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Noble Beast Dog Training Classes & Services

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    Noble Beast Dog Training Classes

    When it comes to Dog Training Classes we have many solutions from group training, virtual training, private training, and much more.


    Group Classes

    What’s the difference between Prickly Pooch and Prickly Pooch Anonymous?

    Private Instruction
    Other Classes
    Noble Beast Dog Training Services

    When it comes to Dog Training Services we have many solutions from Doggy Daycare, Board and Train, Canine Academy, and much more.


    How NBDT Works

    Register then Enroll

    Register Once, Enroll Often

    To work with NBDT you must register you and your dog(s). Once you have registered and created an account with us it is as easy as selecting the class or service you want and making your payment.


    Here is the difference

    REGISTER: You must register yourself and your dog(s) with Noble Beast before you can enroll in a course or service.

    ENROLL: Once Registered you can enroll in a course or service by paying for it.

    See What We Do
    Group Day Training

    Group Day Training – This enrichment program for dogs provides a controlled group for your dog to learn and play in. Offered Mon – Thus and ran by one of Noble Beast professional trainers, your dog will be able to practice proper dog/dog social skills, work on confidence building, body awareness, and basic obedience commands. Great for all kinds of dogs, but especially those impressionable puppies and teenage dogs!

    Virtual Dog Training

    Due to recent circumstances, we are offering Virtual Training for those who want to maintain social distancing.

    Video Consultation Training

    Phone Consultation Training – for those without Video conferencing capabilities

    Obedience Training

    Group Obedience Class for Puppies, Dogs, & Owners – Affordable, fun, and typically a good fit for most dog owners is our Group Classes. Although you do share your instructors’ time with other people in the class, Noble Beast caps all classes at 5 dogs so that everyone gets a solid and successful training experience.

    Course for All Levels – Clicker 101

    Beginner Course – The Delightful Dog

    Intermediate Course – The Devine Dog

    Advanced Course – Canine Good Citizen Class & Testing

    Sporting – Intro to Treibball

    Reactivity – The Prickly Pooch Class

    Reactivity – Prickly Pooch Anonymous

    Leash Manners – Wonderful Walkers – 3 week mini class!

    Private Training

    Private In-Home Training, Behavior Modification, & Private Socialization Training/Evaluations

    Private In Home Training & Behavior Modification – This option is great for folks with a busy schedule who simply can’t commit to a weekly group class, Noble Beast will bring our class curriculum to your house. Or if you are simply looking for solutions to some specific challenges with your dog or if your dog is fearful, anxious, or showing aggression, our Custom Private Sessions sets everyone up for success as we come to your home and work one on one with you and your dog.

    Learn More about Private In-Home Training

    Learn More about Behavior Modification

    Learn More about Private Socialization Training/Evaluations

    Learn more about Private Loose Leash Walking Training – 3 session mini class!

    Call to Schedule your private training today – 303-500-7988

    $5 Playful Pup Class!

    Class enrollments limited to ONE class per week (Mondays – Sundays) – ONE week at a time

    This 1 hour class for puppies 8wks – 20wks is super fun for both humans and puppies. If you want your dog to grow up and be comfortable around all kinds of people, as well as get along with other dogs, the recent studies show that puppy socialization classes are a must! In the Playful Pup Socializing Class, not only will your pup burn some energy playing, but they will continue learning how to communicate properly with each other, how to appropriately set and respect boundaries, how to use a soft mouth, and learn to trust your direction because you keep them safe when things get uncomfortable! You as the owner will learn about dog body language, some basic commands, how to help your pup with setting and respecting play boundaries, how to help your pup feel more secure around other dogs and people, and several tips from our professional trainers on how to raise a well-balanced pup!


    Boarding and Other Services

    Board & Train

    Canine Academy

    THE CHAMPAGNE ROOM – The Noble Beast Doggy Daycare

    TRICKS FOR FUN CLASS – Online Video course – access for full year!

    The Noble Beast Scholarship Fund – Due to the COVID 19 VIRUS – all scholarships have been suspended until further notice.

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