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Prickly Pooch Anonymous



    An exclusive support practice group for reactive dogs and their people!


    • Previous Peace Keeper students coming from PEACEFUL PAWS (Trainer Pat Blocker)
    • Any Noble Beast Student who has taken and passed our Prickly Group or Private Training Course
    • Any client with a reactive dog who had been REFERRED by another professional trainer who practices human, force-free training methods.

    You’ve worked diligently to change your reactive dog’s behavior with the things that trigger them, so how do you maintain the new, calmer behavior AND continue to progress?

    NOBLE BEAST can help with our PEACE KEEPERS PRICKLY POOCH ANONYMOUS, a support/practice group for Prickly Pooch Graduates (and above-mentioned students) – both privately trained and trained in a group class environment. 

    This class provides the opportunity to uphold and maintain yours and your dog’s newly developed skills.

    Our goal is to provide continuing education, further development of skills, emotional support, and real-life practice strategies for encountering your dog’s triggers so that you may be the best coach for your dog in helping him/her be more successful when out and about – and ultimately help them get over their reactivity and/or avoidance, or at the very least getting to a highly manageable level.

    If you have not taken our Prickly Pooch Class, please follow the link to read more about this class by clicking HERE!


    • No humans under the age of 14 are allowed in this class
    • Your class MAY meet out and about in a park environment depending on size of class, weather, and your specific trainer – flexibility in training location will be needed.
    • This is a single session class as opposed to a series of classes. Enrollment is as easy as finding the class listed on our class schedules page and contacting us to let us know you want to join!
    • Because this is a class with sensitive dogs and to be sure that everyone is absolutely safe, your dog may be required to be muzzled while in attendance (your trainer will advise you after your first class). However, if your dog has never been muzzled before, we will be sure to email you muzzle training instructions so that your pup is nice and comfortable in a muzzle before you start class.
    • You may cancel this class with a full refund with no less than 48-hour notice.
    • We cap this class at 8 dogs
    • PAYMENT – Payment must be made prior to your first class AND no refunds will be honored 48 hours prior to a class start date, due to limiting the number of dogs in class.
    • MISSED CLASSES – While we are unable to accommodate makeup classes , if you are unable to attend any of the classes in your training series, simply let your trainer know as soon as possible and he/she will catch you up on the missed curriculum by emailing you the detailed and easy to follow homework as well as provide a phone or email consult if needed to ensure you don’t fall behind.
    • REFUND OF TRAINING – We only offer refunds on missed classes if there is an emergency situation with owner/dog, severe illness or death of owner/dog, or relinquishment of dog due to being a danger to self or others in the household.  We will also provide a refund due to proven trainer negligence.


    • Single Session class – $30
    • 3 pack – $84 (savings of $6 – changing the daily rate of the class to $28 per class)
    • 5 pack – $130 (savings of $20 – changing the daily rate of the class to $26 per class)
    • 10 pack – $240 (savings of $60 – changing the daily rate of the class to $24 per class)

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