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    • I just wanted to send some feedback regarding Bex. She was a truly great trainer and Chip and I made a lot of progress. It was far more than we could have received in group training. She adjusted to our needs and we improved so much. She kept me from creating bad habits with my pup. She was always on time and focused. I really appreciate her training methods and would recommend her to anyone needing training.
      Thanks – Heather & Chip – 12/28/18

    • I am writing to say how much I enjoyed being a part of Lynn’s puppy socialization class held every Saturday at Park View Veterinary. Her upbeat attitude and skills made the class enjoyable as well as a learning experience.  Sadly, Rigby graduated last Saturday. So, we won’t be able to attend any more classes.  Thanks for offering such a meaningful opportunity for dog owners. – Steven & Rigby – 11/2018

    • I’m just writing to give you all some feedback on Bex’s Prickly Pooch Class that wrapped up on September 22, 2018. Bex taught my partner and I so many useful tools to manage our dog Hank’s reactive behaviors. Not only has the substance of what Bex taught us (particularly Engage/Disengage, “Find It,” and “This Way,” the impact of a handler’s anxiety, etc.) been extremely helpful, but she is also a warm, encouraging, supportive teacher. Prickly Pooch and Bex have impacted us in such a positive way and definitely started our shelter pup’s training journey off on the right track!

      Thank you – Maggie – 10/10/18

    • Good afternoon Noble Beast,
      I wanted to send a quick thank you note specifically regarding our training with Kat. We joined Kat’s Delightful Dog class back on May 29 and have seen her ever Tuesday since as we completed Delightful Dog and then moved on through Divine Dog. We cannot thank her enough for teaching both us and our pup Wally some exceptional commands and training tools. Wally had some previous training through other obedience classes, so some of the initial weeks in Delightful Dog were repeat information for us and him. We really loved how Kat was able to give us a few extra challenges to work on and really pushed us to take our training to the next level, even with the basics. We were excited to graduate from Delightful Dog and jumped right into Divine Dog. Adding distance and distraction (especially with tennis balls) was not the easiest for Wally, but Kat gave us great tips for working on everything at home as well as in class. She does so well with all the dogs in the classes we’ve been in and they instantly take to her as someone to pay attention to and learn from. We are so happy with how Wally behaves on leash, in the house and around strangers and are looking forward to moving on to our Canine Good Citizen training in the future, all thanks to Kat and her great classes!

      Thanks so much – Melissa, Robert, & Wally – 8/9/18

    • Elly and Noble Beast are the BEST! We adopted a super sweet boxer mix, who unfortunately had not been socialized (nor neutered) in his first 13 months. He got along right away with our other 2 dogs, but that was it. Any dog or person who walked by was a threat, and forget about going to dog parks—we had enough vet bills for other dogs to deter us. We tried another training method that had worked with our other 2 dogs, but this was not the right method for Scooby. A friend had recommended the Prickly Pooch classes through Noble Beast and we haven’t looked back. We started with a Prickly Pooch course and then went with a longer-term board/train. Elly Bayer is fantastic! Scooby and the rest of us still have quite a ways to go, but we have made such great progress. Scooby has encountered packs of other dogs without incident, and has gotten so much better about his fence (and other) aggression issues. Training really is a lot for the dog owner, and doesn’t work without commitment, but if you are willing to make that commitment to your furry friend, Noble Beast will help you get there. Thanks, Elly and Noble Beast!

      Leslie & Scooby – 8/14/18

    • Hi Bex,

      I just wanted to shoot you a quick note of “thanks” before you head out on vacation.

       It has been such a pleasure seeing your passion and skills while working with Sarge. He has really grown and become such a happier dog because of your work. I know that Noble Beast must value you immensely and I wanted them to be aware how much Sarge and I have appreciated you.

       I hope your next adventures bring you joy and success!

      Thank you again, Eva & Sarge – 5/16/18

    • Hi BEX,

      You will be proud to know that your teaching has been successful. We’ve been practicing “here” and bouncing them around the house etc.

      Today Reilly got out while Jim was mowing, and Jim used “here” and Reilly came running! I told Jim your story about being in the park with no reward and how you kept up the excitement as you ran home so Jim did the same getting him in the house until he got the roast beef!

      Thank you!

      Andy, Jim, & Reily – 5/12/18

    • Dear Noble Beast,
      We worked with Mary Blanton to help train our dog Booger and she was fabulous! She is punctual, knowledgeable and made the training fun. Our dog is SO much better after working with her. She not only has a keen sense about dogs, but also about humans. We have worked with dog trainers before but none have compared with Mary. Thank you for the pleasure of working with her — she is like family to us now and we will miss her!
      Warmly, Jan, Tom and Booger – 5/6/18

    • We just finished our “at home” Prickly Pooch Dog Training class with Bex today and are very sad to see it end.  We made great progress with Jessye because of the training and Bex has been a joy to work with.  We will keep working with Jessye and keep moving forward and now have a much better understanding of reactive dog behavior from what we have learned from Bex and the specific work we need to do.

       Thank you – Carolyn & Jessye – 4/6/18

    • I wanted to provide some feedback on my class with Kara Caplan, along with of photo of me and my dog hiking. We had a great experience with Kara, she was extremely thorough, friendly, and knowledgeable. She was always willing to chat before or after class regarding training questions, and just general health and behavioral questions about Bean. She added in additional training tips and information outside of the normal curriculum. We’ve really seen an improvement in Bean over the last 6 weeks and feel that we have the knowledge and tools to continue training with positive reinforcement. Thank you for everything, and we will definitely be looking into the next Devine Dog class!

      Thanks! – Chelsea and Bean 🙂 – 11/16/17

    • I just wanted to reach out and let you know that our trainer, Lynn Maedel, was awesome. She really took the time to make this a special experience. We missed class due to an illness one night and she offered to come by our home to help us make up the missed training session. She was extremely knowledgeable and we learned a lot from the class. Because of her dedication, we will be looking at the other services provided by Noble Beast. I hope that all of our experiences going forward are just as positive!

      Thanks – Josh, Shehla, and Darcy – 2/19/18

    • Hi Bex- – I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are to you and the prickly pooch class. We brought a dog home to foster, we couldn’t do our normal routine of introductions because of his health and the fact that he would not walk with a human. Anyway, normally we do big circles and lots of treats with Maple but Maple’s body language said “I want to play” so I allowed her to go up to him and greet him, she did fabulously, no growling, no lunging etc. She was muzzled but I wanted to let you know how big this was for us.  Unfortunately, he passed away on Tuesday but I am so glad we had the training that we did!

      Jascha & Maple – 2/24/18

    • As first-time dog owners, we knew we wanted to start our rescue puppy off on the right “paw” with some training – not only for her, but also for us to learn what to do! We love Noble Beast’s dog training philosophy of positive reinforcement and their focus on small group training sessions. We started taking her to the free puppy socialization classes and continued with training classes. We worked on basic commands and skills and practiced what we learned with “homework” each week. We enjoyed working with Elly (our amazing trainer for the Delightful Dog class), so much that we signed our pup up to keep working with her in group day training. The trainers and staff at Noble Beast obviously love and understand dogs! We especially appreciated Elly’s calm and positive energy and all of her training advice and expertise. Training has helped our rambunctious pup focus her energy in a positive way (and helped us communicate and bond with her more too). We still have some things to work on, but she’s on her way to being a happy, socialized, well-mannered pup thanks to Noble Beast!

      Thank You! Yonah, Charlie & Marley – 3/5/18

    • I wanted to let you know what an absolute pleasure it has been working with Mary.

      Mary spent time talking with me to understand our goals for Monty and has incorporated your program and our needs into an amazing program. Monty has flourished as has my confidence during the training process. I am sure they go hand in hand. Mary was able to describe the techniques and goals to me in a way I totally understood and followed up each lesson by emailing me videos to watch. Fantastic!

      I cannot say enough about what an awesome experience training Monty has been and Mary and The Noble Beast program were key to that success!

      Best Regards – Robin & Monty

    • Hello to the amazing and wonderful team of Noble Beast,

      I would like to sing some praises of your staff and it is my wish that this be passed along to the manger, s upper management, CEO, etc.

      1. The administrate team who field emails, questions and registration have all been absolutely outstanding. They are personable, kind and diligent in quick response times. They were very helpful even when I had to switch the class I was attending multiple times. People often mention how great costumer service is with Amazon- but the Noble Beast crew is leaps and bounds ahead of them. Thank you for your kindness and helpfulness.
      2. Our gal Tonks attended a puppy play class for free- thank you- we loved it. She has attended Delightful Dog and Devine Dog. If we were not moving out of state we would continue on with the Canine Good Citizen Class. In comes, Leah Rossmiller, who inspired this email. Leah was our trainer for Devine Dog- she filled the whole hour and then some for each of the classes. Not only did she provide superb instruction but tons of useful tips on a variety of topics: health & grooming, diet, socialization, potty training, nuisance behaviors, safety, and of course training. We appreciated her delivery of content so much that we hired her for three private home sessions- while very expensive (for us), we gained so much useful information and think it will serve Tonks and our family both immediately as well as in the long term. Leah has just been an amazing resource and we are so glad to had her to help us in teaching Tonks.

      Kind Regards – Christi & Tonks – 3/25/18

    • Mary was such a wonderful teacher for our family. Maddie was just a puppy when she started coming over and helping us. She gave us all the tools we needed to get started to have a dog that would be trained properly. We all learned a ton from her and we were amazed by her depth of knowledge. We will put into practice the first set of skills she taught us and hopefully take the next level with her in the near future.
      Best – Nicole and Steve – 4/2/18

    • ​I can’t help but use the opportunity of this email to say how thankful I am for you, BEX and Noble Beast!  You all bring a level of joy and happiness and peace into our world that definitely wasn’t there almost 3 years ago!  BEX is incredible!!  There is not a week that goes by when I am working/walking with Mozz and he shows me a new ‘trick’ that he’s learned.  His manners have improved so much (though he is still totally convinced that pushing his face up against mine and/or nibbling on my lips is a completely fine thing to do to strangers .  Course, I think it’s the cutest thing ever, but when I have friends over and he tries it, the looks on their faces are priceless).  He’s starting to really understand personal space.  My very favorite thing that he does now, that I don’t think he did much of before we started with you guys, is his play!  I’ve had several people tell me they’ve never seen an English Mastiff move like Mozzie does, and neither have I.  When we moved, we moved into a smaller house but it has a HUGE yard.  Mozzie frolic and plays back there like an adolescent who’s just discovered how much fun it is to spin until he falls down.  It melts me, and again, I think a lot of that behavior can be attributed to what he’s learned in class.  It’s even better when we have a furry friend over and he can play with him/her.  Recently, I watched him pull a geriatric English Mastiff out of her funk and get her playing, which I don’t think she had really ever done before.  She didn’t get socialized with other dogs much because her owner thought she was being aggressive.  What was really happening is that she just didn’t know how to play and what appropriate dog etiquette is.  Mozzie had her taught in 15 minutes and she was like a brand-new dog – it was so incredible to see!!

      Anyway, sorry for the rambling, long email!  I know I say it a lot, but it’s because I mean it so much – we just love you guys so much and are so happy to have you in our world!!

      Ami & Mozzie –  12/1/17

    • Lucas – We cannot thank you enough for all you have done with our Polls. We are so very grateful to you and thankful that Polly had such a nice and special trainer.  You have been so incredibly encouraging and positive about our crazy Jack Russell.  The training you have given her has been exceptional.  The reports you share with us every visit are thoughtful, uplifting and instructional. We have tried hard to follow your suggestions and keep Polly in the same mindset as her training.  Your group has a great philosophy and provide the wonderful framework to make our dogs…better dogs.  But it’s the execution on your part …and then, encouragement of us to make it all work.  You’re great at that, Lucas and the most important thing, you’re such a super nice person, we all (Polly, me, Dave, Priska) love and appreciate you.

      Best wishes – Jodi, Dave and your Polly  11/4/17

    • My fiancé and I just finished some training with Mary for our Great Dane Blue and his separation anxiety and wanted to say some words about our experience. Overall we felt the training went very well, and that Mary was a great help. Blue is a rescue and experiences some pretty bad separation anxiety. Mary has provided us with the tools to make sure our boy is comfortable and confident when left home alone. We look forward to continuing our training with Blue and would definitely sign up with Noble Beasts again.

      Thank you – Mackenzie and Alec – 1/24/18

    • Your trainers are amazing!

      I want to thank Noble Beast for your incredible trainers and staff, and for the care, compassion and attention you have shown our family and – most of all – our furry kids! We started to work with your trainer Elly when our puppy Scout began having some serious issues with his older brother Oscar, our almost 10-year-old Basset Hound. For seemingly no reason we could understand, they began having serious and frightening fights. When we landed in the doggie ER with both of them, I was devastated and beyond concerned. Noble Beast to the rescue though! Elly worked with us in our home and quite literally gave us our peaceful, happy home back in a matter of weeks. Not only did she give us incredible training tips, she helped us to understand what was happening and why. In a very real sense, she gave us a “dog language” that allowed us to understand and communicate with our dogs better than ever. The pictures below pretty much summarize the happy trio of fluffy canines we now have and the joy they fill our lives with. Thank you, Elly!!!

      I also want to thank your behavior specialist, Mindy. Incredibly helpful and attention that was above and beyond. Although peace and harmony had developed within our house, puppy Scout had suddenly developed an intense fear outside our house when on walks. The fear escalated, along with his aggression toward unfamiliar dogs, to the point that I believed we could never go on a walk again. While we have not conquered the problem yet, we have a solid plan – thanks to Mindy and Elly. Mindy worked with our trainer Elly to get a complete picture of everything that was going on with Scout. She then had a long consultation with me – truly above and beyond – and she recommended a path forward. I was in awe of the thought, consideration and time she and Elly had put into our case. She left no stone unturned in her evaluation and I feel confident we are on exactly the right track. We begin Prickly Pooch classes in February with Elly! (Scout will be so happy to see her – me too!)

      In the attached picture, you will see a good representation of the happy place we have returned to – left to right are Scout, Ellie and Oscar.

      Laura K – 1/15/18

    • You guys. Echo just went OFF LEASH for a four-mile hike. She was PERFECT. She checked in with us regularly, waited when told, and was kind and polite when passing other dogs. Talk about a change from six months ago. We know she’s not the easiest dog to deal with, and we really saw evidence of the hard work you’re putting in with her. Happy New Year!

      Jillian, Kate, & Echo – 12/31/17

    • Regarding training, we’re convinced it’s optimal to have a good trainer come to one’s home in order to observe and work with a dog in their regular and familiar habitat – particularly for initial training – so we’re very pleased that you offer this service. The additional cost of on-site training certainly is not inexpensive, but we think it’s a good value because we have to factor in our own time and transportation costs to attend an outside class, in addition to the concentrated training and also the expenses incurred by your trainers to provide this service.  It’s also valuable to be able to immediately continue the training process after the trainer leaves the session while things are still fresh, uninterrupted by having to get in the car and then drive back home.  Our dog is much more receptive to learning when she’s away from any unusual distractions or fears, which typically result when taking any young dog out of its comfort zone, especially given that most young dogs are likely still in some degree of transition from their previous home, and may not yet be completely settled and comfortable in their new home with their forever family.

      Regarding our trainer, Mary Blanton seems to be a complete natural at training dogs, and she’s the kind of person who is a delight to welcome into one’s home, not only for her skills but because of her always positive attitude, her natural kindness and pleasant demeanor, her great energy, her obvious love of dogs, and her unceasing creativity.  It quickly became apparent that her own dogs must be very lucky indeed.

      We found Mary’s personality to be always pleasant and adaptable, and never pushy, yet determined and convincing when we weren’t getting something.  Mary communicates very well and if something’s not entirely clear, she quickly comes up with a number of new ways to present it, whether it’s for the dog or for us.  And she has been very gracious and accommodating when something would come up in our schedule and we needed to reschedule a session for another date or time.

      Overall, we were very pleased with Mary and found her to be particularly well suited to this work, and she has made a distinct contribution to our quality of life with Bella.  Mary has always been encouraging and enthusiastic, and she has exemplary patience, all attributes we greatly appreciate, and we benefited from seeing Mary model those attributes for us.

      So in summary, we enjoyed the experience and we consider Mary to be a definite asset to Noble Beast, and we look forward to continuing Bella’s training with Noble Beast in the future.

      Ben, Louise & Bella – 12/23/17

    • I wanted to let you know that I was lucky enough to have Mary’s services in training both me and Toby. She is excellent.  Toby is much better behaved since meeting Mary.  You all are very lucky to have her in your employ. If any of your clients need a recommendation you are free to give them my contact information. I was having many issues before meeting Mary and now have very few.

      Brett C. Minzer – 9/8/17

    • Hi Mindy and the Noble Beast team,

      I’m sending a quick note regarding my experience with Bex as our Trainer for Otis (but mostly me).

      Bex has been great.  She provided me with effective techniques to work on focusing on Otis’s reactivity with other dogs.  I’ve been using these techniques on the trails and have noticed a definite improvement.  Bex has provided feedback, tools and useful information with other issues as well including barking, greeting people at the door, etc.  She connects with Otis so well and truly has compassion and insight into the world of a dog.  I also, appreciate her flexibility when I’ve had to reschedule.   I will miss Bex’s dog impressions, her sense of humor and her positive energy, although I look forward to using her services again when the time arises. 

      Thanks again for this positive experience and I look forward to moving forward with some group training!

      Amy Weber & Otis – 10/25/17

    • We couldn’t wait to tell you how great this morning’s Delightful Dog class was for Gertie and for us! This exceeded all of our expectations of what a great training experience would be like.  Gertie not only tolerated it, she loved it and is so proud of herself and we are proud of her too.  We were so impressed with your calm, enthusiastic leadership and assistance with all the dogs and students in the class.  While we’re not sure how you’re doing it, we believe that you possess the ability to be in all places at once—encouraging, assisting and cheering all of us on.  Just f**#$ing amazing!!!!

      Thanks and we can’t wait for next week.

      Kim & Fiona – 9/24/17

    • Hi BEX,

      It was great to meet you last week!   Hugo loved you & it so wonderful to see him really connect with you.   We just wanted to take a minute to say thank you.  Hugo’s been doing so good – he’s more confident & not so scared.

      Thanks Again!

      Deirdre, Scott & Hugo – 9/20/17

    • I just wanted to pass along a little note that I have completed my training with Mary and my dog, Robert (junior) and everything was great! He has a good understanding of the basics and fundamentals and is much improved from the start.  Mary is a great teacher and very patient.  She was great and I believe has much to do with the success that I see.  Thanks!

      Robert Kelter & Robert Jr. – 9/7/17

    • Kara taught 2 classes for us. Ranger started as a 4-month-old in the Delightful Dog class and Maverick was in the Devine Dog class as a 1-year-old.  It was obvious Kara has a passion for this and she was great in both classes.  Ranger and Maverick have improved leaps and bounds and we continue to work and build on the skills Kara taught us.  

      Kara was patient and flexible during training.  We asked tons of questions and at the end of the day, we feel like we learned as much or more than the dogs.  Kara has an extensive education and understands dog psychology.  It was really cool watching the pups pick up skills quickly that would have taken forever had we done it alone. 

      We are looking forward to taking more classes with Kara.

      Thank You – Mike and Maria – 9/26/17

    • The Prickly classes have been so important in Howie’s recovery. The controlled exposure and precisely timed positive reinforcement have helped him on his way to learning that other dogs can be no big deal.  Bex individualizes the classroom work so that Howie has been able to progress at his own rate.  Bex has helped me become a more confident and skillful handler. We have taken three classes and plan to enroll in a fourth.

      Seeing the commitment of NB to dogs like Howie has been wonderful.

      As a rescuer seeing the investment and love the families have for their Pricklies has been so gratifying.  Most adopters I interview want a perfect dog. I treasure those adopters who are willing to work with their imperfect dogs.

      Thanks Mindy.  NB is doing a great job!

      Pam & Howie – 9/20/17

    • I just wanted to let you know how helpful and fun our recent class was. We thought that Lynn Maedel was very effective in working with us and getting across all of the concepts. We feel that we and Maggie, our boxer puppy learned a lot.


      Bill, Debby, and Audrey Bianco – 9/28/17

    • My partner and I had the pleasure of having Kara, as our trainer for our kiddo Eliot. Eliot, is smart… and he knows it! Which meant we needed to give him some boundaries real fast. Kara was patient, listened to our needs, and was encouraging when we were frustrated. Eliot is still a mischievous puppy sometimes, but thanks to Kara and her class Eliot’s “selective listening” is diminishing by the day! We can’t wait to take class with her again after the holidays!

      Best – Lauren, Matthew, and Eliot – 11/12/17

    • We just wanted to take the time to send a quick email to show our appreciation for our Delightful Dog instructor Kara Caplan. Kara was truly wonderful. She was very knowledgeable, kind, and respectful. She spent time with us individually to go over any questions we had. I would highly recommend her for puppy training to anyone who asks!

      Sincerely – Elizabeth, Chris, and Luna Figula – 11/13/17

    • My sister and I and our dog Zsofie just finished Lynn Maedel’s Delightful Dog class and want to tell you that it was a great experience. She gave us very useful information and insights, and also showed great understanding and compassion for all the dogs in class. She made the class fun, and she also eased Zsofie’s fears a little more each class. We would definitely recommend her classes.

      Sincerely – Lou Kintz – 11/14/17

    • Hello Mindy,

      I cannot begin to tell you how THRILLED Michael McGuire and I are with Calisse Basada and Noble Beast Dog Training!

      Our wonderful veterinarian, Jeff Gerlesits at Homeward Bound in Arvada (formerly at University Hills Animal Hospital in Denver), strongly recommended  Noble Beast to us as a highly skilled dog behavior modification trainer.

      Michael and I adopted Lucy, our 4.5 year old German Shepherd Labrador Retriever mix, from the Denver Dumb Friends League when Lucy was 1 year old. Lucy had generally been a very well behaved dog around people and other dogs until Michael and I separated in January 2016. Lucy’s loss of her yard and home, and her parents move into separate apartments since January 2016, clearly added tremendous stress to Lucy’s life.

      Sadly, by the time Calisse first met Lucy only 2 weeks ago, Lucy had become hostile and aggressive to other dogs, dog owners, and my many cranky negative older apartment neighbors.

      It took Calisse only several minutes to create a positive safe space between herself Lucy during Lucy’s first session with her. By the end of Lucy’s 1st training session, Lucy had fallen asleep at Michael’s feet while Calisse was standing close by!

      As soon as Lucy saw Calisse at our 2nd session last week, Lucy greeted her warmly, and only a few minutes later, Lucy could not stop licking Calisse’s hands and face. In fact, throughout Lucy’s 2nd session, Lucy kept wanting to cuddle up to Calisse. Lucy instinctively followed Calisse’s commands repeatedly during her 2nd session and she is already quite fond of Calisse.

      Calisse Basada is clearly an unusually talented “dog whisperer”. Michael & I are so impressed with Calisse’s tremendous understanding of dogs’ complex nuanced behaviors, fears, and perceptions.

      We are already deeply grateful to Calisse for lovingly giving Lucy much needed important guidance on a path to a well-adjusted happy new life. And we are deeply grateful to our great vet Jeff Gerlesits, for having strongly recommended Noble Beast Dog Training to us.

      One last thing – Noble Beast is #1 in pooch lover world for having Calisse, an EXTRAORDINARY trainer who is totally devoted to her doggies.

      Calisse lovingly and skillfully guides her 4 legged mischievous (!) friends to a well-adjusted happy new life with their pooch loving human packs!

      Debby Kaller & Michael McGuire – 7/8/17

    • Noble Beast Dog Training,

      I’m writing to tell you how much we loved working with Mary.

      We hired Noble Beast a few months ago, not really knowing what to expect and with fairly low expectations. Neither Josie nor myself have any experience with dog training and needed some help with our golden retriever pup.

      Mary was amazing!! We are so pleasantly surprised with KC’s progress and could not have had more fun working with Mary. Each time Mary came to our house to work with KC we saw marked improvement and were left with very helpful info that we were able to put into practice. We also really looked forward to spending time with Mary and getting to know her better.

      Mary is an awesome trainer. And a great person. We can’t thank her enough for her great work. We’ll definitely miss our regular weekend sessions with her.

      We will recommend Mary to all of our friends and will use her again once we get another pup in the near future.

      Mary is amazing!

      Best Regards,

      Tom, Josie and KC

    • I had Monica as an in home trainer. I found her approach and methodology brilliant. It is evident of her love of animals and her passion for creating a wonderful healthy bond between them and their people. She spent a great deal of time ensuring I understood both the content of why we were doing a certain action and the practice in doing it. Winnie and I both found her to be a wonderful resource and feel she was fully worth all that we paid for the sessions and more.

      Thank you
      Rev Dr Dee Cooper – 5/10/17
      Adventures for the Wild at Heart, owner
      Coaching, Workshops, Travel

    • We’ve been very grateful for the awesome work Lucas has done with Max, as well as the guidance he’s given us. We were in 911 mode when we joined the program in January, at the advice of our trainer. We adopted Max in August and he seemed in open rebellion when we returned from Christmas travel. Lucas developed good rapport with Max, who looks forward to his time in class, and helped stabilize his behavior. His loose-lease walking improves by the week, and he seems better able to deal with other dogs. Much of his inappropriate behavior has abated for now. Additionally, he seems somewhat less stressed and better able to cope with stuff. We are very, very pleased and may return for some more work in the future.

      Tom S. & Max – 6/7/17

    • Hi BEX! Hope you are doing well. Sabin and I wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed your Prickly Pooch class. Your approach was very supportive and encouraging. The handouts were informative and you were always well planned. We really appreciated that you explained why we were doing what we were doing with Cooper. Sabin and I learned a lot about dogs, and we respected that you worked with every dog at their appropriate level. You were very empathetic, focused on our positives, and provided us with immediate and constructive feedback. We were also so impressed with how you controlled the situation with four challenging dogs. Thanks again for a great experience!

      Amy, Sabin and Cooper – 7/6/17

    • We attended our first playful pup class this weekend and it was amazing.  We were particularly impressed with Lynn the trainer.  She did a great job of giving guidance without hovering. We would love to send Osa to several more puppy classes before she starts her ‘real’ course with you all in a couple weeks.  We’d love to do the April 8th class in Park Hill if there is room.

      Thanks – Sally, Patrick, & Osa – 4/3/17

    • Mary is an amazing private dog trainer! She is so patient with Bernice, and with Brad and I! We all learn so much every session! She is also helpful and answers my questions (even when outside of training hours), and I really feel like she is a big reason why Bernice is such a good 6 1/2 month old, 55 pound puppy! I would really recommend her to anyone looking for a personable, reliable, and helpful trainer! Bernice loves her and I swear acts better when she knows Mary is around! 🙂

      Thanks – Kelsey & Brad Morse & Bernice – 4/28/17

    • I just wanted to provide some positive feedback about my recent session with Mary. She came to our home for a 1:1, private session to support our dog, Enzo. Mary was kind, patient, VERY informative and terrific!

      Thank You – Shira Shump & Enzo


    • Hello Renee, Libby, and the rest of the Noble Beast team,

      We’ve been taking our puppy Hagol to the playful pup class the last few months, and based on our schedule and his age, today was his last class. We are grateful for all the wonderful classes and support you’ve given us over these weeks, and can’t thank you enough. I will especially miss your cheerful emails, Renee. Thank you for the always prompt and enthusiastic responses! 🙂 We wish you all the best. We’ll be singing your praises to anyone who will listen and hope to cross paths again in the future!

      Thank you,

      Trystan (& Matt & Hagol) – 10/28/16

    • I just completed the Devine Dog class with Monica at the Stapleton Animal Hospital.  It was amazing!  Monica has such great energy and enthusiasm.  She was tuned into each dog and owner.  I was surprised by how much she noticed and was able to offer feedback on in the weekly email she sent to me.  I found her to be supportive, while also holding all owners accountable for working with their dogs on a regular basis.  I learned a lot and I know Nellie (my dog) did too.  I would highly recommend Noble Beast, and Monica.  Thanks for such a great experience!

      Jacqueline Dauw & Nellie – 12/5/17

    • Hi Bex,

      I feel like all we have done is sing your praises lately but I just wanted to THANK YOU!

      This morning, Frankie and I were out for a walk I was still half asleep and a bunny ran in front of Frankie, he lunged to chase it for a few steps and the leash broke free. We live close to a very busy street and the bunny bolted across. I yelled for Frankie to stay and come and he froze and trotted right back to me.

      Without all of your work and education for us, Frankie could have been road kill.

      Thank you thank you!!!

      Katie – 12/15/16

    • Hello my lovely ladies at Noble Beast 🙂
      I just wanted to touch base with you before we go camping on Monday and let you know that Loomis is like a different dog! 1 hour talking with Louis and it’s as if we traded in our dog on a new one, hee-hee. He explained a lot about our breed and it helped tremendously. We thought we knew, boy were we wrong! He is doing much better and his interaction with our son is much better. Feeding through his Kong……who knew. Callie did talk about this during training, but I guess we just didn’t receive it well at the time. We look forward to continued Improvement and more training, but for now I just wanted to let you know that things are getting much better 🙂 thanks for all your help! Please pass this information along to Louis and our gratitude.
      Thanks again! 
      Jim, Jennifer and Jesse – 1/3/17

    • I just wanted to provide feedback on our trainer Mary. She came to work with us and our German Shepherd mix puppy in our home.  Never having done an in home training, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Now that I have this experience, I will highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking training for their pup.  Mary was a pleasure to work with.  She had a great calming presence with my pup and family.  She is very knowledgeable and flexible in her training which has been helpful for building our confidence as owners.  She also provided us with great instruction and online videos as follow up.  While we are still working on our training, I now feel confident in the tools I have to work with our puppy.  I will also say Mary is a lot of fun to work with.  You can tell she loves what she does and really enjoys working with dogs and their companions.  I was referred to your company by a dog owner I met in front of a restaurant whose dog was so well behaved.  I am so glad I took her suggestion and found Noble Beast and Mary.  I hope to continue some follow up training with her as well.

      On another note, I boarded my dog with another one of your trainers, Louis.  He was fantastic too.  You should be proud of the staff you have acquired to help dogs and their families. 

      Thank you,

      Amy Faricy – 1/4/17

      Owner of Moxie

    • I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know what a wonderful experience we had with BEX. She was absolutely fantastic – it felt like she knew our dog and our family from the moment she began working with us. She is so well-researched and had a great way of explaining dog psychology to us. We saw improvements in Tucker immediately. We are so lucky to have found Noble Beast – thank you!

      Trish Becker – 1/9/17

    • My wife and I had the pleasure of having our pup Caley, under Acacias care in Day Training for about ten weeks. By seeing how close Caley got to Acacia, it surely was a pleasure for Caley also. 

      From the start, it was obvious Acacia is someone special.  She is conscientious about getting Report Cards out as soon as possible.  When reading the Report Card, it was clear that Acacia was closely working with and observing Caley.  She was picking up exactly what we could see at home, and things we didn’t.  She provided so much useful information.  Each week I would use the Report Card Acacia sent to structure at home training for Caley.  That is when Caley really started to make progress.  Acacia was noticing where Caley needed work and I would work on it at home.  Her insights were simply invaluable.  When I did need advice, I’d simply email Acacia and soon I would have an email back with a workable solution.

      Noble Beast Day Training is a wonderful program.  But, for us, Acacia took it to another level.  It has been such a pleasure and so helpful to work with a trainer like Acacia.


      Dave Orrino – January 13, 2017

    • I think Louis is wonderful!! He was very helpful with suggestions and is such a nice guy!!

      Between Bex and Louis, we’ve had a wonderful experience with Noble Beast.


      Faye Demby – 11/6/16

    • Daisy got much better with other dogs as a result of Pam’s coaching. She is less nervous and therefore less aggressive. Now she is curious and friendly. Pam also gave me some good tips on toys for Daisy.

      Maria Marino – 11/7

    • I just wanted to let you know that we had our first training session with Mary this past Sunday and she was wonderful! She explained everything very well and was very patient and helpful. It is obvious that she is truly passionate about working with and training dogs and she makes the training fun. Our two kids (6 and 8) have been practicing all of Mary’s tips and correcting each other if they make a mistake.:)  Mary even followed up after our session and provided some helpful videos to illustrate some of the training methods she suggested. 

      We would definitely recommend Mary!

      Thanks, Chessie – 1/23/17

    • I wanted to give praise to Monica Jacques for providing us and our pups Maxwell and Bailey a great experience during the Devine Dog class. She was attentive, funny and very informative.  We have a few issues with Bailey being reactive and she took time after class to discuss what steps we can take to work on this with Bailey.  I am so appreciative of her time and expertise.  She made this class amazing! 


      Trista Sorenson

      testimonial-pic-for-trista-maxwell OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

    • jennifer-drohoskys-testimonial-picJust wanted to send a note to let Monica know how very much we appreciated her patience, positivity, and effective teaching techniques. It is incredible how much we and our dogs leaned in a short time. She made the classes very positive and fun for us all, and her teaching technique was fantastic. It was a wonderful experience and we are grateful!


      Jennifer and Chris Drohosky

    • harley-nick-testimonial-picWe recently finished the Delightful Dog sessions with Monica, and it was a great experience for us and our 6 month old pup Harley. She always brought an upbeat energy to the classes and made them fun.  The classes have helped tremendously for communicating with our pup and allowing her to have a productive outlet for her energy.

      In addition, we’ve had a great experience with not only the training, but the pup socialization class as well.  Louis, who runs the Galapago class, projected calm in that crazy situation, was super helpful to us, and was the reason we wanted to choose Noble Beast for Harley’s training.  The help from that class made a huge impact in her temperament.

      Nick A.

    • Testimonial Pic for Gus & TheresaWe love Monica! Had out first session and she was great! Gave us a bunch of homework which we all are working on every day! Gus is doing great!  Looking forward to our next session on Friday! Thanks so much for checking up on us! We really do appreciate your customer service! So hard to find these days…..

    • My fourth and final training session for Maci with Bex was completed the end of last week so I was requested to submit a review for Bex. In short, Bex was great! Maci and I have learned several new tools to redirect her leash reactivity into more positive behaviors and it has been going well. We use ‘This Way’ to get away from scary situations and Maci will turn on a dime with me now if kept under threshold. We will also use the look at that technique to redirect her mind and focus back on me in a positive way when starting to affix on known triggers. In addition to these tools, Bex provided numerous online resources for additional games and training opportunities for Maci and I to explore.

      Thanks to Bex for a positive experience and helping Maci and I step in the right direction toward her to be a happy and balanced pup. (Worth a note – The first session with Bex, Maci would not stop barking at her and was not happy. By the end, Maci was not afraid of Bex and Bex was able to handle her even with no fearful response from Maci. Big win on that front IMO)

      Bex mentioned group classes with Noble Beast and I would like to explore those if Maci is ready. I would love to have a happy dog that can go play on her own at a doggy daycare without concern for incident. Help us get there Noble Beast! 🙂
      Chris & Maci – 5/2016

    • Stacey-Morse-&-Bruce-Testimonial-PicI just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I had a GREAT first session with Monica. She is awesome. We are off to a great start with her showing me how to properly introduce verbal queues and hand signals to Bruce. I am already so impressed with Monica and Noble Beast! I feel very confident that our sessions will not only be effective, but help set up Bruce for success long term. He did wonderful for his first session with her as well and she tired him out quickly with the training! He loved showing off for her and gave her lots of cuddles while she was sitting on the ground with him.

      This is by far one of the best, most positive experiences I have had not only with an individual trainer, but a dog training organization as a whole.  I am so happy that I found Noble Beast and so glad that you all are so passionate about what you do – it really shows in your work.
      Stacey & Bruce – 6/26/16

    • Nancy & Rooney Testimonial picRooney and I have to commend you guys on a very well-run class. I really got a lot out of just being there and watching Rooney with other pups, but also felt like we were getting a lot of good feedback from the trainers about how to keep things fun and watch out for potential problems.
      Nancy & Roonie – 5/2016

    • Marla Swansons Testimonial picWe had our first session with Harrie today. We were thrilled with her and what we learned. I am so very grateful for what Noble Beast has done for me. Swanie’s biggest problem is barking and she literally has only barked a couple of times since our session. I go to sleep tonight feeling very hopeful. Harrie is truly the best. My family and I are so thankful for the generosity and then getting such a phenomenal trainer is such a blessing to us.
      Thank you so much!
      Marla & Swanie – 5/2016

    • Sarah & Cato Testimonial PicHi there,
      Just wanted to follow up and say THANK YOU for having me to the puppy playtime this last weekend — I appreciated so much having the opportunity to observe ahead of time and get a sense of how you guys operate.
      And it paid off! I am absolutely certain Noble Beast is the right fit for us and want to move forward with getting Cato (our incoming Doberman puppy) registered and setup for both the Delightful Dog class and the Playful Pup classes. We won’t be bringing him home until June 4th, and that first week will be finishing off his shots/etc., so I think we’re aiming to start in the June 15th class at the Downtown Animal Care Center.
      Sarah & Cato – 5/2016

    • My fiancé and I took our two puppies Bailey and Maxwell to the Delightful Dog Training Classes at the Downtown Animal Clinic. Calisse Basada was our instructor.  She was awesome!  We learned so much and it was such a fun and exciting environment to be in!  I just want to give her two thumbs up for such a great experience for myself and my pups.

      Best, Trista Sorenson



      All the dachshunds are doing great!  Clark Kent LOVED his class with Cali.  She is an incredible trainer.  Please let me know who I need to tell about her. She is fantastic!  She is a true inspiration for dog training and wanting to make me a better owner.  She has such patience.  Thanks for recognizing her talent.


      Lisa Daley

    • Don & Barbar's testimonial picWe would like to thank Morgan Karol for the excellent work she has done to help us train Rhea during her third month as a puppy. What a difference Morgan has made in teaching us the basics and to help us understand what works best for our individual breed of dog.   Her presentations are always consistent and filled with fun facts to help expand our training to the next level.

      We look forward to doing so in the Devine Dog Class.


      Don LeBois and Barbara Springer

    • Meghan & Carlton testimonial picCarlton just finished his Delightful Dog training and we couldn’t be happier! Monica was wonderful with the dogs as well as their people. Class was informative, well delivered, and fun! We are looking forward to Devine Dog next!

      Our best,

      Meghan and Carlton

    • Rachel & Rezak Testimonial picJust wanted you to know I love Lou! We had our first private on Saturday – and he is awesome!  You really do hire the best of the best – Rezak loves him as well (not that he is picky per say but you know what I mean 😉

      Lou has a great style and I really like working with him!

      Rachel & Rezak

    • I only buy lottery tickets when the jackpot is absolutely ludicrous, but should the miracle of winning be bestowed on me, I’m going to purchase a facility in Central Denver for Noble Beast to use for Group Day Training for all the dogs, like Linden, who absolutely love it.

      Ashleyann & Linden

    • Tom Neito Testimonial PicI just voted for Noble Beast on the Denver A List poll and it reminded me to email you to let you know that I am extremely pleased with my result and the expertise and direction provided by Calisse, our trainer. As I stated in the poll, I have never used this type of training before, I always elected to “wing it”.  But with the basic rules and direction given us by Calisse, I can see how intelligent my little guy, Manolo, is!  Her stressing the importance of being loving and consistent has made a huge difference in his development.  He still has his moments, as he is only 5 months and some change, but he is way ahead of my expectations.

      Calisse was very good with all of the dogs in our class and very patient with us parents.  I appreciate all the “homework” she provided (which has been instrumental in getting the rest of the family consistent) and the additional information she pointed me to.

      I fully intend to enroll in additional trainings and have his mom and sisters attend with him.

      Thank you, and please thank Cali for us.  See you guys soon.


      The Nieto Family

    • untitled-7156I wanted to follow up after completing our training classes with Morgan. She was amazing and very patient with us and our distractions (we started training in the middle of moving). We also attended her puppy play class which was purposeful and structured, including specific exercises intended to socialize the puppies. The first class we attended seemed to be more of a free-for-all with far less direction from the trainer. I’ll be contacting you to set up the next series of training classes and will be requesting Morgan. Thank you for pairing us with such a greater trainer. We look forward to working more with Morgan and Noble Beast.

    • Aspen pic for the Sam & Aspen TestimonialWe just recently finished up our training with Cali and we couldn’t be happier! We had another trainer about a year ago who was anti-treat and I similar to Cesar’s methods of trainings and it completely did not work for our dog, aspen. He was scared and anxious, especially of me. Cali’s approach was much friendlier and we saw results in the first week! Aspen used to pee when strangers (or sometimes even me) would walk in the house but we haven’t had an accident in months! He’s a new, happier pup because of this training and we are very satisfied customers. I would recommend this program to anyone and my only regret is that we didn’t do this when our dog was younger. Thanks again!!


      Sam & Aspen

    • Rogert Nestman testimonial pic  - Emily NestmanNoble Beast training was very convenient for our family. Pepper came directly to our home to provide personalized training for our new puppy.  Each week’s skills were carefully explained, demonstrated and practiced together.  Pepper did a wonderful job engaging our three young boys into the training process.  I would highly recommend Noble Beast!


      Emily Nestman

    • Mimi Testimonial PicHello,

      I wanted to let you know how happy we were with Morgan Karol as our trainer for the Delightful Dog sessions in our home. She has a great combination of being personable and focused during our sessions. Her lessons were well communicated and always asked if we had questions. Her insights and suggestions were most helpful.  And of course, she was wonderful with our dog Mimi, who is 10 months old and fully of puppy energy. She was a terrific teacher to all of us and I’d highly recommend her to others. I look forward to working with her again soon.  She’s truly a star!


      Best – Karen, Tom and Mimi

    • Winter & Rita testimonial picWe moved to Denver from Chicago and wanted to keep our dog, Winter on his usual daycare/walk schedule to minimize as much change for him as possible. After a few issues with his previous daycare, we found Mindy at Noble Beast. She was very helpful in assessing our situation and getting us the help we needed.

      We worked with Kat and she was a dream! She gave us a confidence boost, letting us know that our previous training was on track and working and gave us plenty of new tools and tricks to help reinforce our existing training. She was always accessible via text or email to help troubleshoot things and made things very simple and easy to learn and implement. We also received some great insight into dog behavior that we never knew about to help at the dog park. She treated Winter like he was her own dog with tons of love but still being strict. Winter’s focus has been great after just 3 sessions and we couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend Noble Beast!


      Rita & Winter

    • Pic for Winston & Jenna testimonialWinston really is a special dog, but it was through Noble Beast and Bex’s help that we realized all of his potential. Bex has always had so much patience with Winston and me, which we have not found to be the case in other personal dog trainers. Noble Beast and Bex have been life-changing in our journey in understanding successful dog training. We feel so fortunate to have had Bex in our lives over the past year, and feel so sad about leaving Noble Beast behind.


      Sincerely Winston and Jenna

    • Rascal pic for Jeff & Sharon Haber testimonialWe have taken two classes with Calisse with our new pup who is now 8 months old. Calisse is a wonderful instructor with many valuable skills to teach. Her positive approach to dog training has been extremely useful for us. Seeing such positive changes with some of difficult behavior problems of other dogs in our classes has been remarkable. I highly recommend Noble Beast and Calisse Basada.  I look forward to taking more classes with her and hope that she will get a “tricks class” on the schedule.


      Jeff and Sharon

    • Elvis Testimonial picHi Bex,

      It was such a pleasure working with you!!! I’ve worked with other trainers in the past and never enjoyed the experience.

      Your method made so much sense and Elvis picked it up so quickly.(It took us a little longer:) You were so in tune with Elvis…we call you the dog whisperer. I would and have recommended you to other puppy owners.

      Thank you for helping us become better parents to our adorable puppy!


      Faye & Elvis

    • I wanted to let you know that Pepper did an amazing job with our new dog, Oakley. She had some great training tips and really helped our new dog go from a scared rescue dog to a confident loving family member.  We would recommend Pepper to anyone!



      Tyler & Oakley

    • Stormy picI wanted to send you a quick note to say “Thank You!” for sending Bex to us to train Stormy. As a 1 year old Pomeranian, she needed a little guidance and it sure has worked! We completed our sixth session yesterday, and I was sad to see our class end. Bex was an amazing trainer! Week after week I was absolutely shocked by how quickly little Stormy learned new things! During her last class, she even learned how to shake hands! Unbelievable! I think the individual in-home class was perfect for both my schedule as well as Stormy’s comfort level. Bex was a delight to work with! She really connected with Stormy and was able to help her grasp new commands and tricks with ease. We plan on working on everything Bex taught us, and then hopefully signing up for Level 2!


      Suraya & Stormy DeSorrento

    • Rayna & Savanah's Testimonial picWhen my husband and I came to Noble Beast Dog Training, we were desperate. Our dog Savannah is a sweetheart and for the most is part well behaved, but we were really struggling on leash walking, staying focused, and not jumping. We had been training her for almost 15 months when we started the Delightful Dog program with Calisse, mostly without success.

      From the first day, we were impressed. Calisse was super approachable, helpful and was great at thinking outside of the box. When Savannah would try to outsmart us, Calisse would find a way to outsmart her.  When Savannah wasn’t motivated by what we were doing, Calisse would figure out how to motivate her. Calisse was able to teach us how to also think outside of the box and to work with our dog outside of the classroom.

      When Savannah graduated, she had a solid Sit, Down and Stay inside and outside. She was able to walk on a loose leash around our neighborhood and with some motivation around stores like PetSmart and Home Depot. She also learned touch, watch and heel. We’ve since continued to work with her, using the skills that Calisse taught us.

      She’s now learning to heel in public. What is most impressive is her attention to my husband and me. Prior to this class, she wasn’t able to control her energy level outside of the house. But now she’s always watching us, wanting to know what we want from her and it makes her much more manageable.

      I can’t thank Calisse and Noble Beast enough and I can’t wait to get Savannah into the Devine Dog this spring!

      Rayna & Savannah

    • IMG_1173I just wanted to say thank you to Pepper Greggs and Noble Beast for your outstanding help with my dog Oliver!  Oliver was terrified of strangers and the elevator in my apartment building, and would react by trying to nip at people, but with Pepper’s help I was able to take charge and show him that he had nothing to fear.  Now I am no longer filled with anxiety every time I take him out, and he is calm and relaxed in the elevator as well.  Pepper was wonderful, not only teaching me how to train Oliver, but also how to train myself to be a better dog parent.  Thank you for everything!  Oliver and I are both very grateful!

      All my best,


    • Stella for Testiomonail 1I thought the Delightful Dog class was great, especially with the small number of pupils. We all got a lot of personal attention. Morgan has a wealth of knowledge and was very aware of how each owner was interacting with their puppy and was able to point out what I was doing wrong in a number of situations. I think we all responded really well to her teachings. I think the length of the class was perfect. The location wasn’t the most convenient for me, but was not too out of the way and I will attend at that location for Devine Dog.
      I am looking forward to continuing training with Noble Beast.

      Pam O’Hara

    • Hello NobleAngie Renteria & Gangster Beast Team-


      I just wanted to express my absolute gratitude and excitement about one of your precious gems- Harrie  Kukowski. Harrie and I met 3 years ago when I purchased my first Brussels Griffon in Denver named Guilty , we attended the 6 week Delightful Training class and Guilty has been the best dog “EVER”.

      I recently purchased a new Brussels name Gangster and he came to us with some problems of shyness and anxiety which was becoming worse by the day, embarrassing and almost unbearable for my husband and I. We live in Atlanta now so the thought of using another trainer other than Harrie was stressful. I contacted Harrie almost in tears about what to do, she immediately put me at ease with words of wisdom (thank you Harrie)- we managed to figure out an interim plan for Atlanta and a plan for me to bring my new puppy to Denver to meet Harrie.  Long story short…


      We made it to Denver for private sessions, we dedicated 2 weeks (rehabilitation we called it-haha) for Harrie to help me with my puppy and it was the BEST two weeks of his little puppy life and absolutely changed mine. By the 3rd session Harrie had my Gangster wagging his tail, saying “hi”, giving kisses, full of confidence and really changed my life as well. I seriously could not have done any of this without her. I hope that she will not retire any time soon –LOL as I would like her to train every and any dog I ever get in the future and other people get to experience her methods.


      Thank you Noble Beast for finding such great whole hearted and talented people to be on your team. And most of all Thank you again Harrie- We love you all the way from ATLANTA!!!! J


      XOXO- The Harris Family

    • Cody - Pic for testimonial  I wanted to drop you a note to let you know just how wonderful Calisse is at your puppy socialization class.

      We attended two classes thus far at the Galapagos location. The first
      visit, we had a hard time finding the place and we were late. We walked up
      and the door was locked. Calisse came to the door and asked our name and
      then, with a big smile, said, “I’ve been expecting you” and let us in! – We were so happy!

      Toward the end of the class, we asked her about nighttime with the puppy
      which had been so challenging for us. She was totally receptive to our
      questions, completely knowledgeable in her responses and provided her
      comments without judgement. We tried her suggestions and have slept better ever since!

      She is such a gift and we are grateful to have found her and your class. We
      are heading off to attend another one of your classes at another location
      today, and plan to take the puppy obedience class next weekend (along with
      the class with Calisse) thanks in large measure to the experience we had
      with Calisse these past two visits.

      Please do whatever it takes to make sure she knows just how appreciated she is by your customers – we are all so very lucky!

      Thanks so much!


    • Delightful Dog Grad AstaWe just want to let you know that we have been following your training tips and this Saturday we took Asta to a little Fall festival full with children and people and some dogs and he did great. He was excited to see so much activity but he was very obedient, no jumping or barking like crazy.

      Thank you very much!

      Rocio Rowland

    • Chip pic for TestimonialMy husband Alejandro and I just wanted to let you know we really enjoyed this class and that Morgan was great! For me, never having a dog, this class really helped us begin to discipline our dog Chip and to teach him commands.  He loves to learn and dogs are just so smart!  We continue to work every day on the things we learned and I have praised your class to several of my friends looking at perhaps taking one.

      Now you need to develop a class for our cat, LOL!

      So thanks again to you and Morgan!

      Melissa and Alejandro Bruner-Solas

    • Delightful Dog Grad Asta“We got Asta from Denver Animal Shelter late March, and at the beginning things weren’t working for us, he barked a lot (especially when we were trying to go to sleep), push a lot when we went on walks, jump and bark a lot when he saw other dogs. We knew we needed some obedience classes for Asta. It was then when we contacted NobleBeastDogTraining.com, Mindy was very helpful, she advised us to enroll in the Delightful Dog Private Training and we did so. We were assigned Deb Price as our trainer and we worked with her for 6 sessions during May to mid-July and let me tell you that was the best decision that we made for our dog (it was worth our time and money). Since the first weeks we started to see the changes, he was more attentive to us and bark less. Deb was great all this time; she was patient, informative and attentive to us and to Asta. She was always there when we have a question or when we need it to change our sessions. You need to invest time and effort between sessions to see results on your dog, with Deb’s instructions we saw more and more changes in Asta’s behavior. We made training part of our routine and incorporated in our daily walks. We can say that we have a different dog now than the one we pick up at the Shelter. He is more responsive, obedient, bark less, respond to our commands, we still need to keep working on his reaction towards other dogs but thanks to Deb we know how to approach this problem. We feel so happy with Asta, we have pleasant walks and while we are home we can enjoy him too (no more barking while we tried to sleep). I really recommended Noble Beast Dog Training and Deb Price, they are very professional and attentive with you and your dog’s needs.”

      Rocio Rowland

    • Testimonial pic for Jay Getzel“My family and I recently adopted a 1.5 year old rescue dog that spent a good deal of time as a stray. Zoni is as sweet as can be around our family but needed some basic obedience training and we needed some tools to help her adjust to the crazy world around her. Deb from Noble Beast Dog Training did a stellar job over our 6 weeks of private sessions. Each week focused on a set of skills and the time in between afforded us the chance to practice. Deb’s calm and level demeanor set Zoni at ease (the special treats helped too), and we were able to establish a great basic set of obedience skills and some of Zoni’s timid nature started to disappear with each session. We look forward to spending some time practicing all we’ve learned and hope to continue on with a new course in the future with Noble Beast.”

      Jay Getzel

    • Luna Testimonial picWe recently finished training with Bex and don’t have enough good things to say about her! Our dog Luna started having issues on the leash a couple of years ago and things started to get worse once our baby girl was born. Luna seemed unsure of herself, disconnected from our family, and more reactive towards other dogs (barking, lunging, growling). It made us sad to see Luna act like this because we love her so much. We tried some skills we had learned previously but knew that we needed help. We wanted to be proactive and help Luna as soon as possible.

      After searching through many dog trainers, we found Bex. The first day she came over we instantly felt like she was a good fit with our family. She assessed Luna and gave us skills to use immediately. Bex is very kind and professional, and we felt comfortable with the type of training she uses. Each week, Luna was so excited to see Bex! She knew why Bex was here and was excited to learn new things. The thing we really found helpful was that Bex always taught us why she was using a specific skill. Every week she provided us with a detailed overview of how to apply the skills we learned in training. We saw an immediate change in Luna. Luna is happier and more confident. Her leash walking skills have improved greatly, and we are no longer concerned to walk her around other dogs and people. Most importantly, Luna is acting more like her old self. Bex seemed truly invested in our family and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great dog trainer!

    • Lotus Testimonial PicI wanted to let you all know that Lotus’s dog walker – who is very dog savvy and is a vet tech – commented to me two days ago that whatever is happening on Wednesdays is making a HUGE difference for Lotus. She sees a big difference is Lotus’s confidence, her personality has come out so much more, her behavior with other dogs is much better, and her obedience. Just some positive feedback for all of you. Lolo may not speak, but she doesn’t need to. All her people see an objectively obvious difference made by the Noble Beast team. 🙂 Hugs to you guys.

    • Delightful Dog Grad RollinsJust wanted to send you a BIG thank you for your suggestion of walking Rollins with a rawhide. We have had 5 good walks in a row w/ zero tantrums including a 50 minute hike today in the mountains (photo attached)! He had soooo much fun today and did a great job of coming back to check in on us (we had him on an extend-a-leash). Just wanted to let you know that your suggestion was a game-changer for us…we finally have a tired boy!

    • Wallace - Pic for TestimonialMy 5 year old dog Wallace suffers from intense anxiety and reactivity around other dogs which manifests as aggressive/over-excited behavior, which made me very anxious in turn. Any time we would see another dog out and about, he would completely flip out trying to get to the dog, often resulting in angry owners or scared other dogs, me getting physically hurt or looking like a fool trying to keep him under control, and him never getting any better. We found ourselves in a year’s long spiral of anxiety, frustration, and hopelessness which was greatly affecting my relationship with my dog. Thus, we would only go walking (I have no yard) very early in the morning or very late at night when there were no other dogs out, and I had to completely avoid a nearby popular park with him due to his out of control behavior there.

      I tried so many methods to help him, including every anti-anxiety dog product known to man, multiple trainers, classes, one on one sessions, medications, you name it. Wallace began attending Noble Beast Day Training Program and started to show some improvement in his ability to stay calmer and more focused, especially around other dogs.

      I hired his Noble Beast group trainer Cali for 3 individual sessions to work on walking nicely on his leash, as our entire walks consisted of him dragging me along. I think Cali is some sort of secret wizard, magician, or ninja, because within those 3 sessions 75% of Wallace’s (and my) issues got resolved. Even though he is still somewhat reactive around other dogs, I now know how to work with this in a way that I can remain calm which improves his behavior very quickly, and he has become so much better overall with practice. We now walk to the park every single day- something I never dreamed of- and I can take him out any time of day without fear of what might happen if we encounter another dog. It has greatly improved my relationship with him, and I feel that I can relate to my dog and appreciate him on a much deeper, fun, and loving way than ever before. I have stopped seeing him as my “problem child” and now see him more as my best buddy.

      Long story short, Cali was able to make improvements for my dog and me that no other trainer has before. She was so calm, understanding, and caring toward both me and Wallace, but also knew how to push me gently out of my comfort zone in order to make some real progress. This coupled with some genius tactics and a style that is both confident and flexible made all the difference. I can’t recommend her highly enough, and will continue to purchase individual sessions with her in the future as we work toward new goals.

    • MacKenney testimonial picWe wanted to let you know how much we learned and enjoyed our in home Delightful Dog Training with Morgan. She was patient, knowledgeable and fun. With our schedules, we never would have finished a class. This provided us with flexibility through the end. We look forward to working with Noble Beast Dog Training and Morgan in the future.

    • Jazz & mom Sandra - for testimonialI just wanted to let you know that BEX is awesome. She has really made great progress with Jazz and is very receptive and thoughtful when we have questions, concerns or need help. She is why we have continued our training with Noble Beast and I just wanted you to be aware.

    • Alamosa testimonial picI just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you’re doing with Mo (and with us – it’s a group training approach!) Mosa has been showing SO MUCH improvement.  We took her to a dog park in the mountains this weekend where she met a 2 year old boxer who was sweet but very in-your-fact.  In the past, Mo would have presented very aggressively and we likely would have needed to leave.  Instead, Mo asserted her boundaries but was super playful and did a great job of taking time out when she needed it and ignoring the other dog’s demand barking and nipping.  We were so proud of her.

      She’s also finishing her half day on Thursdays at Woof in Boot’s doggie day care.  Yesterday was her first half day and she did great!

      So much of this is because of your patience and training and supervision.  I just wanted to let you know that we are so thankful for your work and very proud of Mo! We’ve always known that she is a smart, sweet girl, but controlling her nerves has always been a task. Thank you for making it easier.



    • louie-y

      Our almost three year old Havanese, Ollie, was driving us absolutely CRAZY with his constant barking (and I mean CONSTANT) at the squirrels in our yard at all hours of the day and night. He also came when called only when he felt like it–which was almost never. He would either run away or simply stare at you condescendingly until you got close to him…and then run away! He thought this was the greatest game ever! I was always afraid that if he got out of our fenced-in yard I’d never be able to catch him. Overall, Ollie has been a wonderful pet—warm, affectionate, funny and full of energy but, after three years of frustration with these issues, I’d had enough. I called Noble Beast to the rescue. I had three private sessions with Mindy, and she truly changed all of our lives!! She is now known as “The Lady Dog Whisperer” in our home!

      I had heard that it was virtually impossible to break a dog of nuisance barking, but Mindy quickly put that myth to rest with her non-punitive method of time out when he barks inappropriately. I could not believe my ears! Hmmmm…this stuff really works!

      Mindy was also able to figure out that the word “come” has a negative connotation to Ollie and when she switched the word “come” to “touch” he came every time!! See where I get “The Lady Dog Whisperer” comparison? Ollie loves her, especially because now he gets LOTS more treats for his good behavior. Good old Kraft American Cheese is his favorite and is now on our weekly shopping list!

      Mindy’s obvious connection to animals was apparent the minute she stepped into our home. Her positive approach in dog training really helped both Ollie and me (after all, it really was ME she was training, wasn’t it?) I cannot say enough good things about Mindy and Noble Beast. Now our adorable bundle of fun and energy really is that, and we have Mindy to thank for it. I will continue to take classes from Noble Beast in the future and my hope and goal of Ollie eventually becoming a therapy dog to disabled war veterans just might be possible…

      Cindy Braden and Ollie
      Park Hill
    • tucker-thumb

      Deb Price helped me and my puppy Tucker through the Delightful Dog classes, and I can’t tell you how many times people compliment us on how well behaved Tucker is for a puppy. Deb did an awesome job! 🙂

    • Sophia with her dog Rex

      Hi Mindy,

      Thank you so much for your email. Your advice helped Rex & I again. Thank you! I told the lady that watches Rex what you said about Rex following the lead of the other dogs; running, barking and jumping at the door. Today she put the other dogs outside when she knew I was going to pick up Rex. Rex behaved wonderfully, he sat at the door as she asked him to, waiting for me until she opened the door. He didn’t jump on me just wiggled with excitement, rubbing up on me (which is ok with me). So I think that we are all going to be ok.
      I also wanted to tell you that Rex & I went to Pet Smart this weekend and he did amazingly well! He was so good, sitting before we entered and following my lead. I can’t tell you how much of a positive difference that you’ve made with him.

      Rex just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter, always wanting to please. Thank you so much for helping us both with his training!

    • skye-thumbWe met Harrie through an obedience class held at Best Friends Forever in Park Hill. I think that she still teaches puppy training and socializing classes there. We’ve also done private lessons with her, which were tremendously helpful–both for the one-on-one and also the convenience in scheduling. We have been so impressed with Harrie’s knowledge of and skill with working with dogs. Helping our dog (and us!) build good habits has been amazing. Harrie was also really great at teaching our kids some ways of interacting with Skye so that they know how to work with her, too. Skye participates in their day training program once a week which has been a nice way to keep her obedience skills fresh and give her good playtime with other dogs.

      We have all been so happy to have a dog again even though it seems like so much work sometimes. It has been worth it 🙂

      Amie V.
    • louie-yBEX was instrumental in helping my cattle dog puppy mature. Not only did she help him improve his impulse control, but she also helped me understand what he was learning each day. She has been an amazing resource throughout the puppy-rearing process.

      Erica Y
    • We hired Mindy to train our 4 month old Bernese Mountain Puppy, Koda. The pup was growing exponentially and we knew she’d quickly get out of hand…potentially 130 pounds of bad manners and exuberation. We hadn’t had much luck with trainers in the past…but I liked Mindy immediately and had high hopes for Koda’s training. Turns out we were right- Koda graduated from puppy class early! Berners are typically easy to train, but the poor pup had me working with her and I usually just gave her a brush up on what we learned the week before about an hour before her next class. So I have to give all the credit to Mindy for Koda excelling in her training!

      Amanda Dodds 08/2009
    • Jessie-SweetI cannot thank you enough for the transformation that Aspen and I have gone through. When I adopted her a little over a year ago, Aspen came to me in rough shape. I knew that this would be a challenge, as she is my first dog, but I look forward to challenges when it means helping an animal. She had been returned to the Dumb Friends League multiple times, had spent time as a stray, and had a behavioral warning attached to her. They told me she needed to go to a home forever, no exceptions. I found a sweet, scared dog that had never been given a chance, and I felt overwhelmed after a few months with this 3 year old dog. I didn’t know what to do to improve the behaviors I was seeing, which included aggression and fear. I found Mindy online and decided to give it a chance after not seeing progress with other trainers. All it took was one session for me to realize that I could do this, and Aspen deserved nothing less. Mindy taught me strategies to work on her fear-based aggression and walking with me in general. Other trainers had told me that Aspen would never be able to be around other dogs, and for a while I thought that she may be confined to my house. Mindy quickly showed me that this was not true. With Mindy’s strategies, I was able to get out of the house with Aspen and start working with her. Over six months, Aspen improved so much that she was able to enroll in Day Training with Bex. She has been attending Day Training for about six months, and I cannot believe what has transpired. Aspen has become confident, happy, and willing to socialize with other dogs. It sounds small, but the biggest success indicator for me is her wagging tail. She hardly ever wagged her tail when I first adopted her. Aspen is incredibly smart and obedience was never hard for her, but she has made huge leaps with obedience and this has helped the most with her aggression. This program is a miracle for dogs like Aspen, and she looks forward to it every week. Because of this program, we were able to achieve another long-time goal. I have always had to keep Aspen away from her nemesis, my parent’s Golden Retriever. With Mindy’s guidance, we had a successful meet and greet with the two dogs this past weekend. At one point, this seemed an impossible goal, but we have now achieved it. I know that Aspen’s case was severe, with dog aggression, separation anxiety, fear, and general anxiety about everything. Mindy and Bex have worked with this amazing dog and myself to overcome all of this and do things we never thought were possible. I would encourage other dog owners like myself to not give up and remember that people like Mindy and Bex can be lifesavers for our dogs.

      Jessie Sweet
    • Champ-2Wanted to send a big thank you for all the quality time spent with Champ! He took his first trip to a big boy dog park today(Chatfield) and was a total rock star! I couldn’t have been a prouder papa. He made tons of new friends, was respectful of all the dogs and people there, came when called, practiced many of his other commands, and most importantly had a blast. We played fetch with a tennis ball, walked the park, even ran into a couple of adult Dobermans. And he is already bigger than both… Yikes! I was a little nervous letting him off leash for the first time with so many distractions around but quickly saw that all of our hard work has paid big dividends.

      Several people stopped to say hello and complimented me on what a well mannered and friendly Dobie he is! Very successful day for the Champ. One more time because I cannot say it enough, Thanks!

      Justin and Champ
    • Our one year old goldendoodle Joey and has been going to day training since he was four months old and he’s been working with Bex for the past several months.

      Joey loves Bex and is so excited to see her every Thursday. She works with him on basic commands and impulse control with many distractions.

      He responds well to her. Bex gives us good tips on what to work on at home and writes very entertaining report cards that we look forward to reading!

      We take home a very happy and tired puppy each week.

      Judy and Ken Friednash
    • I can tell each and every time I drop Kiwi and Macie for their day program they are so excited. Macie starts running like a maniac the minute she is allowed off leash. Kiwi doesn’t whine and try to follow me out! He just turned 10. They come home happy and exhausted. They each get a small amount of pumpkin and crash. I take them for a walk about two hours later, feed them dinner and play for about 10 minutes and then they sleep until I wake them in the am. Macie only snores on Day Training nights! I am so relieved Margo and the program will continue. I still feel so lucky I was referred to you through Barrie.

      Margo is awesome!
      Warm Regards,
      Bonnie Wayman -09/15/12
    • We have an adorable, very loving, highly energetic, independent minded, self-determined Welsh terrier, named Theo. Despite many months of going to various dog trainers and training sessions we found ourselves dealing with the same obedience problems…. Then we found Harrie!

      After talking with Harrie over the phone and exchanging emails, we decided to start with in-home, private training. On the first visit Harrie listened to our issues, observed our interaction with Theo and then watched Theo’s interaction and response to commands. After the first session, Harrie gave us tools and resources to begin our training and after a few more sessions, we saw progress that we hadn’t seen before. Thanks to Harries, we finally believed we could have a well behaved dog that followed basic commands such as come, sit, stay, lay, back, and leave it.

      At each training session Harrie came prepared with literature, new techniques, and addressed our concerns as a family and individually. She helped us work through and overcome Theo jumping and pulling relentlessly on my daughters pant legs when playing, helped us teach Theo family hierarchy, slowly desensitizing him to other dogs while on a walk and fence aggression, sit/stay/reward instead of running out the front door, no jumping on people and furniture, and basic socialization skills – how to meet and greet other dogs, and play nicely. No matter the type of obedience needed or the behavior problems, all training is done through positive reinforcement, and reward. Theo now answers to his other name, “Good Boy!”

      To assist with socializing and loose leash walking/fence aggression, we continued Theo’s training with Harrie at Doggy-Day-Training. Here, dogs continue to work on basic obedience skills/ commands but in a social atmosphere with other dogs. Thanks to Harrie, Theo now plays well, and follows basic commands even when he’s surrounded by other dogs. They provide report cards after each doggy-day-training, so you know areas that everyone needs to work on. Theo now has very little fence aggression, can walk around the block without lunging at dogs on the other side, is walking on a loose leash, ‘meets and greets’ other dogs, plays nicely and will walk away when other dogs are tired. He comes (most of the time – he’s still a determined Welsh), doesn’t run out the front door, and follows other basic commands.

      No matter the type of training, if it’s basic obedience such as sit, stay, lay down, or tougher behavioral/obedience needs, Harrie comes highly recommended.

      Alice, Kevin, Theo & Family
    • Bobbie is great! Allie’s is really enjoying the program and I always looked forward to getting her report cards!

      Diane Skoglund – 07/01/12
    • We had Mindy do eight private lessons for our black lab puppy, and she is now the best-trained pup we have ever seen. We feel like Mindy was a huge part of our dog’s success, and would do it again in a heart-beat. I cannot recommend enough a private lesson, especially if your dog is well-socialized already with day care,etc. You get a ton of one-on-one attention that is personalized to your dog.
      Could not recommend Mindy more highly!

      Steve Sherrick – 03/2010
    • I want to thank Margo & Harrie for taking such good care of Ms. Maxine for the last 10 weeks.
      She loves day training and so do I.

      Teri Devlin – 09/08/12
    • My husband and I met Harrie in January of 2011. We had just adopted our 6 month old puppy, Sydney, and, even though we both grew up with dogs in our family when we were little, Sydney was our first dog to raise and care for on our own, Harrie was our instructor for Level 1 (the basics!) and she was extremely knowledgeable, understanding, and patient…not only with the pups, but also with the owners! She not only helped during class, but we felt comfortable emailing and calling her when something came up we didn’t understand about our dog (ie: Why is she eating grass?). We moved on to take Level 2 with Harrie in April of 2011, and she again was helpful, encouraging, and just enjoyable to work with. We now board Sydney with Harrie at her home, and feel most comfortable with our pup being in her hands. We know she’s safe, well-taken care of, and happy!

    • Thank you so very much for the training! Chelsea loves Bobbie so much that when she sees her, all she wants to do is give her a hug 🙂 Chelsea is a completely different doggie from even just a month ago… Much easier to handle and now even my 85-yr Mum can take her for a walk 🙂 Most of all, she’s much happier around other dogs and people, and almost completely over her fears as a stray.

      David Shaw – 08/23/12
    • When I brought Maxine home, I was prepared for a challenge, but I had no idea how challenging she would be! In retrospect I would say she was a feral dog. Within one day she was already biting me to get attention. She bit my arms, hands, pant legs, sleeves and anywhere else she could reach. Her biting did not seem malicious, but rather a way to get attention and control the situation. She quickly established herself as the “Alpha” in her new home despite my best efforts to convince her otherwise.

      Maxine terrorized my two cats that had to be kept closed off in a bedroom for their own protection. She regarded the kitty litter box as a cookie jar and helped herself whenever she pleased. She could not be walked because she would lunge at any person or animal that came near her. She chewed up everything she could get her teeth on. She claimed “my” spot on the couch and nudged me off whenever I sat down. She jumped up on the dining room table and kitchen counter in search of food.

      I contacted a few trainers before hiring Mindy Jarvis from Noble Beast Pet Services. I fully credit Mindy with teaching me the skills I need to keep Maxine in my home. When I contacted Mindy I let her know that my main goal was to get Maxine to stop biting. If we accomplished anything else that would just be icing on the cake. Mindy gave me hope in our first conversation. She encouraged me to provide a list of problem behaviors that I wanted to resolve with Maxine. Mindy thoroughly evaluated us in each of the problem areas and then wrote a Treatment Plan tailored to fit my lifestyle and desired outcome with Maxine. As a result of careful analysis and observation, Mindy identified Maxine’s underlying problems that we would focus most of our attention on and she also provided detailed instructions for changing each problem behavior. The treatment plan is both highly effective and convenient to incorporate into our daily lives. Positive change has been swift and continual with Maxine.

      Mindy has been incredibly supportive as we have worked as a team to implement Maxine’s behavior plan. Mindy meets with us one-on-one on a weekly basis to ensure progress is occurring and to make adjustments to the treatment plan as needed. Mindy has made herself available throughout our training to answer questions and provide ongoing encouragement. Maxine has progressed from running my life to enhancing my life in so many ways. Mindy is a truly gifted trainer and dog behaviorist. She not only knows her stuff but truly enjoys her work. I highly recommend Mindy to anyone who has a dog that could use some training. Thank you Mindy!!

      Teri D. (and her rescued mixed breed, Maxine) – 01/16/2010
    • I would recommend everyone to Margo! She provided my mother and I with useful and easy to remember training concepts that we could use daily! She was thoughtful, patient, flexible, and always willing to help and answers our questions or address our concerns. What and how she taught us was invaluable!

      Sandra Prostrollo – 09/18/12
    • I loved reading BEX’ daily summaries and seeing how well Dixie did as well as what she needed to work on. And she came home exhausted so I knew she had a great combination of play time/dog interaction & obedience training. I occasionally logged onto the Doggie Cam and was always happy with what I saw – whether it was training or playtime. I practiced the commands they worked on at home and Dixie definitely improved significantly. My main goal with having Dixie join the day training class was to continue learning the tricks we learned in the previous obedience classes her & I did together…and I really liked the added distraction of other dogs that day training has. Also, when I first started day training she was at the “teenage” stage where she wanted to rebel and pretend she forgot all her commands so it helped having her go to this class during this stage so th““““““““““““qqq“`qqqqqq““““` (that was Dixie typing with her nose). Anyways, it helped keep the commands fresh and BEX taught her a few things I haven’t been good at teaching (like “leave it”
      – which I can tell from her reports I need to keep working on) 🙂 Overall, I’ve been very happy with her experience training with BEX. I may be back. But for now, I think she’s in a great place to continue the training at home.

      Thank you so much!!!
      Pam & Dixie
    • Harrie has been instrumental in helping us work with, train and adjust to our Vizsla puppy, Badger. We adopted Badger at 8 weeks old and started working with Harrie on day 2 to make sure Badger learned how to socialize with both other people and other dogs. We had not previously raised a puppy and Harrie gave us all the tools we needed to adjust and learn to work with Badger and his high energy. Badger spent a couple of months in puppy socialization classes and is successfully working through obedience classes. Badger is now 6 months old and is doing fantastic. Badger is a well behaved puppy and knows how to interact appropriately with people, children and other animals. We regularly receive comments on how well behaved Badger is and all the kids in the neighborhood love playing with him. Most importantly Harrie gave us the tools to know how to use positive training techniques to get the most out of Badger and to truly enjoy
      his puppy years.

      Sumaya & Matt Vanderhorst – 10/2012
    • Casey works closely with the clients and employees at VCA Mountainview, and is a welcomed addition to our family!! We have extremely high standards when it comes to the quality of customer service we offer to our 4-legged clients and their owners, and Casey delivers! Casey is an extremely knowledgeable dog trainer and she is equally gifted when training the pet owners! Casey has the ability to effectively determine and communicate the individual training need(s) of each pet, without making it complicated for the owners. Personally, I am very grateful for the many “A-ha” moments I have had thanks to Casey Dougherty’s dog training expertise!! I can speak for everyone at Mountainview when I say that Casey is great at what she does, and instills confidence in the pet and their owners!

      Millie Darnell – 09/20/12
      Hospital Manager
      VCA Mountainview Animal Hospital & Pet Lodge
    • We rescued a hurricane Katrina pit-bull named Lucy. We thought she may have had aggression issues with other dogs due to the baiting and abuse issue. We were at a loss until we found Mindy. She trained us and Lucy last summer, and now Lucy goes to the Dog Park and plays very well we have no issues at all. She trained both us, to make us both realize that I had no trust for Lucy and she had very little trust with us. Mindy saved us and Lucy by working with us constantly and keeping in touch with us to make sure no other issues arise. She still checks in with us frequently to make sure all is ok. She is wonderful person, and trainer. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my dogs.

      Leslie Stokes – 01/30/2011
    • Our dog Skye has learned so much from her time with Harrie. In many settings: obedience class, day training, and boarding with her, Harrie’s demeanor has helped Skye learn good behaviors. Her consistency and wide knowledge of strategies have helped us guide Skye from being an unfocused, energetic, barking bundle to the well-behaved (still energetic) companion that she is now. Harrie’s expert guidance and patience have taught us invaluable skills for understanding our dog and communicating with her. We are grateful for the positive environments she has created to help our dog interact in group settings. She has a knack for being positive, firm, and straightforward, which helps put the dogs and the owners at ease. When our dog boards with Harrie, we know that she is receiving high quality care—all of Harrie’s interactions with her reinforce Skye’s good behaviors and show Harrie’s passion for dogs and commitment to them.

    • I’ve taken my Danes to the 6th Annual Dane 5K fun Walk & Run for the past six years. Last year Pika attended Unfortunately, Pika had to be on leash the entire time because she was soooo out of control. BUT this year my girl will strut her stuff off leash with the rest of the Danes….thanks to Noble Beast!. I am so excited for her.

      Leslie Elrod – 09/13/12
    • Sammy has done really well in class and I love taking him. I think you guys have a great program and you were highly recommended to me and I also recommended you to others!

      Kelly Snauko – 05/03/12
    • Our (American) Black Lab puppy, Penny, was removed from her mother at the rescue at a very young age. Too soon to have had a chance to learn all the proper behaviors her mother would have taught her. We needed
      someone to help with that and can’t tell you how grateful we are to have found Noble Beast Dog Training. In the last six months with Bex, Penny (even as a Black Lab puppy with an enormous amount of energy) has become
      a gentle, well-adjusted and wonderful member of our family. Bex’s knowledge, creativity, patience and caring have all contributed to helping Penny become who she is and have helped us to understand her much more. Mindy and Bex not only helped Penny but have added to our knowledge as well and our lives are much better for it. Penny absolutely LOVES you two. Thank you!

      Craig and Diane J.
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