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Special Events

  • On October 5th get certified in K9 CPR & First Aid. In this 5-hour class attendees will learn all aspects of K9 emergency care, with lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on skills practice with a lifetime certificate included. is a must for any dog owner! Class is taught by Paramedics and includes a LIFETIME certificate!

    This Paramedic based and Vet approved material gives the students confidence. Confidence that no matter what the situation involving their dog, they will be able to provide care that will help for the best possible outcome. That alone can be priceless. The class cost is $75.00 per person. Price includes a new copy of my book “K9 MEDIC” Each student will receive a K9 First-aid and CPR wallet certification as part of the class. This card will allow you to take the class at any time in the future at no charge. The class content covers over 20 First Aid items including: first aid kits, torn pads, dog fights, seizures, broken bones, electrical injuries, muzzling, and bleeding control and appropriate restraining of an injured animal. There is special attention to choking, bloat, and poisons. There are several hands-on type skills and the relaxed open format is very conducive for learning.

    In the class, we use high-quality K9 CPR manikins where people actually perform “mouth to snout” breathing and compressions. A few reminders about the event: Please no dogs to this event. Service dogs are always welcome.

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    Sarah Stremming!



    International Dog Trainer, Behavior Consultant, Trainer Coach, and speaker extraordinaire!



    Time to clean up our training!

    December 7th & 8th – from 9am – 5pm

    At the Noble Beast Dog Training & Education Center
    4335 Vine Street, Denver, CO  80216


    Join us for this amazing, transformative, and unique 2-day workshop where Sara expands her teachings to those of us who own and work with pet dogs!

    Topics including:

    • Consent and its vital importance
    • Arousal Soothing – if Sarah has this down with performance dogs, imagine what this will do for pet dogs.
    • Clean training practices and the aversive nature of unclear training.
    • Dog-guided bravery
    • The 4 steps to behavioral wellness



    Sarah Stremming, the founder of The Cognitive Canine, is a dog trainer, dog agility and obedience competitor, and dog behavior consultant.  For over a decade, she has trained dogs and traveled the globe helping dogs and handlers understand each other better.  Her credentials include a bachelor’s of science degree in psychology from Colorado State University and more than a decade in the field of dog training and behavior.  Her special interest area is problem-solving for performance dogs.  She is committed to education and growth in the field of dog training and attends the innovative training conference, Clicker Expo, every year.  In addition to offering seminars internationally, she coaches teams online and is a faculty member at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

    EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT for tickets purchased before 11/7/19:

    • Only $225 for Auditing spots
    • Only $275 for Working spots

    Tickets purchased after 11/7/19:

    • $275 for Auditing spots
    • $325 for Working spots

    Working spot dogs must be capable of being in this active learning environment with other dogs and people without feeling fear and anxiety – which might lead to reactivity.

    There are Continued Education Credits for the following organization’s:

    • CCPDT – 14 CEU’s
    • IAABC – 13 for Non-working spots and 16.25 for working spots

    Follow this link to purchase your ticket today!

    Early Bird Pricing – Auditing Spot: $225
    Early Bird Pricing – Working Spot: $275
    Early Bird Pricing