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  • Prickly Pooch from a Client Perspective | Dog Reactivity Class in Denver

    Posted March 10, 2017 By in Educational, Noble Beast Services With | Comments Off on Prickly Pooch from a Client Perspective | Dog Reactivity Class in Denver

    To say my dog is Prickly is an understatement.

    Don’t get me wrong, she’s a good dog. She’s smart, loyal and kind. On her good days she loves everyone, she’s playful and she greets strangers with a wagging tail and a tongue out smile. This is the dog that most people know. The one that asks for belly rubs and sings to you on arrival. The one who wants nothing more than to be by your side and to be told how special she is.
    But on her bad days, when she’s stressed, anxious, and a ball of energy, she’s…prickly. This is the dog that the UPS man knows all too well, throwing our packages at the door and running. The one that my friends with dogs have seen while out hiking, when we’ve gone just a mile too far. This is the one who greets other dogs with her hackles up and teeth bared. Stressed. Anxious. Prickly.

    We’ve had her for about three years now, and I’ve spent the last two years reading about dog reactivity, working with various trainers and doing everything a dog owner possibly could do to keep her and those around her safe. She’s not violent, she’s never actually hurt another dog or person, but she’s sometimes a bit spontaneous and that can be scary as a dog owner. We just never know if or when she might cross that line.

    So when Noble Beast announced their Prickly Pooch class for leash aggressive dogs, I signed up. I wasn’t sure what I’d learn because I’d already been self-teaching myself about reactive dogs for years. But I’ve worked with numerous trainers at Noble Beast before, so I was hopeful.
    After taking the five week course, I was blown away.

    Savannah at Noble Beast's Dog Reactivity Class in Denver, Noble Beast

    All dogs in our Prickly Pooch have to wear basket muzzles for the safety of all the dogs. Savannah didn’t mind wearing hers at all!

    Not only did they cover EVERYTHING that I’ve learned in the past two years, from myself and a number of trainers, but they also covered things I hadn’t learned before. Had this class been around in 2015, it would have saved me hundreds of dollars, countless hours of my time, and many sleepless nights. My husband and I would have been able to help Savannah so much sooner than we were able to, and in all honesty, she might not be prickly at all by now.

    The Prickly Pooch class covered ways to distract your dog, how to rewire their reactions to their triggers, and how to teach your dog to self sooth. This was all done in a controlled environment with other dogs, and our trainer was very careful to make sure each dog never got reached their excitement threshhold. At the same time, he ensured that each dog was challenged as well. Since Savannah had done quite a few of the exercises before, she needed a little more stimulation, and he had some great suggestions for challenging her.

    As someone with a prickly pooch, who has been working desperately for years to help my dog overcome her anxiety and triggers, I cannot recommend this class enough. Not only did I learn a few new skills, it gave me the confidence I needed to be able to address my dog’s triggers in the real world, and the progress she has made since then has been astounding.

    Is your dog prickly? Click here to read more about our Dog Reactivity Class offered in Denver,  the Noble Beast Prickly Pooch class

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