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Enroll in Virtual Training

  • Course Level

    Beginner – Advanced





    Class Duration

    1 Hour Sessions – scheduled between you and your Noble Beast Trainer


    See Pricing Section

    A Noble Beast Training Service

    Virtual Training Sessions

    Are For

    The new dog owner who is facing the expenses of bringing in a new furry family member, but still need solid training support

    The dog savvy owner who has a good understanding of how to work with and train their dog, but just needs to get past a few hurdles

    The dog owner who simply feels their pups challenges don’t warrant a trainer to come to your house, but just needs a bit of direct coaching and support

    Any dog owner who does not live in the area or may have transportation challenges to get to one of our classes.

    Virtual Training Sessions


    1 hour of dedicated one-on-one training video time

    An overview of your training session via email and a copy of the video session

    Follow up material such as written homework, training articles, videos, and or links to related studies, research, and/or recommend books or DVD’s.

    Email/phone support for anything covered in your session.

    Are you unable to physically make it to training due to your busy schedule, maybe not being in the area, or maybe just not wanting to attend a group class in general?

    Well, our Virtual Dog Training option is a great solution. 

    Get fabulous direct coaching and training support from a Noble Beast Dog Trainer, all while avoiding private in-home training prices!

    What is great about this training is the trainer is right there with you while you work with your dog!  They can watch you work with your dog, coach you as you go, and then review the video with you  – pointing out the areas of great success and improvement as well as areas that need to be worked on! In addition, you get more bang for your buck with more training sessions per dollar doing virtual training!  Lastly, you can keep your recorded session to refer back to as needed.

    We offer all of our group manners & obedience classes virtually as well as custom sessions – covering everything from basic manners & obedience to helping your pup overcome minor to moderate fear, anxiety, and aggression challenges.  Our Noble Beast Trainers have the skills to walk you through training step by step, for the majority of behavior and/or obedience challenges.  It will be necessary to fill out a Pre-Training Questionnaire prior to your video consultation, which will help your trainer determine how many hours/sessions you will need to meet your pup’s needs, as well as a solid training plan.  In addition to an easy and convenient solution to your training needs, our phone consults are discounted down to 75% of the price of our private in-home training sessions!

    We use Zoom Conferencing Solutions for all virtual training sessions.

    • 1 Custom Video Consult Session: $86.25
    • 2 Custom Video Consult Sessions: $165.00
    • 3 Custom Video Consult Sessions: $236.25
    • 4 Custom Video Consult Sessions: $300.00
    • 5 Custom Video Consult Sessions: $356.50

    Virtual Training Classes (dedicated sessions with just you and your trainer – no other students)

    • Delightful Dog Video Consult Training – 6 sessions (1 hour long each) – following our popular beginner class curriculum: $356.50
    • Devine Dog Video Consult Training – 5 sessions (1 hour long each) – following our popular intermediate class curriculum: $356.50
    • Canine Good Citizen Video Consult Training – 5 sessions (1 hour long each) – following our popular advanced class curriculum – $356.50
    • Prickly Pooch Video Consult Training – 6 sessions (Each is 1-hour in length) – following our popular reactive dog class curriculum – $412.50


    • If there are times that you need to add on 30 minutes of training support here or there, or maybe even after your initial training has been completed, the cost is just $40 per 30 minutes you add on.


    Here is the difference

    REGISTER: You must register yourself and your dog(s) with Noble Beast before you can enroll in a course or service.

    ENROLL: Once Registered you can enroll in a course or service.

    *Please note, your enrollment is NOT complete and placement is NOT guaranteed until you receive a confirmation email from our Client Relations Team

    Important Information

    PAYMENT – Payment must be made prior to your first class AND no refunds will be honored 48 hours prior to a class start date, due to limiting the number of dogs in class.

    WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE THE TRAINING PLAN – Although this does not happen often, we do our best to quote and deliver the best training plan and service based on the information provided by you, as a pet parent.  Your trainer has the right to change the training plan as needed, even after your training has started, for the sole purpose of ensuring success for you and your dog.

    REFUND OF TRAINING – We only offer refunds on missed classes if there is an emergency situation with owner/dog, severe illness or death of owner/dog, or relinquishment of dog due to being a danger to self or others in the household.  We will also provide a refund due to proven trainer negligence.

    TRAINING EXPIRATION DATE – All unused training sessions will expire 5 months from date of purchase.

    CANCELLATION POLICY – If you need to cancel one of your private sessions, you will need to contact Noble Beast Dog Training 24 hours in advance. Without this advanced notice or if your trainer shows up and you are not there for the appointment, the appointment will count as a paid session. To cancel a session with Noble Beast simply email [email protected] or call 303-500-7988 or you can call or email your trainer directly.

    NO GUARANTEES – If you don’t work with your dog and follow your trainer’s instructions, the skills learned in training sessions will not stick.  Your commitment to working with your dog is the only way you will see results.

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    Due to an increase in demand, all of our private services have a short wait. Please complete the form below and we will contact you as soon as we have availability for you and it fits your scheduling needs.

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      Thank you so much for your interest in NBDT! We look forward to meeting you and your pup soon!


      Your Friends at Noble Beast Dog Training

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