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Noble Beast Behavior Modification

  • Noble Beast Behavior Modification

    Like people, many dogs have fears and anxieties.  And like people, fear and anxiety is the root of aggression. At Noble Beast, we address these problems through management and positive reinforcement techniques that help build your dog’s confidence, change their emotional responses, and help them feel safe & secure in your decision making. Whether you are dealing with Leash Aggression, Fence/Gate Aggression, dog/dog aggression, fear reactivity, separation anxiety, or OCD Behaviors, we can help you and your dog with a solid training solution.  These sessions are 1 hour long and done privately at your home, working in your dog’s home environment and neighborhood.

    For all Behavior Modification Training request you must fill out a Pre-Training Questionnaire for us to be able to give you a solid training plan, as well to be able to match you and your pup with the best Noble Beast Trainer for the job.   Where we are able to handle most behavior problems on occasion we will refer you to a specialist.  As Members of the Colorado Dog Trainers Network, we have access to over 150 specialty trainers and Behaviorist, so if we can’t help solve the problem we will connect you with someone who can.

    Custom Behavior Modification Training
    1 session: $130
    2 sessions: $250
    3 sessions: $360
    4 sessions: $460
    5 sessions: $550

    There may be times when we actually need to see and meet the dog before we are able to come up with a training plan, especially when it comes to dogs that have moderate to severe fear, anxiety, and/or aggression challenges. If we require this, a trainer will come to your home and simply evaluate your dog and give you a direct BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION TRAINING PLAN from that evaluation. This is also something you can request upfront if you would like so you can meet the trainer we assign to you prior to starting training.

    BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION EVALUATION – $75 for 45 minutes and if you go forth with your Trainer’s suggested training plan you get 10% off the cost of the recommended private training plan!

    Prickly Pooch Private – 6 weeks: $550 – This training utilizes the Prickly Pooch Class Curriculum and is great for dogs who bark, growl or lunge when on-leash and have a hard time meeting, greeting, or being around other dogs and/or people.  In this class we will help you understand why your dog behaves this way and coach you through how to help him/her be more successful when out and about, guiding you through exercises that will promote alternative behaviors to their reactivity – ultimately helping them get over their reactivity! Prickly Pooch Reg

    • WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE THE TRAINING PLAN –Although this does not happen often, we do our best to quote and deliver the best training plan and service base on the information provided by you, as a pet parent.  Your trainer has the right to change the training plan as needed, even after your training has started, for the sole purpose of ensuring success for you and your dog.
    • TRAINING EXPIRATION DATE– All unused training sessions will expire 5 months from date of purchase.
    • CANCELLATION POLICY – If you need to cancel one of your private sessions, you will need to contact Noble Beast Dog Training 24 hours in advance. Without this advanced notice or if your trainer shows up and you are not there for the appointment, the appointment will count as a paid session. To cancel a session with Noble Beast simply email [email protected]or call 303-500-7988 or you can call or email your trainer directly.
    • NO GUARANTEES – Whether you do the class or opt to have your pup go on Walk & Trains with Trainers, if you don’t work with your dog and follow your trainer’s instructions, the walking skills will not stick.  Your commitment to working with your dog is the only way you will see results.

    Behavior Mod Reg

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