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Phone Consultation Training

  • If you feel you are dog savvy, you feel your pups challenges don’t warrant a trainer to come to your house, or you’re not in the Noble Beast Dog Training Services area, a Phone Consultation Training session or two is likely to be the perfect option for you. We cover everything from basic obedience to helping your pup overcome minor to moderate fear, anxiety, and aggression issues. Our Noble Beast Trainers have the skills to walk you through training over the phone, step by step, for most behavior or obedience challenges. It will be necessary to fill out a Pre-Training Questionnaire prior to your phone consultation, which will help your trainer determine if a phone consult is the best route for you and your pup, how many hours/sessions you will need to meet your pups needs, as well as a solid training plan. In addition to an easy and convenient solution to your training needs, our phone consults are half the price of our private in home training sessions!

    Phone consults will include the following:

    • An overview of your training session via email
    • Follow up material such as training articles, videos, and or URL’s to related studies, research, and/or recommend books or DVD’s.
    • Day email/phone support for anything we covered during our session.

    1 session: $57.50
    2 sessions: $110.00
    3 sessions: $157.50
    4 sessions: $200.00
    5 sessions: $237.50

    (It may be necessary to submit video of your dog’s behavior, which you can do by uploading it on a private status to You Tube if the video is less than 15 minutes in length, for longer videos it will be necessary to send them in on disc or a thumb drive to Noble Beast Dog Training – 5320 Xanadu Street, Denver, Co 80239)

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