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    2 Months and Older

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    8 Week Class
    1 Hour Sessions – same time, same day, and same place each week



    A Noble Beast Dog Training Class

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    the benefits are

    The benefits of learning this sport are the development of life long skills for your pup, a strengthened relationship, and the expansion of solid communication between dog and owner.

    Treiball is one of the NEWEST Urban Dog Sports for dogs and their humans!  Although this is a sport that most herding breeds gravitate to, ALL dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages, and breeds can learn and play this sport, and because it requires a lot of space and since dogs work one at a time in Treibball, mildly reactive dogs can join in the fun too!  Lastly, although extremely fun and mentally challenging for both the dog/human team, because it is an extremely low impact sport for both the dog and human, it is a great sport for the aged or even dogs/humans that have injuries or are prone to injury if they participate in high impact activities.

    Treibball (pronounced Tribe-ball) originated in Germany and means “push ball.” It began as a simple exercise to help herding breeds learn how to heard and then evolved into a competitive sport!  In Treibball, your dog learns to go out into a ‘playing field’ and push balls via the direction of his/her human partner into a goal!  There are 8 balls and with the handler’s limited mobility in the goal area and use of a target stick, the dog is directed to, one by one, herd all the balls into a goal as quickly as possible.  The dog/human team with the best time wins!  The game is simple to play and train, requires nothing more than inflatable balls, a target stick, a great love of working with your dog, and once learned can be played at home and in parks!

    The benefits of learning this sport are the development of life long skills for your pup, a strengthened relationship, and the expansion of solid communication between dog and owner. This sport requires a solid relationship and development of great communication skills for success to happen.  This naturally and effortlessly happens due to the relaxed and positive nature of the game.  Once you have been taught the step by step fundamental skills, you and your dog pup will have an activity that you both will look forward to doing, opening the doors for treats, praise, triumphs, possible competitions, and something to show off to friends and family.  In addition, the skills of following your lead and delayed gratification that your pup will develop in this class will absolutely carry over into real-life situations.  When your able to get your dog to listen and follow your direction from a distance on the field, imagine the success you will have off the field!

    After taking this class, you and your pup will be able to compete in beginner and/or friendly Treibball competitions.  In this class your pup will learn how to target the balls with his/her nose or chest, the general commands used in Treibball competitions will develop body orientation skills needed for the sport, and solid impulse control which is needed when starting runs and following direction.

    We do require that all dogs in this class have graduated a beginner obedience class such as our Delightful Dog Course.


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    REFUND OF TRAINING – We only offer refunds on missed classes if there is an emergency situation with owner/dog, severe illness or death of owner/dog, or relinquishment of dog due to being a danger to self or others in the household.  We will also provide a refund due to proven trainer negligence.

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