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Canine Academy

  • The Noble Beast Dog Training Canine AcademyMany academies out there teach the average person how to be a dog trainer and run a dog training business. Well not this academy!  Our focus is to provide hands on instruction and/or dog hours, to folks who want to better their dog handling skills, be it the average dog owner, the dog industry professional, or up and coming trainers.  Come and spend some hands on time working with one of our senior trainers and a variety of dogs on understanding dog behavior, impulse control (or lack of), how to recognize and manage arousal, how best to support boundaries for sensitive dogs, and understanding the intricate language of dogs.  Upon completion of your time with us, you will receive a certificate of completion documenting and certifying the dog training hours you’ve completed, for the betterment of your dog handling skills.

    1. THE AVERAGE DOG OWNER – We have found when we have our clients work with dogs they don’t know, they are more able get past blocks with their own dog that are preventing them from reaching certain training goals – because there is no emotional attachment.  This service offers hands on skill training under the supervision of one of our senior trainers, as well as the ability to practice and apply training techniques to dogs you don’t have an emotional attachment to (and vice versa), opening yourself up to the ability to look at and understand dogs from more of an educational standpoint.  
    2. THE NEW DOG TRAINER – Perhaps you’re interested in becoming a dog trainer, but not 100% positive this is actually what you want to do for a career.  Perhaps you just finished getting a certification, but no one is willing to hire you because you don’t have a lot of dog training hours under your belt.  Maybe you already have a good understanding of dog training & behavior, and are simply trying to obtain dog training hours to complete a certification, or maybe you’re running a rescue or shelter and in charge of training and behavior.  Whatever your reason behind needing dog training time and experience, we can help you meet your dog training career goal needs.
      • EXTRA perks for the new dog trainer
        • Having a certification of completion which certifies you completed a certain number of hands on dog training hours and instruction to share with potential employers, dog training associations, and potential future clients will always help you succeed!
    3. THE DOG INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL – Whether you are a professional dog walker, groomer, doggy boutique owner, pet sitter, work at a doggy day care, are committed to a rescue or adoption agency, or are even a pet photographer (or owner of a company that manages one of these professions) – what better way is there to more quickly improve your ability to handle, read, relate to, and understand the dogs you’re working with, in order to better serve your dog owning clientele!
      • EXTRA perks for the dog industry professional
        • If you are looking for a job in the dog handling industry and you include your certification of 4 – 32 hours of dog training hours and instruction with your resume’ – imagine how you will stand out from your competition.
        • If you are the sole owner and employee of your dog industry business and you present your certification of 4 – 32 hours of dog training hours and instruction to your clients and/or add it to your website – imagine how your clients confidence will be built, helping you stand out from the competition.
        • If you are an owner of an dog industry business and either your management staff and/or your regular staff have certificates documenting 4 – 32 hours of dog training hours and instruction that are framed in the wall of your lobby and/or on your website – imagine how your clients confidence will be built, helping you stand out from the competition.

    **** IMPORTANT NOTES ****

    • We hold our Academy Monday – Thursday and hours vary depending on location but are typically
      • 8:00am – 12:00pm
      • 10:00am – 2:00pm
      • 1:00pm – 5:00pm
    • This class is NOT an open enrollment class so you won’t find a class schedule on the website for this service. Contact Noble Beast for availability
    • A minimum commitment of 2 hours per session is required to ensure solid instruction and hands on training experience.
  • Canine Academy pricing:

    • 2 hours – $70
    • 4 hours – $128 (averaging $32 per hour, saving you $32)
    • 8 hours – $240 (averaging $30 per hour, saving you $40)
    • 16 hours – $448 (averaging $28 per hour, saving you $112)
    • 32 hours – $832 (averaging $26 per hour, saving you $288)


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