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Group Day Training

  • ***IMPORTANT****

    Due to the popularity and uniqueness of this program, there will be a 4 – 12 MONTHS wait, depending on location.  Please contact us directly if you have any questions about the wait.


    Group Day Training

    Day Training is an ENRICHMENT PROGRAM FOR DOGS. Your dog will get to play and have fun, but with set boundaries and limitations with other dogs. The program also includes group and individual training while working on manners and basic obedience commands.  In addition, your dog’s Noble Beast Trainer will provide confidence-building exercise, body awareness exercises, and fun games and challenges.

    Day Training is great for:

    • The shy or insecure dog that truly gets overwhelmed in large playgroups.
    • The dog that does not have boundaries in play and cannot attend traditional doggie daycare.
    • The adolescent dog that would benefit from practicing solid obedience training and impulse control.
    • Your brand new puppy who’s little mind is a sponge soaking up information left and right – what could be better than socialization, boundaries, limitations, and obedience for your little pup?
    • The adult dog that is picky about friends.
    • Dog owners who would prefer their dogs are mentally challenged in a more personal controlled environment.

    Basic Day Training

    • Group Basic Obedience Training – Sit, Down, Stay, Leave It, Drop It, Get Back, Watch Me, and proper manners when interacting with dogs and humans.
    • A Daily report card from your Noble Beast Trainer within 24 hours of class letting you know how your dog’s day was.
    • Monitored Pack time to ensure proper play and socializing with other dogs. Play is such an important part of building relationships for dogs. However, if a dog is allowed to play without boundaries, he or she is destined to cross a line and end up in a dog fight. We strictly monitor play time to ensure everyone is respectful of boundaries.
    • Your dog will be working with a professional trainer, not just a dog handler.  Human interaction will consist of obedience training, minor agility training, body awareness training, confidence-building exercises, and doggie games  – all with Positive Reinforcement training! No aversive training- no choke chains, prong, or shock collars.

    The daily rate for Basic Day Training is $40. Sessions are payable in packages. The minimum purchase is a 3 pack at $120, a 10 pack at $350 (saves you $50), or a 20 pack at $675 (saves you $125).

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    Premium Day Training

    • Includes everything in the Basic Day Training program
    • One-on-One Basic Obedience Training – Loose Leash Walking, Sit, Down, Stay, Leave It, Drop It, Get Back, Watch Me, proper manners when interacting with dogs or humans, and basic manners when meeting and/or passing dogs on leash or behind fences. The entire one-on-one session is done out on a real-life walk so your dog is working in the real world, not just in a facility. Great for dogs who need specialty training such as work with skateboards, squirrels, etc. This personalized training session is intensive and based on the challenges your dog has.
    • Daily report cards

    The daily rate for Premium Day Training is $50. Sessions are payable in packages. The minimum purchase is a 3 pack at $150, a 10 pack at $450 (saves you $50), or a 20 pack at $875 (saves you $125).

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    ***IMPORTANT NOTES for both BASIC and PREMIUM Group Day Training***


    • If your dog has demonstrated moderate to severe fear, anxiety, or aggression challenges, a Group Day Training Evaluation will be required to ensure that this program will not be too stressful for your pup. The charge for the Evaluation for the Group Day Training Program is $50.  You will be notified after you have registered if we feel your dog needs this evaluation.
    • We hold Day Training Monday – Thursday.  Hours vary depending on location but are typically 8am – 12pm or 1pm – 5pm, with a couple of locations offering services from 10am – 2pm. If you can only drop off and pick up during work hours, your pup can join DAY BOARDING or DAYCARE at most our facilities in the morning and/or afternoon for an extra fee, or even catch a Pet Taxi to and/or from class! The fee depends on the location, but the price range is:

      • BOARDING (Being kenneled before and/or after Group Day Training) – $15 – $25 per day – depending on location
      • DAYCARE (Going into group play before and/or after Group Day Training) – $25 – $40 per day – depending on location
    • We have worked out special rates with The Puppy Waggin, who will pick up your dog directly from your home and drop your pup off when the Group Day Training class is done. Feel free to call John Furimsky at The Puppy Waggin for rates (720-989-7452) – and be sure to mention Noble Beast to get those special rates!
    • This class is not an open enrollment class so you won’t find a class schedule on the website for this service. Contact Noble Beast for availability
    • Please understand that due to limited spaces, we do require that all dogs have a scheduled day or days. We are unable to offer drop-in days, nor are we able to accommodate switching days to ensure a safe and happy environment both mentally & physically.
    • For package renewals, we must receive payment 24 hours in advance of any scheduled day for your dog to be able to attend the following day.
    • We reserve the right to place restrictions on a pup’s attendance in regards to medical concerns or any other concerns that could result in compromising the safety of our staff and clientele.
    • Although your pup is assigned to a trainer, trainer change is common for a variety of reasons – illness, vacations, emergencies, and sometimes when a trainer doesn’t work out and/or move on from Noble Beast. We do our best to cancel classes only when absolutely necessary and have found that the pups do better when in a more consistent attendance – regardless of the trainer.  In addition, trainer change is actually a good thing, especially for dogs that struggle with new people as it broadens their ability to relate to new people.


    Save $50 when you purchase a 10 pack or $125 when you purchase a 20 pack.


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