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Meet the Noble Beast Certified Trainers and Staff

  • Mindy Jarvis

    ABC-CPDT & CGC Evaluator – Owner/Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Ever since Mindy was a little girl competing in 4-H for Horsemanship and Dog Handling, it was evident to family and friends that she had a unique and special relationship with animals, especially with dogs. As a matter of fact, there was never a time when she did not have a dog in her life. Mindy took her first obedience class with her Newfoundland Tina when she was 7 years old, and throughout life she continued to train all her dogs, not because she felt it was necessary (as necessary as it is), but because she loved connecting with her dogs. Mindy has continually educated herself by reading books and attending seminars held by renowned national trainers such as Brenda Aloff, Jean Donaldson, and Patricia McConnell. She started training dogs for friends and family by word of mouth, for folks as a part-time job or hobby. While doing dog training part time, she was also a CEO of a mortgage lending company. In her 12+ year mortgage career, she found that she also had a gift for working with people. Mindy prides herself with the fact that she is able to relate to all sorts of people, regardless of their different backgrounds and personalities. After a debilitating intestinal disease causing her to be unable to work for over seven months she and her husband simply could not afford to keep their home and lost everything. It was at that time that she looked in the mirror and decided that she had to do something that was good for her soul. That something was working with dogs. She immediately enrolled in Animal Behavior College, graduated with honors, and became a Certified Pet Dog Trainer! By founding Noble Beast Dog Training, Mindy combined her dog training knowledge and experience with her people skills to start a company that would improve the human/pet relationship. She aims to professionally develop and offer continuing education for her trainers, understanding that they are the key in helping as many people as possible. Her trainers utilize Positive Reinforcement techniques to help insure her clients have successful relationships with their pups, facilitating forever homes for our beloved friends! Mindy and her experienced staff of star trainers welcome you to join the Noble Beast Family in making a difference in both you and your dog’s lives!

    Harrie Kukowski

    ABC-CPDT/Training Manager/Day Trainer/Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Harrie discovered her passion for training, and the means to gain a better understanding of her four-footed friends, after enrolling her newly adopted dog Torrey in training. She decided to pursue that passion and enrolled in Animal Behavior College to study both canine training and general veterinary care, earning certifications in both. Harrie did her externship with Noble Beast under the mentorship of Mindy Jarvis, while volunteering at a local shelter. Harrie also began honing her basic training skills in a big box pet supply store but found that what she really loved was learning about and working with different behaviors. After completing her externship, she continued working with Mindy in her Day Training program, providing individual and group training for dogs who were often socially challenged and for parents who wanted more personalized training. She successfully taught private and group classes as well. After earning her certification as a Victoria Stilwell Positive Trainer, she began teaching and further honing her skills with Mindy doing private lessons, classes, as well as Day Training. Harrie is passionate about teaching and helping others understand the benefits of positive training methods in building a relationship with their canine companions. She is proud to be a member of the Noble Beast family and continuing to work in the field she loves. Harrie is a member of the Colorado Dog Trainer Network and the Animal Behavior College Alumni, and will soon become a Canine Good Citizen evaluator. She currently lives in Denver with her two rescue girls -Torrey, her 4 ½ yr. Lab/Blue Heeler mix and Sara, her 5 ½ yr. Border Collie mix.

    Bex Smith

    Training Manager/Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    To Bex there is nothing more rewarding than being able to communicate with your dog. Communication is the key to any healthy relationship and her main goal is to help people develop strong, lasting relationships with their furry companions. Bex started on the path towards dog training when she got a puppy while living in New York City. In the big city she saw so many untrained dogs and struggling owners. She was determined to learn everything she could so she could turn her puppy into a well adjusted dog. Bex immediately started to educate herself by reading as many books and attending seminars by well respected dog experts like Jean Donaldson, Karen Pryor, Patricia McConnell, Ian Dunbar, Kathy Sdao, and Pat Miller. Bex started her doggie career as a dog walker for high end clients in lower Manhattan. Walking around the city taught her a lot about urban dog culture, and it was there that she decided to focus on training. In March 2011 Bex and her husband moved to Denver in order to enjoy the fantastic dog culture and for Bex to pursue a career in dog training. She worked at a small grooming shop where she managed the retail side, assisted the groomers, and organized several adoption events. She then moved on to a big box dog supply store where she became an Certified Trainer teaching basic manners & obedience classes, as well as advising customers about a multitude of dog training products. At the same time Bex joined the Colorado Dog Trainers Network where she learned of a great opportunity to work with Mindy Jarvis. There she accepted the position of Day Trainer, a training position where she help dogs not only learn obedience in a group environment, but also teach them how to respect boundaries, and mind their manners with other dogs and people. She has worked with multiple dogs to improve their overall obedience and learn effective social skills. In addition, she also taught puppy socialization classes and Good Behavior & Manners classes. She absolutely loves seeing the joy on owners’ faces when they see their dogs learning and problem solving. The one thing Bex wants all dog owners to know is that training should be FUN! If it’s not fun, you’re doing something wrong! 🙂

    Calisse Basada

    ABC-CPDT/Training Manager /Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Calisse discovered her passion for training when she was only 12 years old while working with her mother’s parrot club.  Every year the club received many unwanted parrots, but with the commitment and help from Calisse and others in the club, all of the unwanted, aggressive, and ill parrots regained their status as a happy loving pets and are now thriving in wonderful homes. Through her experience training parrots she began using clicker training and positive reinforcement training to help her grandparents train their show dogs, as well as introduce a few to agility. In 2009 Calisse graduated from Animal Behavior College with a certification in dog training. Shortly after earning her first certification she decided to move away from home in search of more in depth training experiences.  When she arrived in Colorado her first stop was at Petco where she earned three more certifications; one in dog training, one in nutrition, and one in grooming. With a desire to become more than a simple pet store dog trainer, she joined the Noble Beast Dog Training Team where she could gain experience in multi-dog training and social skills, as well as continue with group and private training without corporate restrictions on public education. In addition to having great experience in working with and teaching the general public how to train not only their dogs, but really any pet they have, she is also a Mentor Trainer for Animal Behavior College teaching up and coming trainers how to be trainers!  Calisse’s passion for continuing her own education and teaching the public about pet training, pet care, and pet behavior is unbridled and continues to grow every day. In her free time she runs an exotic pet rescue and does educational shows featuring the pets that she rescues. When she is not working with animals Calisse is putting her fine arts degree to use in creating pet portraits and still life paintings. Noble Beast is honored to have Calisse as a Noble Beast Dog Trainer!

    Kat Price

    Training Manager /Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Kat Price has had a passion for dogs since she was a toddler. Betsy, a Brittany spaniel and hunting dog, actually helped Kat learn to walk by allowing Kat to hold on to her as they both moved around. Her father was a huge influence on Kat and her training methods because even though most hunters taught their dogs through punishment based training methods, her father taught Betsy with positive reinforcement and marker training. Kat’s family always had dogs and she was front and center when it came to training the pups in her family, and with the direction of her father, Kat developed a natural inclination towards using positive training methods at very young age understanding that a well-trained dog comes from a mutually respectful relationship, not from force and punishment.

    In 2007, Kat moved to Denver and worked part time as a dog walker while going to school for an Art History degree. Although Kat has a love for Art History and always will, the dogs in her life took precedence. After she got her BA in Art History, Kat decided to get a job working with dogs full time at a doggie daycare for two years. In this capacity she took every opportunity to learn and understand dogs on a social level, fine tuning her skills in reading dog body language, dog vocalization, and how to help them be the best they could be in social groups. What she also learned was how challenged the relationships were between people and their dogs, which then led her in the direction of becoming a professional trainer so she could help dogs and people better communicate with each other.

    Although the dogs at the day care were great teachers, they all had homes. Kat felt she needed to help under privileged dogs so got a job at a local shelter, and this is where she found her passion. Kat is an avid foster parent as well as a volunteer at a few shelters in the Denver area. While working at the shelter she got accepted into the Rocky Mountain Regional Dog Training Academy and graduated in 2014, she has also been accepted into the Karen Pryor Academy, for which she is currently attending.

    Kat prides herself in having an unbridled enthusiasm for learning anything and everything related to dogs. She is especially partial to shelter dogs, fostering dogs with medical needs, and the fearful pups who really need a gentle person to help guide them to confidence. As a matter of fact, since becoming a core trainer at Noble Beast, a good number of dogs she worked with at the day care and shelters have made their way into her classes as she continues to help them learn to be the best pup they can be! Kat loves how her dog career has come full circle. All her experiences has helped her become not only a better trainer, but also a better person. Kat loves how she is helping dogs and their people better connect and believes there is no better job on earth than helping pet owners understand their fur babies better!

    Monica Jacques

    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Monica’s life has gone to the dogs! Born and raised in Denver, CO she attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where she studied Molecular Biology and Spanish Language & Literature with every intention of someday becoming a doctor. After realizing that even the most carefully thought out plans have a way of falling apart without warning, Monica shifted gears and began a successful career in Information Technology. She welcomed a highly reactive Papillion / Poodle puppy into her life in 2012 and after being told to use a prong collar on her 8 pound puppy she took matters into her own hands and started educating herself on all things related to positive reinforcement training. What started as a desire to help her own dog has grown into a passion for force-free, science-based training and behavior modification.

    Whether you think of your dog as a faithful companion or a kindred spirit one thing is for certain – dogs are a constant source of love, affection, laughter and entertainment. It’s because of this that Monica believes in building a relationship with your pup that is based on mutual respect and trust. She understands what it is like to have a problem pet (or two or three!) and feels that there is nothing more rewarding than being able to help misunderstood pets and their frustrated human companions. Her goal is to provide pet parents with the necessary tools and education to manage behavior so that they can care for, appreciate and enjoy time with their 4-legged, faithful friends in the most stress-free way possible!

    Monica shares her home with her 3 reactive dogs: Rainbow (pappy-poo), Wednesday (Pomeranian) and Metallica (Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix). In her spare time you can find her chasing imaginary monsters in the backyard bushes with her 3 dogs.

    Lynn Maedel

    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Lynn has loved dogs from the time she was a small child, in fact she loves pretty much all animals!  Lynn remembers the D book within the set of encyclopedias her family had, automatically fell open to the pictures of all the dogs when taken from the bookshelf.  She has owned and successfully trained 2 dogs and 2 horses, and reflects on these experiences as having enriched her life tremendously.  After 40 years working in the field of medical laboratory science and retiring from teaching hematology, the study of blood cells and diseases of the blood, Lynn decided to follow her heart and lifelong passion of working with dogs.  Training dogs and their owners seemed like the right path to pursue since most of her career involved teaching.  Lynn is starting with simple basic obedience and manners training as she feels she has much to learn about behavior training through positive reinforcement methods, but is extremely excited about her opportunity with Noble Beast Dog Training and fully knows this second career will fulfill many of her dreams and allow her to contribute to society in wonderful ways.  Watching dogs and their human parents open up the doors of communication, allowing them to learn and create that special bond of trust, respect, and love is something that simply makes her own heart flutter!

    Pam DeSantis

    CCDT/CCMT – Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Pam is a Colorado native who has always loved being around dogs. Her dad would always tell her, “You sure have a way with dogs!”  Even though Pam’s life path did not lead her immediately into the dog world, she stayed continuously active doing volunteer work at the local humane society, helping dogs in shelters for many, many years. In 2008 she obtained a certificate in canine massage therapy, where she was able to further help the dogs in shelters, but it just was not enough for her.  Shortly after that Pam decided that she needed to find a career that not only involved working with dogs on a level that would allow her to incorporate her love and natural connection with dogs, but also put her skills to work to help owners have the best relationships they could with their pups as well.  She enrolled in and graduated with honors from the Animal Behavior College as a certified dog trainer, then was fortunate enough to find Noble Beast Dog Training!  Pam currently has two dogs of her own – both rescues.  A Newfoundland/Golden Retriever mix named Jamie and a Cattle Dog mix named Emma, who helped her get certified as a dog trainer by assisting her in the externship portion of the college course.

    Alison Grove

    ABC-CPDT / Obedience Trainer / Behavior Consultant

    Alison has always had a passion for animals. She originally discovered this during her time in Girl Scouts. Beginning at age nine, she had ambitions of becoming a veterinarian but decided that wasn’t the career for her. Instead she decided to volunteer at a local humane society to work with the residents in need. After working with dogs at the shelter she concluded that obedience instruction was inherently significant in the adoptability of dogs needing a forever home. After graduating from college she decided to change careers from finance to obedience instruction in order to pursue a more fulfilling life. In 2015 she attended Animal Behavior College, and during her externship she had the pleasure of working with Calisse Basada who introduced her to the Noble Beast family. Alison finds facilitating communication between dogs and their parents very beneficial and rewarding, and she currently lives in Broomfield with her boyfriend Adrian and their German Shepard, named Charlie. Alison plans on adding more dogs to her family when space allows, hopefully an Irish wolfhound and a Doberman! But that is currently a little ambitious. Alison primarily encourages and enforces positive reinforcement to maintain a healthy relationship between dogs and their families.

    Mary Blanton

    Obedience Trainer / Behavior Consultant / CGC Evaluator

    Professional dog trainer, Mary Blanton, is a certified Canine Good Citizen

    Evaluator, and belongs to the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, as well as the Pet Professional Guild. She regularly attends workshops, seminars and conferences, keeping her abreast of the latest research on canine behavior.  She uses her many years of dog training education and experience to help dogs  and their owners better understand each other, and thus live more fully together.  Mary has been working with dogs professionally for over 20 years as a dog trainer, and has been a volunteer dog trainer at the Denver Dumb Friends League, where she used clicker training (marker) to teach people to get their new dog adoptions off to a great start.  Mary has two dogs of her own. Max is a beautiful Standard Poodle whom she does Freestyle Dance, and Dock Diving with.  Smokey, is her rescued MinPin Dachshund mix pup, who weighs all of 10 lbs., and loves to cuddle and play fetch.  Mary thoroughly enjoys working with dogs, big or small.



    Cierra Kirk

    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Animals of all varieties have fascinated Cierra from an early age – from goldfish to reptiles, hermit crabs to chinchillas, dogs and cats to horses and goats. Cierra is a Colorado native who has a deep passion for animals of all kind! From volunteering at animal shelters to periodically fostering dogs with her Aunt, Cierra found her passion in helping dogs.

    Cierra continued down the canine path by working at a doggy daycare for a few year, but realized she wanted more one on one time with the dogs and the ability to help their humans better understand them, at which point she pursued a career in dog training and is so honored to be a part of the amazing Noble Beast Dog Training team.

    Cierra comes home each day to her 145 pound St. Pyrenees mix named Guinness! He is her absolute best friend, if he wasn’t so huge, she would take him everywhere with her! They partake in activities such as hiking, running, and taking frequent trips to the dog park.

    Cierra strongly believes in the importance of training your dog and educating yourself so that the process of raising your dog will be fun and rewarding! Building a connection with your dog is one of the most amazing experiences you will have! Cierra is so excited and eager to move forward with her career in training dogs! She goes by a specific quote that she carries everywhere with her, “animals are here with us, not for us”.

    Mehak Greenberg

    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Mehak has always been an animal lover but wasn’t allowed to have a dog growing up.  When she moved into her first house in California, she and her husband adopted their first dog within a month of moving in, before even buying any furniture.  They had their priorities straight!  A year later, they rescued their second dog.  She cannot imagine a life without them.  She is thankful for how much her dogs have taught her and indirectly encouraged her to learn more about.  Mehak believes that they are the ones who have steered her in the direction of working with dogs, even though it took a few years to realize.  

    Mehak graduated with a Bachelors in Information Technology and then a Masters in Computer Science while working full time as a Software Engineer.  In her many years working in her successful career in the software field, she felt like something was missing.  She took a year to travel with her husband and dogs around the country.  On her travels, she volunteered with several organizations and animal rescue organizations while she decided what was next.  She kept getting drawn back to dedicating her life to working with dogs.  Mehak ultimately decided to settle down in Colorado and start a modest pet sitting and dog walking business.  She has learned a lot about group dynamics, play styles, respecting boundaries and compassion on the job.  She has also been self-educating herself on animal learning and behavior by interning with a professional dog trainer in her area, attending her first APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers) conference, reading several books, watching videos and attending seminars on humane dog training methods by well-renowned dog professionals such as Patricia McConnell, Suzanne Clothier, Karen Pryor and Ian Dunbar.  Mehak is a member of APDT and the Colorado Dog Trainers Network.

    She is so grateful to have met Mindy and have been given this great opportunity to become part of the Noble Beast Dog Training Team and pursue her new career in dog training.  Mehak looks forward to helping families attain the best relationship they can have with their dogs – a relationship built on mutual respect and trust, and in bringing joy to each other’s lives.

    Elly Beyer

    ABC-CPDT/ Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Elly has always been compassionate about animals, dogs especially. Growing up on a farm in Iowa, they always had dogs. Along with chickens, ducks, cats, snakes, rats, and spiders. Elly’s first dog, Dozer, was a St. Bernard lab mix. Dozer was a rescue who had been abused and malnourished. After seeing him open when he became part of the family, she understood then that all dogs are special beings and have nothing but love to give. Her animal career started when she began working at a doggie daycare at age 20, back in Iowa. It was then she knew her path! She then began Animal Behavior College. Completing their program for basic obedience she become a certified dog trainer. Since then she has worked in a couple doggy daycares, studying canine social behavior, play and falling more in love with dogs. Also, working on her own as a dog trainer for friends and family. Delilah is Elly’s delightful Rottweiler. Best friends that spend every moment they can together. Going to work, snuggling up at the end of the day, hiking or a pleasant stroll in the neighborhood, working on their parlor tricks. Life just wouldn’t be right if Elly didn’t have her sassy shadow everywhere she went. Elly has done some work with grooming as well! Basic cuts and nail trimmings, she finds it peaceful. Working on keeping the animals clam, she had to find out how to calm herself. She’s done work with basic to advanced obedience, beginning agility, she would like to further her studies in aggressive and fearful dogs.

    Milo Clark

    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Milo never imagined becoming a dog trainer. She didn’t grow up with dogs, and she didn’t get her first dog until she was 21 when she rescued an elderly Chihuahua named Spunky. When the dog presented undesirable behaviors, Milo followed the advice of the only professional dog trainer she encountered: Cesar Milan. When Milo attempted a prescribed “alpha roll” on little Spunky, the dog was terrified, and it took Milo months to rebuild the trust required to be able to hold and groom the poor girl. After that experience, she decided that she would never use force on a dog again. From there, Milo experimented with reward-based training with her tiny dog until Spunky’s death a few years later. When she passed, Milo did not expect to get another dog, or do any more training.

    When offered an unexpected opportunity to train dogs through Petco a few years later, Milo jumped at the chance. Little did she know, when she learned how to communicate with dogs effectively, she would feel compelled to keep building her skills. Helping people understand their dogs better became her favorite thing to do, and the idea of pursuing any other career fell by the wayside. Even when not working with clients, she kept studying and practicing.

    She trained over 300 dogs in the last two years using force free training methods, fostered a reactive basenji mix so he could easily find his forever home, and expanded her research and knowledge on her own time by attending seminars and reading scientific studies. In the process, she discovered that she has a special passion for energetic working dogs, and the high intensity sports that they excel in. She is raising her first dog from puppyhood, a Bluetick Coonhound named Malcolm, and together they are training in obedience, nose work and tracking, and protection sports like IPO. Milo’s goal as a dog trainer is to promote relationship forward, force free dog training, especially as applied to working and sporting dogs who are still frequently subjected to harsh and coercive methods.

    Now Milo has expanded her dog training experience to running the Noble Beast’s North Denver location hosting the one of a kind Group Day Training Program for the dogs at that location and excited to be a part of this amazing dog training team! She is also the Canine Good Citizen instructor for Noble Beast and she plans to become a CGC Evaluator in 2019!

    Barb Schultheis

    Obedience Trainer / Behavior Consultant

    After a successful career as a middle school English teacher, Barb finally found her true calling as a dog trainer. Much of her interaction with dogs in training, as well as people, has been shaped by her background in the field of Education. “I was a middle school teacher for about 14 years.” Having a BA in Psychology, was key to her understanding of the science behind positive reinforcement dog training, including Classical Conditioning and Behaviorism. In addition, having an MA in Curriculum and Instruction, has greatly enhanced her ability to conduct group and private dog training classes.

    For Barb, dog training is not as much about the money, but more about helping dogs find forever homes, and leading loving productive lives with humans who love, understand, and successfully care for their needs. She adopted two rescue dogs, a Vizsla mix, named Cooper, and a Pitbull named Samantha, who have both thrived in her loving, structured home. Her main objective as a dog trainer is to help keep as many dogs in caring homes as possible! She has worked in dog daycare as well as dog training, and is quite used to working in challenging, and strenuous positions with various dog sizes and temperaments. Because much of canine training is centered around human training, Barb is very comfortable working with and around both adults and children, as well as dogs! She has worked in retail at both PetSmart and Petco as a dog trainer, and has trained many people along with their canine companions.

    Barb has been with and in love with animals, especially dogs, since she was a young girl. Growing up in a small row home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, her love of animals began when Mom and Dad surprisingly bought home two baby green iguanas. Who would have thought in the middle of Philadelphia, there was a tiny row home with exotic reptiles in a dining room? They had “Billy Green” and “Jimmy Green” for many years and eventually gave them to the Philadelphia Zoo, when they grew gigantic! Next came Schnitzel, a cute, standard Dachshund puppy! That spirited little “doxie” was the beginning of a lifelong love, respect, and appreciation for canines! 

    Barb is super excited to join the Noble Beast Dog Training Team and share her passion and talent with the Noble Beast Clients!

    Tyler Parsons

    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    My name is Tyler Parsons. I am a recent transplant to Colorado from Kansas and have lived in the area for almost 2 years. While growing up, I lived in a house with four German Shepherd dogs which I helped to train as cadaver dogs. Currently, I live with my wife and two dogs, a lab/shepherd mix named Karma and a miniature schnauzer named Stasia. While in Kansas, I was the lead trainer for the Kansas Humane Society where I would lead classes such as puppy and basic manners. During my time I also assisted with reactive dog classes and was a Canine Good Citizen evaluator. After working for the Kansas Humane Society, I was the owner and lead trainer of Outside the Box Pet Solutions. I provided services such as private consultations and worked to find unique solutions for individuals who live with disabilities to be able to build bonds with their pets. Since moving to Colorado, I have worked as an adoption counselor at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley and have also volunteered with their behavior team. I look forward to working with your whole family to help bridge the gap between family and pet.



    Elisheba Fay

    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Elisheba has been training, playing with, and studying dogs for over 20 years. She started out raising Guide Dog puppies when she was only 14, and went on to train service dogs, therapy dogs, pets, and sport dogs (obedience, rally, agility, and more!) She’s also trained other animals including parrots and even cats using the same force-free methods used for dogs. Her favorite work involves helping animals learn healthy coping skills for handling fear and excitement and helping humans learn to deeply connect with and honor the animals in their lives.

    Elisheba is fascinated with the science of animal behavior and strives to stay on top of the latest studies that shed light on how we can nurture better partnerships with our animals. She’s currently completing a second degree focusing on the biology and neuroscience of cognition and behavior in animals. Most recently she studied the effects of environmental enrichment on the brain, learning ability, and behavior of animals, particularly cats.

    Elisheba also taught children and youth with severe emotional and behavioral disorders for over 10 years, which has helped her develop skills for listening to and working with people facing a variety of challenges and opportunities.

    Currently, Elisheba shares her life and her home with four dogs and three cats. They stay busy doing sports (mainly agility, but they dabble in lure coursing, rally, obedience, herding, nosework, and general mayhem!)

    Keecia Reid

    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Keecia has loved all animals since birth and has had animals in her life since she can remember.  Keecia has had a few diverse careers, from cosmetology to production supervisor for a major snack food corporation, but after receiving a life changing diagnosis, Keecia felt that life is too short to not spend every day doing what you love – which for Keecia is training dogs!  She is highly passionate about dog training, dog behavior and coaching pet parents on the training their dogs and how to better communicate and understand their furry best friends, as well as how to incorporate what they have learned into their everyday lives ensuring a lifelong bond. 

    Keecia is a fierce Pitbull and Bully Breed advocate and has filled her life and home with bully breeds for over 20 years.  Keecia currently shares her home with Azi (blue and white pitty) who is 2 years old and Diesel who is an 8-month-old American Bully who is a typical teenage boy of course.  Keecia also rescues any and all dogs and once a miniature horse she found running down the street. 

    When Keecia is not dog training, she enjoys volunteering at one of the local animal shelters and has also started hospice pet sitting for owners that have a pet with a serious diagnosis, but still have to go to work.  While they are at work Keecia visits their furry best friend and feeds, administers medications or just hangs out and keeps these sweet and needy pets company. 

    Keecia is excited to be a part of the Noble Beast Dog Training Team and can’t wait to work with our amazing clientele!

    Faith Bococz

    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Faith discovered her love of dogs at a young age, but never had a dog of her own.  She helped rescue a few dogs here and there but in 2012 she met a puppy named Bubba. He was tiny, terrified, and needed a home. Despite not having planned on getting a dog any time soon, she knew she had to take this dog. And so, she did, not knowing he would save and change her life forever. Six years later she has dedicated her life to saving unwanted, abused and neglected dogs. She has adopted two more dogs along the way, both in danger of being euthanized for one reason or another. After working and living full time on a rescue ranch for two years she realized dog training was the best tool she could have to help keep dogs in their homes and out of shelters. 

    Faith attended both Colorado State University and Front Range Community College from 2009 to 20012 but could never nail down what she wanted to do with her life. After leaving school she met the dog that changed her life and started getting involved in the rescue world. After one of the dogs she adopted attacked Bubba she started looking into different dog training methods. This is how she found out about positive reinforcement and began using it. She met some amazing people through that which eventually led her to apply to work at Noble Beast Dog Training. Her experience in the rescue world, taking care of 25+ dogs all by herself at any given time, gave her a lot of training experience. That along with self-study and her personal experiences have shaped her into the trainer she is today. She is honored to be a part of the Beastie team and can not wait to see where this new journey takes her and how many dogs she can help along the way! 

    Kat Salcedo

    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Kat has had a strong passion for dogs since she was a little girl.  Before she could read, all she wanted was books with pictures of dogs; her parents eventually bought her a breed encyclopedia.  To this day, Kat wants to talk all about dogs all of the time, driving friends and loved ones a bit nuts with it all, but she has owned dogs her entire life and has worked really hard training them all.  She just never thought it was viable as a career.

    Her love of dogs was reinforced on a whole new level when she adopted a stray from rural TX with severe anxiety and named him Kyle. She studied all she could by herself to help her new four-legged family member. With the help of books, podcasts, videos, and her own passion, she helped build up Kyle’s confidence and now he’s a wonderful little member of society. He loves meeting new people and hiking in unfamiliar places with her.

    After visiting Denver, she loved how dog-forward (not just dog-friendly) Denver is and fell in love with the mountains! She decided to leave her corporate job in NYC and pursue her dreams of working with dogs. She started dog handling and dog walking, and has been able to hone in her instincts at understanding dog body language and behavior. Kat’s mission is to not only help dogs cope with their new environments, but to teach dog owners how to communicate with their friend and is so excited to be a part of such an amazing dog training team!

    Jack Carlton

    ABC-CPDT – Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    My name is Jack Carlton. I was born and raised in a south Chicago suburb called Orland Park and have been around dogs and animals my entire life!  My grandparents were farmers and horse trainers, so you could say training animals is in my blood. I learned a lot working with horses and goats on their farm, which transferred very easily for me over to dogs – and knew I wanted to work with dogs at a very young age.  As a matter of fact, there has never been a time in my life I have been dog-less!   In my spare time, I volunteer at the Humane Society, where I work with dogs to make them more adoptable.  I work on basic manners and obedience, but often these dogs have had rough beginnings, so I have helped a lot of fearful and anxious dogs become adoptable as well!  Recently, I graduated with honors from Animal Behavior College.  My Mentor Trainer for the program was a Noble Beast Senior Dog Trainer, which led me to secure a great home with Noble Beast Dog Training.  I am so excited to be a part of this team and look forward to developing great relationships with our clients and their dogs!  I ADORE what I do for a living and my goal as a Certified Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant is to help our clients learn how to better communicate and understand their four-legged friends – which will secure a lifelong happy home for our fur friends!

    Sara Murgulies

    KPA-CPDT – Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Sara first found her love for training and behavior in her childhood dog. Cody, a rescued German shepherd-border collie mix, was completely shut down, poorly socialized, and very likely abused in his prior home. He was found as a stray and had no trust of people at all. Sara delighted in taking the time to earn Cody’s trust and teaching him how to reintegrate into human society. This turned into a college carrier, studying Animal and Equine health and behavior. After working with horses for a few years, Sara decided to return to the canine world. She first joined a doggie daycare service up in Fort Collins and learned about group behavior for 2 years as a daycare attendant. She decided the next step was to learn about training and joined Karen Pryor Academy. She loves staying up to date on the science of dog training and takes joy in teaching people that training is simply learning to better communicate and live in harmony with our furry family members. She now has three wonderful dogs Rei (below), Peeko, and Turtle and is excited to be a part of the Noble Beast Dog Training Team!

    Gem Aragon

    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    I discovered my passion for dog training after bringing home my heart dog, Bones, a CKC Spaniel, who was in training as a service dog.  For six months we worked with a local service dog training company but I found myself dissatisfied with their training and decided to finish Bones’ training myself – and I have to say, we have found great success!

    Bones retired from public access after a year and a half of training for a variety of reasons, but he gave me the confidence to start looking for ways to help other people who want to train their own service dogs.  When I brought Bones home, I was working at a dog daycare facility, and I eventually went on to work at the Dumb Friends League for over a year as an adoptions associate. I did a training apprenticeship with two incredible trainers here in Denver, and I started a website (The Helper Dog Blog) on service dog information, laws, and advice. Now I get to pursue my training dreams through Noble Beast.

    Although my passion is Service and Therapy Dog Training, I love training & behavior in general and am well versed in all kinds of training services from Basic to Advanced manners and obedience to Behavior Modification for dogs with fear, anxiety, and or aggression!  In addition, dog/dog social skills and group play dynamics is another passion I have, as there are so many dogs out there that have become socially awkward due to experiences in dog/dog social situations.  I can’t wait to roll my sleeves up and help dogs on a much large scale!

    In addition to Bones, I have a sweet calico cat named Nyota, and two hairless rats. One day when I’m ready to add another animal to my home, it’s going to be my next service dog prospect: A Great Dane for balance, mobility, and psychiatric assistance!

    Jaimie Tomaszewski

    CPDT-KA – Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    I have been an animal lover ever since I can remember. I have had pets my entire life including guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, dogs, cats, lizards, frogs, and birds. Even though I loved all of my pets with my whole heart, my dogs always held a special place in my heart.

    As a kid, I dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, but once I started college, I went a different direction, majoring in history and secondary education. My junior year in college I found out my longtime best friend, my 16-year-old Bullmastiff Tyche was diagnosed with cancer and I had no choice but to help him over the rainbow bridge and let him go. My heart ached and I had no pets for 2 years after his death. The year I started teaching I took a chance and adopted the first dog of my own, Rufus at 12 weeks old. From that moment on, dog training became my world. I took great pride in training up my very own dog and had a blast doing it. By 5 months old he was off leash under voice control, heeling like a pro and absolutely loved performing for people, showing off his tricks. This not only gave him confidence but gave me confidence in my ability to work with dogs.

    As my connection and bond with Rufio grew, I started to truly understand how important the emotional side of things was. I quickly realized he had severe separation anxiety and tried doing the training to fix it. For Rufio, it was too late for training to have a full effect and I had to put him on medication. After going through that long, heartbreaking process with Rufio I did all the research I could on separation anxiety, which kick-started my desire to help dogs with anxiety, fear, and trauma driven behavioral issues.

    I moved to Colorado from Michigan in 2016 and started working at a dog daycare/boarding facility, where I worked with large groups of dogs and became a dog trainer. I trained for this daycare facility for 2 years while getting my CPDT-KA certificate and therapy dog handler certificate. Over the course of these 2 years, I worked with over 245 clients, the majority of which had behavioral issues due to lack of socialization, traumatic experiences, anxiety, and fear. Working with this group of dogs and their parents quickly became my passion, and I enjoyed nothing more than watching these parents and their dogs bond, grow together and experience a much more harmonious life together as they went through their training. The night and day difference in the dogs AND their parents between the start and end of their training was incredible. I found a way to combine my love for teaching and leading humans and my love for dogs, and the result is the most rewarding career path I could have ever imagined.

    I continue my journey as a dog trainer with my 4 pets at my side. I have a 6 year old cat named Jasmine aka Jazzy Mittens (as she is polydactyl), a 12 year old English Pointer mix named Coco Bean who I adopted at the age of 10 and trained up to be my service dog, a 4 year old Lab/Rottweiler/Weimaraner/Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix named Rufus aka Rufio and a 2 year old Husky/Australian Shepherd mix named Nea who was a stray I adopted last year from a friend and am continuously working with her on behavioral issues due to fear and lack of socialization. Between these animals and my boyfriend Ethan, I couldn’t ask for a better support system as I start a new chapter in my dog training career training with Noble Beast Dog Training.

    Kelly Kohlhagen

    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Kelly has always had a passion for animals. She grew up in St. Louis, Missouri alongside an escape artist beagle named Louie. Throughout her childhood, she had a menagerie of fish, insects, hamsters, rats, a guinea pig, a cockatiel, and Louie, of course. Her favorite pastime was teaching them new things. Her cockatiel knew a variety of songs and her rats quickly learned basic commands. Kelly always loved dogs, but when Louie passed away, much to Kelly’s horror, her family decided to go dog-less. To continue having dogs in her life, Kelly started her own dog-walking and pet-sitting service for her neighbors. She maintained this small business all through middle school and high school. Kelly always enjoyed learning and teaching others, so she pursued and completed her Bachelor’s in English, with a minor in Psychology, then went on to complete her Master’s in Elementary Education at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri. Following her love of working with animals, Kelly joined the Equestrian Team and learned a new skill: showing horses. Practicing each day and working with such gorgeous creatures was a dream come true!

    After graduating from college, on one cold February day, Kelly moved to Colorado and began a career as an elementary school teacher. Something was missing, however; Kelly had always wanted a dog in her life again. She adopted a mutt who needed a lot of love and a lot of help becoming socialized around other dogs. Her new pup Archer was fearful, insecure, and reactive; he lashed out aggressively at dogs and had a hard time reading the body language of other dogs. Kelly did research and began socializing Archer with much patience, treats and toys galore, and with the help of friends and their dogs. They made progress, but Kelly wanted to know more and make sure that her training was in line with best practice, so she turned to Noble Beast Dog Training. There, they both learned how to be a better team. This challenging and enjoyable training experience inspired Kelly to pursue a career as a Dog Trainer. Since then, Kelly has also started a dog-sitting, dog-walking, and dog-boarding business. This has given her years of practice managing behaviors in a variety of different types of dogs and in making sure these dogs stay calm, safe, and happy while their owners are away. Dogs and their parents learn from each other when they have a healthy relationship, built on trust and respect. Kelly loves helping more dogs and dog parents become a better team and live their best lives!

    Amanda Sanchez

    Certified Dog Guru, CPR/1st Aid

    Manager / Dog Guardian at The Champagne Room Doggie Daycare

    I grew up on Long Island with my parents and 3 brothers. In 2001, we moved to rural Pennsylvania where my love for animals blossomed. I started out having family pets (a few dogs and cats), and soon began rehoming the neighborhood stray cats.

    I’ve always have had a huge passion for learning about human and animal medicine, but my love of animals took the lead. After graduating high school, I traveled around the East Coast looking for my calling. I enrolled in an accredited school and graduated March 2013 with my Vet Assistant degree. Not long after, I moved to Colorado and began my journey in the animal care industry.

    Despite my deep passion and love for animals, I just couldn’t work in an animal hospital or shelter environment – as the work is simply to heartbreaking, at which point I turned to a career in doggie daycares where I could not only help the dogs be the happiest they could be while in group play with me, but also really assist with the education and problem solving of dog behaviors in this capacity with their owners.

    I’ve worked in 2 previous dog daycares over the past 4 years and decided to learn more about the behavioral aspect of working with dogs. I have a huge love for constant learning, and continue to do so every day. I’m currently working on my second degree, it is for Dog Obedience and Training.

    I’m looking forward to the growth of my knowledge and love for dogs. I’m absolutely ecstatic and honored to be working with Noble Beast and feel that I was meant to be part of this company.

    Kendyl Harding

    Assistant Manager / Dog Guardian at the Champagne Room Dog Daycare

    Animals have always been the focal point of my life. Growing up my best friend was a big, burly, boxer; who I dressed in my dad’s boxers. From a wildly young age, that dog, and the many animals after him, taught me what no person ever could; honesty. My passion in working (and co-existing) with animals is that they are the most authentic, and transparent communicators. The magic in working with them is developing that willingness to listen, and being able to actually understand what they’re trying to tell you.

    A “bad dog”, is an unheard or misunderstood dog. There’s nothing more rewarding than being able to see an animal’s life change just because someone was willing to listen to them.  My goal is to help more people understand that.





    Cormisha Garner

    Certified Trainer & Dog Guardian at the Champagne Room Dog Daycare

    I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, and living and growing up in Colorado greatly influenced my automatic love for animals, especially for dogs!  I would always try to bring home stray dogs, or help hurt dogs.  As a young girl, I would pretend to be a vet or a dog trainer and would set time aside to watch any show dog related!  I found my knack for dog training when I became a dog trainer with the Women K-9 Program. This is where I found my passion and it grew!  It was at this time I knew I wanted to become a professional trainer for dogs.  When I relocated, I took a position in a doggie daycare as a daycare attendant, which further expanded my dog knowledge through experiential learning.  Working in a group pack environment gave me the knowledge and understanding of a dog’s body language and the intricacies of dog/dog socialization.  I also became aware of how many dogs had behavioral issues, and how many parents needed solid help and direction with training from basic obedience to serious behavior challenges.  My passion and my goal are for dogs to be better pets for their owners – and owners to be better owners to their dogs – through training & education.  I want to save homes and to make homes, as well as ensure safety for all involved.  As a guardian in the Champagne Room, I’m here to make sure the dogs have fun, and stay mentally, emotionally, and physically safe, and continue their training in this dynamic environment.

    Dana Brown

    Certified Trainer & Dog Guardian at the Champagne Room Dog Daycare

    My love for dogs goes back as far as I can remember and I was fortunate enough to have parents that enjoyed having dogs around as well.  The first dog in our family was a black German Shepherd name Dude who was an amazing boy and my best friend!  Soon after, we adopted a dog named Bruno.  A black lab mix pup who lacked training.  He was quite challenging for my parents as they worked a lot and did not have time to work with Bruno, but Bruno and I got along great!  After Bruno’s passing, we did adopt an adorable Afghan hound/chow mix – but had to find her another home as I was busy with high school and my mom and dad were working long hours – so we could not give this pup the home she needed.  At that point, given our love for animals, Mom was ready for nothing but cats, however, my love for dogs carried on and led me to a dog training career.  I became extremely interested in dog behavior and how to help them through common behavioral challenges, further helping them to connect with their owners as we all know that dogs can and are extra special companions for us.  I had a keen understanding of their body language and how they actually communicate, so I found it rewarding to work with them to help improve some of the behaviors that were causing them problems in their human family unit so that all involved were happy!  Prior to Noble Beast Dog Training, I completed my dog training education and became a Certified Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant, training hundreds of dogs.  I am excited to be a part of the Noble Beast Dog Training team and have to say, I am constantly learning new and improved training methods through this organization so that I can continue to make dogs and their families happy.

    Noble Beast Trainers and Daycare Providers care very much about our k-9’s and that is something that attracted me to them.  They truly want to do whatever it takes to help dogs and their owners succeed.  What I love most is listening to and being a part of the brainstorming to figure out ways to help dogs be the best they can be, as well as the team being genuinely concerned about team members as well.  I am happy and grateful to be a part of Noble Beast Dog Training.

    Aaron Greenmyer

    Dog Guardian / Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant

    All my life I’ve had dogs. They’ve always been a part of what keeps me happy. My professional experience has been with 3 different daycare facilities and has pushed my life in a much better direction than I would be headed without them. It has been almost 6 years so far, and I plan to keep it up. I have my CPR certification and I also have some training experience and classes done with the K.P.A. and a previous boss who was also a CPDT. My goal is to enjoy my time with the dogs, and I will always work to keep them safe and happy.  By the way, with me in my pic is Sid Vicious, he is my little dude. He is honestly my best friend on this earth. I’ve got more love for him than I’ve ever felt before. I’m committed to this guy.




    Ari Philip

    Client Relations Team

    Arianna is a California native, but relocated to Colorado because of its rugged, natural beauty.  She has a passion for nature and animals, and lives with her husband, dog (Kahlua), and cat (Momo) in the Denver area. She loves helping others and is looking forward to building relationships with Noble Beast clients. While not working, she and her husband love hiking, camping, and reading.





    Alex Ross

    Client Relations Team

    Alex has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a passion for animals! She grew up with 3 dogs, 3 cats, fish, horses, cows, chickens, and donkeys. Throughout her life, she has also had several reptiles and a couple of ferrets. Always doing her research to make sure she can give them everything they need to be happy. She and her dog Rajah moved up to Colorado from Houston, TX and have fallen in love with the mountains but are still getting used to the snow. They both like to go hiking and fishing whenever they have free time, and Rajah also has a passion for digging and chasing squirrels. Alex first became interested in dog training after Rajah had several traumatizing events that caused him to become fear-aggressive. Rajah has come a long way in developing his confidence and understanding other dogs behavior because of the work they have done and the friends Alex has met along the way who are an immeasurable help to them. She has learned so much along the way working at a couple of dog daycare and training companies, and has developed a much better understanding of dog behavior and is excited to keep learning and growing with Noble Beast.

    Angie Amos

    Client Relations Team

    Angie Amos is an avid dog lover and a Colorado native, while she has been able to travel a bit, Colorado has always been home. She is the mother of 3 amazing children and a fur baby mom as well. Angie is a hardworking and determined individual who strives to accomplish every task she puts her mind too. She loves to research and learn anything and everything, especially if it has anything to do with the topics of science, animals, art, metaphysics or self-exploration.

    When Angie was young, she had the dream of becoming a veterinarian, life had other plans in mind, so she got her vet tech degree and had the privilege of working with some amazing individuals. Life, as it would have sent her in another direction yet again… and she has been working in the legal field for the last nine years, while working secondary in several other positions including a veterinary clinic, customer service and as an account manager for a private firm over the past ten years.

    Always having a hunger for knowledge, she prides herself in her keen ability to communicate with people and her loving and compassionate approach to animals. She has such a passion for animals that she is an active foster parent, a member of ASPCA and volunteers for several organizations. She has a 13-year-old Novia Scotia Duck Toller, who is a spoiled part of her family. She has owned several breeds in her years growing up and as a mom herself now including an English Mastiff, Border Collie, Black Labrador and a mutt whom she loved dearly when she was a little girl.

    While Angie loves animals, she also loves writing. She has several published pieces, as well as earned a writing reward from Iliad and in high school a screenplay she wrote; won several local awards at the film festival. She has a versatile background of skills, academics and life experience that give her a unique skill set and outlook in this industry. She is currently working on her Ph.D. in Philanthropy.

    In her spare time, Angie enjoys getting out and about. She prefers the cooler seasons to the hotter ones and she LOVES fishing. She enjoys the occasional spontaneous road trip, having a BBQ with friends and family, and adores anything with fur or scales. If you ask her what she would like to accomplish in her lifetime, she will tell you “I just want to make a difference. I want to show people there is always hope. Things are in constant change, so strive for the best and keep in mind that nothing stays the same way forever”.

    Mackenzie Earls

    Client Relations Team

    Mackenzie is a Chicago native but moved to Colorado because of the adventurous way of life. She loves animals of all kinds, but dogs have always held a special place in her heart. Her hobbies include reading, writing short stories and poetry, rollerblading, and playing with her dog. She lives in Denver with her boyfriend and her dog, Marina. She has worked in the restaurant industry for 5 years but recently chose a career helping other people and their dogs with Noble Beast. She is very excited to continue learning about dogs and people each and every day.






    Chelsea Mangold

    Client Relations Team

    Chelsea is a Colorado Native with a genuine love for animals. She has a passion for helping others and providing people with a long-lasting connection to their animals. She comes to Noble Beast with a strong background in the hospitality and outdoor sports industry. In her spare time, she loves to be outside, meet new people, mountain bike, hike and explore the beautiful Rocky Mountains.







    Jamie Fesus

    Vaccine Manager

    Jamie is a Denver native who currently lives in Colorado Springs. She has a 4 year old son, provides administrative support in the Air Force Reserve, and recently married a wonderful Hungarian who loves dogs as much as she does. They have a gentle Siberian Husky named Cody and a sweet Scotch Collie puppy named Kamilla. She loves dogs and loves helping people, and is excited to be a part of connecting people with services that can help them communicate with their dogs in a positive way. Outside work she loves hunting for the best local coffee and exploring the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her family.





    Jessi Spencer

    Vaccine Manager / Group Class & Privates Manager / Client Relations Team

    Jessi moved to Colorado 12 years ago from Minnesota, and now lives in the mountains with her husband and 3 crazy German Shorthaired Pointers; Monkey, Hugo, and Buster.  She loves everything outdoors, hiking, fishing, and four-wheeling to name a few!  

    She comes to Noble Beast, with experience as a veterinary technician, as well as many years in the customer service industry.  She has experience with everything from fish to cows and believes that behavior is key for every pet to maintain a healthy relationship with their owners.