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The Playful Pup Socialization Class

  • The Playful Pup Socialization Class

    Class Enrollments are limited to ONE class at a time

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    The most critical time in your puppy’s life is RIGHT NOW!

    If you want your puppy to grow up and be comfortable around all kinds of people, in all kinds of life situations with you and with others, as well as get along with other dogs, Puppy Socialization Classes are CRITICAL!  In the Playful Pup Socializing Class, not only will your pup burn some energy playing, but they will continue learning how to communicate properly with each other, how to appropriately set and respect boundaries, how to use a soft mouth, and learn to trust that we as their leaders will keep them safe. For Pup Parents, come get all your questions answered, learn and understand basic dog communication, as well as how to raise a well-balanced pup. We offer multiple Playful Pup classes every week for your convenience and there is no set curriculum so you don’t have to worry about missing a class, come when it is convenient for you!


    Noble Beast Dog Training is extremely concerned about the repercussions you as a new puppy owner are going to face if you do not have the opportunity to give your pup some socialization outings.  Lack of experience and social skills in pups lead to pups developing minor – severe fear, anxiety, arousal, and/or reactivity challenges as early as 5 months of age.  When dogs develop such behavioral challenges, they are more prone to not being able to join the family in outings, creating stressful situations when/if they do go out and face new situations, other dogs, and/or meet new people, or worse – dogs with such behavior challenges are more prone to be given up.  It is for these reasons that we are opening up our Playful Pup Classes as an essential service, but under the following Strict COVID 19 Safety Measures:

    • Only 8 pups max allowed in class with only 1 Pet Parent in attendance.
    • All clients must wear a mask of sorts and keep 6’ from each other. 
    • All pups must be wiped down with the safe Dawn Dish Soap (mild and safe for all animals) and water solution that will be provided for you at the beginning of class.
    • Your Noble Beast Trainer will be the only one interacting with the puppies and narrating what they’re doing and what the dogs are doing, and will instruct you with interactions concerning your own dog.
    • Your Trainer will wear a mask at all times.
    • All participants will be encouraged to wash hands often and use hand sanitizer.
    • There will be a $5 CASH fee for this class payable to your trainer in class.
    • PLEASE NOTE– Once registered with Noble Beast Dog Training, you are able to ENROLL for future Playful Pup Classes – ONE CLASS AT TIME PER WEEK, MONDAY – SUNDAY – by simply sending us an email or by filling out the form below – YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO THROUGH THE ENTIRE REGISTRATION PROCESS AGAIN!

    Because we have a lot of puppies needing this class, to be fair to all puppies

    We are not able to accommodate more than ONE Playful Pup Class enrollments at a time!

    Be sure to email us after each class you attend if you would like to attend another class!

    This class is open to pups from 8 weeks – 20 weeks.


    Class enrollments limited to ONE class per week (Mondays – Sundays), ONE week at a time!

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