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    We are looking forward to working with you and your pup!

    Before we can enroll you in class,
    there are 3 simple steps
    you will need to complete in able to
    register your pup with Noble Beast Dog Training:


    Register You and Your Dog(s)

    Pre-Training Questionnaire

    Vaccine Confirmation


    If you have already registered with Noble Beast,


    Contact us at [email protected] or 303-500-7988
    We will help you access your account or assist you with getting enrolled into a new class!



    Start with Step 1

    STEP 1: Register You and Your Dog(s)

    This is handled through PetExec

    This is where you will input all of you and your dog’s information so that we can get you registered for our services.

    Important Information:

    • We need a phone number
    • We need your dogs birthday
    • Enable Email

    Below is more information about the registration page


    Here is the difference

    REGISTER: You must register yourself and your dog(s) with Noble Beast before you can enroll in a course or service.

    ENROLL: Once Registered you can enroll in a course or service.

    *Please note, your enrollment is NOT complete and placement is NOT guaranteed until you receive a confirmation email from our Client Relations Team

    Helpful Tips and Additional Information

    Here are a few tips to help you navigate through our system:

    • Telephone Number – We do need to get at least 1 telephone number for you – We only use this on an “as needed” basis and do not share, sell, or distribute client info with any outside entities.
    • In the “Bar Code” section, you can leave that blank as we do not utilize it.
    • Please be sure to ENABLE EMAIL as this is how we communicate important class updates, notifications, and reminders. Again, we don’t share, sell, or distribute client information so you will only get emails from us.
    • Please let us know SPECIFICALLY How You Heard About Us, we have a referral program and want to be sure to thank people when they send new clients to us!

    After you have entered all of YOUR information hit the CREATE ACCOUNT button at the bottom of the page. Once it refreshes, scroll down and in the pink bar click on HERE to add your DOG’S information.

    • If you have a Mixed Breed dog look for MIX in our list of breeds and see if you can find a mix that matches yours. If not, select MIXED BREED and in the Pet Description box tell us which breeds your dog is a mix of.
    • Please provide us with your dog’s Date of Birth. If you don’t know the exact date, give us your best guess, or as an alternative, give us a day you would like to honor your pup, such as their adoption date or another special day.
    • Although you are required to put your name here, the AUTHORIZED TO PICK UP box really only applies to our services in which you leave your dog with us. Simply type in your name and the names of anyone else who is authorized to pick up your pup.
    • We do not need to know your dog’s collar size.
    • Behavioral Information – You can add any behavioral information you would like, but it is not necessary. For Day Training or Behavior Modification Training we will require a Pre-Training Questionnaire to be filled out. This will give us all the info we need about your dog’s behaviors.
    • You may add in your dog’s vaccinations if you would like, however for all services, we do require written proof of DISTEMPER, BORDATELLA, AND RABIES vaccinations from your vet. Your pup’s shot records must indicate an expiration date for each vaccine. Please fax the written records to 720-506-3111, email them to [email protected], or bring a copy of them with you on your first scheduled date of service. (This is step 4 of the enrollment process)

    When you are done entering information for your dog click ADD PET, exit the system, and come back to this page.

    If you have multiple dogs to add, after adding your first dog, click ADD ANOTHER PET, then after the last dog, exit they system, and come back to this email.

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