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Special Events

  • Snake Avoidance Training Workshops

    Presented by Certified Trainer Amy Creaven, KPA-CTP

    June 29th,  2019 – 3pm – 5pm with a 60 minutes webinar

    It’s that time of year again!

    Time to enjoy beautiful Colorado and our fabulous neighboring states, be it hiking on a local trail, taking a camping trip to Moab, taking a day off to go fishing or even a BBQ in your back yard!    

    In Colorado and our surrounding states, from the prairies to the mountains, there are several species of snakes – and a handful of them can be deadly to you and your dog!

    Let’s make sure a snake does not turn your summer fun into a serious emergency situation and teach your dog what to do when they find one!

    This workshop will address:

    • Snake Identification
    • Snake Safety
    • What to train your dog to do when they find a snake
    • How to train your dog to what to do when they find a snake

    This workshop is three hours long and done in 2 Parts:

    • Part 1 is a 60-min webinar that includes questions and answers, which can be attended live or by watching the recording.  This portion of the webinar will cover snake behavior and safety information and a quick introduction to an alert behavior for your dog.  This would be offered a week prior to the actual class giving you plenty of time for viewing before Part 2 of this workshop – and you will have unlimited access!
    • Part 2 is a 2-hour hands-on training with dogs that will introduce and train the “alerts” for you and your pup, then from there, Amy will teach you how to transfer that alert behavior to the cue of the snake.

    Get your ticket now as there are limited spots!

    This workshop will allow for only 8 working spot (attendance and training with your dog) and 32 auditing spots (attendance without your dog).

    To purchase your ticket(s), chose the option below and then follow the link below to make payment:

    • Working Spot – $85
    • Auditing Spot – $50


    Amy Creaven is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner who has been offering her Snake Avoidance Program for many years.  Her career in dog training started in 2010 upon graduation, as she took a job at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley in 2011 as a Training and Behavior Coordinator.  After moving to Fort Collins, CO Amy started her own business (Trust Your Dog Training) working with clients to resolve a variety of behavioral issues, teaching agility classes, and at that time developed what she is most known for – her Snake Avoidance Program WITHOUT using aversive training techniques.