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  • Noble Beast: The New and Improved

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    As some of you may remember, Noble Beast partnered with Wag & Train for most of 2012. However, in that partnership we both realized that our end goals were different, so last September Noble Beast went back to being its own entity. As the owner, along with my team of trainers, we felt that our focus and direction should be on our specialty – dog socialization and group play dynamics. Not only have there been numerous studies on the life changing benefits of socializing, but we at Noble Beast have seen first hand how socializing your dog properly, in combination with solid obedience training, produces healthy minded pups. In the last year we have expanded our training programs to 6 different locations. Rather than opening a central location, we felt it important to provide our pup parents the convenience of several locations throughout the metro area.

    At Noble Beast Dog Training, we believe in working with pet owners to create a harmonious and lifelong home for their canine companions. We do this through fun, easy to use, positive training techniques, interactive learning, and leadership activities. We are dedicated to having our professionally developed trainers, who are continually investing in their education, bring you the latest in positive reinforcement techniques which build and supports the most positive relationship you could have with your pup! Speaking of trainers, I must say I am so very lucky to have such a talented and committed group of trainers who really are the backbone to this company. I believe we have the best-of-the-best when it comes to teaching basic obedience, understanding dog socialization, and dog group play dynamics. If you would like to get to know our trainers more, their profiles can be found here

    Our niche program – GROUP DAY TRAINING, founded and ran by Mindy Jarvis, for the last 5 years, has proven to be worth its weight in gold, when it comes to helping dogs learn to properly socialize with other dogs. We have had some amazing success stories with dogs who were fearful, anxious, had bullying personalities, and puppies or adolescents who continually tested boundaries and needed a little extra work when it came to listening skills. If you have a dog that you are having social challenges with, I highly suggest you consider our Group Day Training Program. To learn more about our Group Day Training program, click here

    It is our goal to get you and your dog started on solid training skills, beginning with the basics. Once you get the basics down, it is important to continue training, in the form of a sport or specialty training. With Mindy Jarvis’s position as co-founder of the Colorado Dog Trainers Network, we have the ability to direct you to some of the best trainers in the state of Colorado. The 150 plus statewide members offer specialty training in many areas such as Canine Freestyle, Agility, Treibball, Nose Work, Therapy & Service dog training, as well as trainers who specialize in aggression, fear, anxiety, and serious behavior problem solving. If Noble Beast can’t help you, we will connect you with a trainer who can.

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