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  • Noble Beast is as strong as its weakest link!

    Posted September 1, 2013 By in Noble Beast Dog Trainers With | Comments Off on Noble Beast is as strong as its weakest link!

    As owner of Noble Beast Dog Training I often look back at the growth we have had, the challenges that we have overcame, and the many dogs we have successfully trained. While I am the evolutionary source of Noble Beast Dog Training, as I look at our testimonials, and take note of the many referrals we get and the daily calls from people needing training for their dogs, it is clear that Noble Beast is not Mindy Jarvis – Noble Beast is me AND my incredible staff & trainers.

    One of the biggest challenges Noble Beast has is we don’t have a central location that we all end up at for work on a daily basis. Our business model is such that we try to offer training in many parts of town so as to reach and help as many dog owners as possible. With that in mind, you can imagine how often we see each other. We have quarterly employee meetings, and I see more of my staff than my staff sees each other, but all in all we rarely get a chance to get to know each other on a more personal level.

    Well last Saturday night, after an extremely long training session on our new paperless system (yes Noble Beast has gone GREEN!), I had the pleasure of taking everyone to dinner.

    Noble Beast @ the Old Spaghetti Factory

    As I looked around the table, it amazed me to see such a unique and diverse group of talented trainers, so dedicated to Noble Beast Dog Training.

    Greg, Bex, Cheryl, Robin, Alex (Ethan's wife), & Ethan

    How lucky I am to not only have skilled trainers, but also genuinely good to the core people on board. All of my staff, so different in personality, hold tight to the core values of Noble Beast Dog Training – PROFESSIONAL, TEAM FOCUSED, RESPECTFUL, CONSIDERATE, HELPFUL, HONEST, KNOWLEDGEABLE, FUN, and ABOVE AVERAGE. However what is so remarkable, is it comes naturally. These are not values I have to push and preach. As I stated before, my staff & trainers are genuinely good to the core people.

    Sophie, Mindy, & Deb

    Casey & Sopie

    I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for being surrounded by such an awesome team! My mission began with just me, but I cannot realize my vision alone. Thanks you Noble Beast Dog Trainers for joining me on this incredible journey in the betterment of the canine/human bond! Together I know we will be putting many smiles on the faces of both humans and dogs!

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