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The WONDERFUL Walkers Class

  • 3-week mini class to get your dog walking nicely on a leash!

    Going for walks is an ESSENTIAL part of a dog’s life, but when your dog pulls really hard, relentlessly follows his nose, can’t pay attention to you, and is all over the place – walking can quickly become a dreaded chore.

    Here at Noble Beast we have the perfect solution for you with our affordable 3 week leash manners class!  This class is designed to help you help your dog be WONDERFUL on the leash by:

    • Building your mechanical skills and improving your “on the walk” communication with your dog
    • Helping you use canine behavior tools to influence how your dog moves and feels to instill a working partnership while walking

    In this class you will learn how to

    • Handle your walking tools effectively for solid control and comfort for you and your dog!
    • Teach your dog skills that will help improve their focus on you – instead of the world around them!     
    • Learn some great walking games to help make walks a cooperative bonding activity!

    This class is great for all dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages.

    We encourage children over 8 to participate so they can become your dog’s adventure buddy.

    This is a 3-week class.  Each session is one hour long – same time, same day, and same place each week.


    • REACTIVE DOGS – Unfortunately this class is not suited for dogs that are reactive on leash.  If you have a dog who is reactive on leash or shows fear/anxiety around dogs, people, objects, and fast-moving things…. please consider one of the following options:
    • PAYMENT – Payment must be made prior to your first class AND no refunds will be honored 48 hours prior to a class start date, due to limiting the number of dogs in class.
    • MISSED CLASSES – While we are unable to accommodate makeup classes, if you are unable to attend any of the classes in your training series, simply let your trainer know as soon as possible and he/she will catch you up on the missed curriculum by emailing you the detailed and easy to follow homework as well as provide a phone or email consult if needed to ensure you don’t fall behind.
    • REFUND OF TRAINING – We only offer refunds on missed classes if there is an emergency situation with owner/dog, severe illness or death of owner/dog, or relinquishment of dog due to being a danger to self or others in the household.  We will also provide a refund due to proven trainer negligence.

    This service is available as a group class, as a PRIVATE Wonderful Walkers Class so you can get one on one coaching from your trainer, and also as a Walk & Train service, where your dog can go on scheduled walks to learn with one of our trainers.

    3-week group class as described above Classes are $99.00

    3 week class: $99

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