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Clicker 101

  • Not sure about diving right into obedience & manners class?

    If you’re looking for a fun class that really opens up the communication and deepens the bond between you and your dog – focusing on your relationship first AND THEN basic obedience in a fun and relaxed environment, this class is for you!

    In this super fun class, you will learn how to effectively use a clicker for training to clearly and effectively communicate with your dog, as well as get a taste of dog sports and activities including obedience, tricks, Nosework, Agility, and Canine Freestyle. This class can be helpful in discovering what you and your pup may have the most fun doing together, as well as help broaden your views on training, turning training into a fun and exciting team sport that is experienced by you and your dog together.  Clicker training helps you be a more patient trainer and encourages dogs to be in a state of rational thinking when interacting with you because this type of thinking is highly rewarded!

    This is a 6 week class, and each session is one hour long – same time, same day, and same place each week.

    Classes are $160.00

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