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  • In Recent News: Colorado’s Dog Friendly Legislation

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    What do Mongo, a 3 year old Pit Bull Service Dog for an Iraq Vet, and Chloe, a loving family dog from Commerce City, have in common?  They were two of several non-aggressive Colorado Dogs, with no violent history,  who were shot and killed unnecessarily by law enforcement. Following the shootings, Colorado dog owners and dog advocate groups banned together to pass legislation to prevent further senseless acts against dogs.
    On Monday, May 13, 2013, Colorado Governor,  John Hickenlooper signed into law, the first legislation, of it’s kind, in the country . The new law, known as the Colorado Dog Protection Act, requires that all police office and sheriff departments partake in a three hour online training course focused on recognizing dog behavior and employing non-lethal control methods. This webinar will be created by animal behaviorist and veterinarians. The law aims to prevent dog shootings, by law enforcement, in non-dangerous situations. In addition, the law requires that authorities give dog owners the option to control or remove their dog during non-violent calls, before they take control measures.
    Before the bill reached Governor Hickenlooper’s desk, it passed unanimously in both the House and the Senate. Way to go Colorado!  The Dog Protection Act is viewed as a tremendous victory by both dog advocate groups and dog lovers, who hope Colorado can provide a model for other states to follow. The bill was sponsored by Representatives, Louis Court and Don Coram, and Senators, David Balmar and Luca Guzman. You can view the bill by clicking on the following link.

    Colorado Senate Bill 13-226

    Oh, but our Pet Friendly state does not stop there! Another important piece of legislation that Govenor, John Hickenlooper signed, is a bill that desinates shelter and rescue dogs and cats as the official pets of the state of Colorado. This bill was introduced by students at Peakview School in Walesenburg, Colorado. The bill not only taught the students about the legislative process, but also puts a spotlight on shelter pets now and in the future.

    Senator, Andy Kerr sponsored the bill.  You can view the bill at the following website:

    Colorado Sentate Bill 13-201

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Katherine Heidtbrink » 26. Jun, 2013

Thank you Mindy and all your staff for making me a better pet owner. You have made a difference in my puppy parenting skills. In addition, thank you for caring and making a difference in the animal world for all those who need special love, understanding and protection.

Mindy Jarvis » 27. Jun, 2013

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a touching comment Kathy. What you stated really defines why we do what we do – to make a difference. You and Kimi have been an absolute joy to work with and we look forward to helping you meet your training goals.

Mindy Jarvis – CPDT & Behavior Consultant

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