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  • 15 Fun Tricks To Teach Your Dog | Denver Dog Training

    Posted March 30, 2017 By in Dogs & Family, Training Your Puppy With | No Comments

    Everyone knows that dogs need physical exercise, but did you know that mental exercise is just as, if not more, important? It’s true! Not only do dogs need mental stimulation in order to stay sharp but regular training keeps dogs happy. There is also the added benefit that training your dog regularly results in a stronger bond and increased trust between you and your dog. Who doesn’t want that? 

    For obedience training, we highly recommend that you enroll your puppy or dog into a well reviewed, relationship focused dog training class, like our Delightful Dog (Level 1) or Devine Dog (Level 2) classes. This is because we believe that obedience training is an essential part of raising a dog, and the skills taught in these classes are a great way to help keep your dog safe and under their excitement threshold.  

    But we also believe that continuing your training after graduation is equally important. So here is a list of some really fun tricks that you and your dog will love learning together! 

    15 Fun Tricks To Teach Your Dog

    • Roll Over
    • High Five
    • Shake
    • Wave
    • Spin
    • Weave
    • Sit Pretty
    • Dance
    • Crawl
    • Paws Up
    • Take A Bow
    • Leap
    • Jump Through A Hoop
    • Bang
    • Play Dead

    Most of these tricks can be taught by luring or shaping, and there are a ton of awesome videos online to help! 

    As well her is a link with instructions on how to do 5 cool tricks – mypetneedsthat.com/tricks-to-teach-your-dog 

    Mental Training Session Tips: 

    • Training sessions should be short 5-15 minute sessions
    • Pick a reward marker and use it consistently
    • Always try to end them on a good note, before your dog fatigues
    • Make sure to use a high reward treat that excites your dog
    • Try not to get frustrated with your dog if they’re not getting it. Do some more research, it’s almost always a communication error on the humans part
    • Have fun! 

    If you feel that you could use a trainers help, get in touch! Teaching your dogs these tricks might take a bit of time and practice, we can teach you how to teach your dog most of these tricks in just one session!

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Angad » 02. Jun, 2018

Just loved your blog and theme
Mindy Jarvis you really share valuable content on internet.
After reading some of your posts , I started investing 10 minutes daily to train my dog and it has started to show results after 15 days .
Thanks a lot Mindy Jarvis 😘😘😘

Mindy Jarvis » 04. Jun, 2018

Hi Angad,

Thank you so much for your post! I am so happy you enjoy my blogs! I need to do more, as I do enjoy writing, but wow – where does time go!

I am also so happy to hear about your success! That is what this is all about, providing info that benefits folks. I am so grateful you have found value and took the time to let me know!

Mindy Jarvis – Owner/Trainer
Noble Beast Dog Training

Becky Griffin » 12. Sep, 2018

Hiya Mindy, Hiya, Thanks for such an informative blog post. So I recently became the mother of an 8 week old puppy retriever. He is great however there are a few things that need to be ironed out before it gets out of hand. A few of the things you mentioned here, really describes his behaviour.

I would take up a professional for the help but they always seem overpriced and really expensive. I recently read a blog post about an online training course that seemed really genuine:https://www.retrieversareus.com/brain-training-for-dogs-review. But Im not sure it is and I wanted an experts advice on wether I should explore this avenue first before throwing cash into professional assistance.

Would really appreciate any help you can provide as its now something that I need to take action on. Thank in advance!

Mindy Jarvis » 13. Sep, 2018

Hey there Becky,

So in looking over the program – it seems to be decent, however I really can’t give a solid opinion unless I actually took the program or saw excerpts of the program. When looking at reviews, they all seem to be formatted the same way, so not sure they are from random people, but rather specific clients that have seen success with this program and invited to give a review – which is not necessarily bad. Adrienne Farricelli (the trainer who developed this program) is a CCPDT certified trainer and a member of the Pet Professionals Guild so the training should be based off of positive and scientific training methods, which is a positive as you should never go with an online training program where the training entails any kind of fear, pain, or intimidation. All in all I think you would do fine with this program as long as you commit to it and be consistent in your training – but for $47, even if it does not meet your training needs, it is not a huge investment and should, at the very least, get you some good tips. Then if there is a challenges you need direct coaching on, call us up and we would be happy to help!

Becky Griffin » 09. Oct, 2018

Aww Mindy I cannot thank you enough hun. That has helped me clear up everything so much. Now I can go ahead and get started as I really did like the look of this course. And your right for 47 dollars, I cant go wrong. Once Ive taken it maybe Ill check back in and let you know on how it goes too. Thanks again and have a great day!

Mindy Jarvis » 11. Oct, 2018

Becky – you are more than welcome and yes, please check back in once you have completed the course – I would love to hear how things go! :O)

Madison » 01. Feb, 2020

Thank you for this. I am training my dog and information on your blog is very helpful and will help me in training my dog. There are very less good dog training bogs out there.

Mindy Jarvis » 01. Feb, 2020

Thank you so much Madison, your comment means a lot to me! I appreciate you taking the time to comment today!

Mindy Jarvis
Noble Beast Dog Training

Shawn P » 01. Apr, 2020

thanks for the info, never really invested time into my dogs mental as much as i should after reading your blog I am definitely going to start.
is there anymore tips you can give on mental training?

Mindy Jarvis » 02. Apr, 2020

Sure thing Shawn – interesting to know you have not invested time into your dogs mental enrichment as your a dog trainer yourself. 🙂

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