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The Skinny Board & Train Service

  • Don’t just board your dog when you need overnight care for your pup,

    at Noble Beast Dog Training

    your dog will not only get lots of love, lots of engagement & attention,

    but also, TRAINING!


    Whether you’re going on a vacation, you have to travel for work, you’re working long hours for a few days, you’re having work done in your home and your pup can’t be there, or for ANY reason you need to find an alternative place for your pup to be cared for, Noble Beast Dog Training’s SKINNY BOARD & TRAIN is an exceptional option!

    At Noble Beast Dog Training, when your pup attends this service, your pup is not secluded in a kennel with scheduled outings during the day to work on obedience, to go potty, or enjoy a few minutes of playtime – your pup actually stays with a Noble Beast Dog Trainer in a thinking, enriching environment, where the trainer not only provides love, attention, and care, but also fun maintenance training to ensure your pup is held to its manners and does not lose training momentum if you’re currently in a training program.  

    The Skinny Board & Trains, which are less intense than regular Board & Train programs, come with the following:

        • Daily one on one time with a trainer focusing on obedience, tricks, or new skills
        • Two training walks per day ensuring your dog is practicing loose leash walking and focus while on leash.
          • A go home report detailing a breakdown of everything that was worked on with your dog.
          • 10% off on private training sessions or packages.
    • THE “SKINNY” BOARD & TRAIN– $100 per night. This board & train is good for:
      • A dog that has been in training and pretty consistent with his/her manners & obedience, but you want a place that will support & uphold the training you have put into your dog while you go on a vacation or on a business trip.
      • A dog who could use a brush up on his/her manners & obedience
      • A dog who does better in a more structured and enriched environment than a doggy daycare. A place that will work your dog’s mind through training and enrichment games & exercises as well as simply being held to general manners such as not being allowed to jump up on people, waiting at doors & gates, and making sure your pups comes when called.

    Because this Board & Train is modified and the training is less intense than regular Board & Trains,
    we are unable to accept dogs who have moderate to severe fear, anxiety, and or aggression

    • BOARD & TRAIN CONSULTATION– $95 for 60 minutes – There are a couple of reasons why it might be a good idea to schedule a Board & Train Consultation:
        • You want to meet the trainer that your pup is going to be staying with, have him/her evaluate your pup, talk goals and expectations out, and get our professional opinion on the training focus while your pup is board and training with us.
        • Your Noble Beast Trainer may request this due to some questions that he/she may have about information on the Pre-Training Questionnaire we have you fill out.  They may want to meet your pup in person, have your pup meet their pup, and just overall make sure that this program is going to be the best fit for your pup.


    Have sibling dogs?
    If both (or all) of your dogs go to the same trainer,
    enjoy a 10% discount per additional sibling dog that is added on to
    our Skinny Board & Train Service!

     CANCELLATION POLICY –  We understand life happens and plans change, so in the event you need to cancel your Board & Train we require you to contact Noble Beast Dog Training ([email protected] or 303-500-7988) 5 days before your scheduled Board & Train start date in order to receive a full refund.  Any notice given within 4 days or less, will receive a 70% refund.

    Although you are welcome to check in with your trainer at any time during your pup’s stay with us.

    We do not provide PROGRESSIVE UPDATES where we send daily or frequent updates during your pup’s stay with us.

    We need our trainers’ focus to be on your pup’s direct training experience and success.

    We are unable to apply any standard discounts or provide scholarship funding for any of our Board & Train Programs

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