in my pic is Sid Vicious, he is my little dude. He is honestly my best friend on this earth. I’ve got more love for him than I’ve ever felt before. I’m committed to this guy.




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