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Noble Beast Mission, Vision, Values, Edge and History

  • Mission Statement

    Noble Beast Dog Training is the top relationship focused dog training company in Colorado. We produce well-socialized dogs that are well balanced and are good with people and other dogs.

    Our team of professional trainers have years of experience in dog behavior and training, and participate in continued education so as to provide the general public with the most up to date training available.

    Our niche is dog/dog socialization and group play dynamics, offering classes focused on this niche such as our ALWAYS FREE Playful Pup classes, Group Day Training, and the  Dynamic Dog class – all classes geared toward developing the most mentally sound dog possible through proper social experiences, as well as teaching owners how to communicate with and understand their dog through relationship focused Training.

    The Noble Beast Vision

    Noble Beast aims to make a significant difference in the lives of dogs and their owners not only through our relationship focused training techniques and bringing the importance of proper socializing front and center, but also through our Noble Beast Scholarship Fund where we attached 6 – 12 weeks of professional training to the adoption papers of dogs to help make them more adoptable and ensure they stay in their new home forever.

    The Noble Beast Values

    Team Focused and Professional

    Above Average, Fun, and HAPPY TRAINERS!

    Knowledgeable but Distinct

    Problem Solvers

    Communicative – Always coming from a place of RESPECT, CONSIDERATION, AND EMPATHY!

    • Noble Beast Dog Training, its trainers, and its employee are first and foremost a TEAM.  The success of this company does not come from one individual; it comes from all of us.  In this capacity we must uphold ourselves to the highest level of PROFESSIONALISM, understanding that what we as individuals do while representing Noble Beast Dog Training affects the entire team – good and bad.
    • We are here to provide the best training experience a person and their dog could have through ABOVE AVERAGE dog training skills and people skills, providing successful, engaging, and FUN training techniques, and ensuring that each client’s training needs are effective and memorable.  In addition, we have HAPPY trainers, who make our clients happy, and when happiness is challenged, communicate the challenges immediately so Noble Beast can help them be happy again!
    • As part of the Noble Beast Dog Training team we must be KNOWLEDGABLE – committed to continued self-education which not only benefits us personally, but also keeps our training techniques and advice current and effective.  And although we can do the training that all the other trainers can do, we are DISTINCT in our focus and considered the authority figures on dog/dog socialization and group play dynamics, offering classes to the public that focus on the importance of having a well socialized dog.
    • The best dog trainers are inevitably they most creative PROBLEM SOLVERS, as are the best teachers, as are the most successful companies.  The ability to recognize a challenge – major or minor – and come up with win/win solutions is a necessary component in everyday life, but especially within Noble Beast Dog Training.  You will be faced with having to make immediate decisions as a Noble Beast Team Member.  When this happens you will need to problem solve on the fly, provide a solution that creates a win/win with all involved, and all while following the Noble Beast Core Values, Policies, and procedures.
    • As part of the Noble Beast Dog Training Team, COMMUNICATION is vital to our organization, not only with our clients but amongst ourselves.  Our expectation from everyone in the company is to acknowledge all forms of communication, use CONSIDERATION, RESPECT, and EMPATHY when views are challenged, utilize your team and get advice from each other concerning training or people challenges, make suggestions to improve company policies and/or procedures, and of course immediately communicate any problems of any sort that may directly or indirectly affect your job.


    • Where  most other trainers focus on basic obedience and/or behavior modifications, the Noble Beast focus is on the importance of dog socialization skills, understanding that an under socialized pup can be just as challenging as a dog who was neglected or abused.
    • Noble Beast is spread throughout the Metro Denver Area so as to provide our services in several areas, not just one.
    • As a company we have a variety of different trainers to give people options on who they train with as not every client will mesh with every trainer.
    • Our Group Day Training program is unique to Noble Beast Dog Training.  We not only have the longevity in providing this service, which give us the most experience in this area, but we have a successful system in place, report cards that go out within 24 hours of a dog attending, and testimonials that prove that our program is beneficial in bettering the social skills for dogs.
    • Our clients know they can expect a certain level of customer service and solid training advice from a Noble Beast Trainer.  We hire based on meeting our Core Values, we all understand our clients positive experience is our number one priority, and keep ourselves educated so we can keep our training methods and advice fresh and effective.
    • Noble Beast is a TEAM of trainers and our success is based off of each person on this team.  We understand that good or bad, the experience we give our clients affects the entire group and therefore do our best in support of each other.
    • We offer many different kinds of services. We are not limited to just group classes or just privates, so clients can take advantage of different options for training without having to look elsewhere.
    • We are the founders of the Noble Beast Scholarship Fund in which we attach 5 – 12 weeks of training to unadoptable dogs’ adoption papers to help them become more adoptable, not only saving dogs lives but also supporting local trainers as they get paid.
    • Many of our programs can be used by other trainers to supplement their clients training program.  We at Noble Beast honor other trainer/client relationships, choosing not to market said client for training services that compete with our fellow trainer. Our focus is to provide services and classes that will support the growth or our fellow trainers’ client/dog relationship.

    Noble Beast Company History

    Noble Beast Pet Services was founded by Mindy Jarvis in June of 2008.  At the time, Mindy was the only one working for Noble Beast and offered not only dog training but dog walking, dog grooming, dog boarding, pet sitting, and even poop scooping.  Being new to the Denver dog training community and having to start from scratch, she needed to make ends meet by any means necessary, but within 6 months of opening her business was able to cut her services down to just training and boarding.  She did this through working hard, providing successful training, and establishing a stellar reputation through professional, respectful, and above average services.


    As her reputation grew in the community as a dog trainer, so did her business.  At the end of 2008 Mindy developed the one of a kind GROUP DAY TRAINING service.  This program came to be after she had a few clients call to get help for their dogs who had been kicked out of daycare.  Mindy realized that she could not work on these dogs social skills independently, so started putting them in small groups for 4 hours a day out of her home.  Through the amazing success of the dogs in her newfound program, Mindy realized she was on to something and started marketing her program to the public.  There was a huge interested and before long, she had 6 dogs a day coming to her home for 4 hours of training, 4 days a week.  Some of these dogs were anxious and fearful, some of these dogs were the bullying types, and some dogs were simply sent to her program as the owners felt that Day Training was a much more healthy environment for their dogs than daycare.   All the dogs were strictly monitored in play, supported in setting and respecting boundaries, participated in activities that build confidence and body awareness, as well as were trained on basic obedience skills.


    The success of this program lead to more people wanting their dogs to participate in it.  Mindy got to a point where she had a wait list.  Being Co-Founder of the Colorado Dog Trainers Network, Mindy encouraged other trainers to offer the program, but to no avail so she  decided to find a partner and expand.  In Nov of 2010 she partnered up with Wag & Train in hopes of expanding her Day Training Program.  She chose Wag & Train because the owner was a friend and mentor to her, she had a seemingly successful dog business, and she held a Victoria Stilwell Facility License which would enable all trainers who worked for us to be Certified Trainers.  At that time, Noble Beast Pet Services merged into Wag & Train.  The Day Training program expanded to 3 other locations, a group of trainers were hired and certified, and between the two owners the company grew. Soon after partnering with Wag & Train, Mindy realized that many of the core values between herself and the owner of Wag & Trainer differed, so the merge with Wag & Train and Noble Beast was short lived.  Mindy went back to being Noble Beast, but not Noble Beast Pet Services.  She realized that she wanted DOG TRAINING to be her sole focus so renamed the company Noble Beast Dog Training and gave it a facelift, which included a new logo with her Noble Beast Mascot Peyton


    Upon the re-opening of Noble Beast Dog Training in October of 2011, she had retained all but one of the trainers from the Wag & Train merger, expanded her Training Location to 7 locations, and developed a solid strategic plan with a goal of making Noble Beast Dog Training the most well-known dog training companies in Colorado.

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