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Private Socialization Training and Evaluations

  • Private Socialization Training and Evaluations

    For owners who have dogs that are great dogs in general, but then struggle in dog/dog social situations, becoming over aroused or demonstrating fearful, anxious, or aggressive behaviors and you feel you need to have some coaching on where this is coming from and what to do about it, a Social Evaluation with some Social Training Sessions will give you some great insight.  These sessions are offered by Noble Beast Trainer, Mindy Jarvis, at her home and always starts with a Social Evaluation.  Your dog will be introduced to a variety of dogs, but one at a time to help determine what type of dog might trigger your dog’s behavior and how best to help your dog in social situations.  Your dog might end up with 2 – 3 dogs in the yard with them if they are extremely sensitive or they might end up with 5 or 6, and if your dog has a history of starting fights will be required to wear a muzzle (Muzzle Training instructions will be emailed to you), but in the end you will have a clear understanding of what is needed to help your dog be the best dog they can be in dog/dog social situations. For many dogs and owners, the evaluation is all that is needed to get your dog moving in the right direction!

    Social Evaluations – $200 for a 90 minute consultation

    Private Social Sessions – 60 minutes each

    • 1 session – $130
    • 2 sessions – $250
    • 3 sessions – $360
    • 4 sessions – $460
    • 5 sessions – $550
    • WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE THE TRAINING PLAN –Although this does not happen often, we do our best to quote and deliver the best training plan and service base on the information provided by you, as a pet parent.  Your trainer has the right to change the training plan as needed, even after your training has started, for the sole purpose of ensuring success for you and your dog.
    • TRAINING EXPIRATION DATE– All unused training sessions will expire 5 months from date of purchase.
    • CANCELLATION POLICY – If you need to cancel one of your private sessions, you will need to contact Noble Beast Dog Training 24 hours in advance. Without this advanced notice or if your trainer shows up and you are not there for the appointment, the appointment will count as a paid session. To cancel a session with Noble Beast simply email [email protected]or call 303-500-7988 or you can call or email your trainer directly.
    • NO GUARANTEES – Whether you do the class or opt to have your pup go on Walk & Trains with Trainers, if you don’t work with your dog and follow your trainer’s instructions, the walking skills will not stick.  Your commitment to working with your dog is the only way you will see results.

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