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  • Dogscaping | Building the perfect backyard for your dog

    Posted April 27, 2017 By in Educational With | Comments Off on Dogscaping | Building the perfect backyard for your dog

    As summer approaches, it’s totally natural to start thinking about planting your garden and beautiful landscaping ideas. But when you’re a dog owner, you also have to consider things like how to keep your pup from digging up your beautiful yard work. 

    Here are some great tips to help you optimize your back yard and keep your dog safe! 

    Dogscaping Tips For Your Home:

    1.  Create a designated potty area

    Dedicate an area in your yard for your dog to do his business. This may take some training, but will contain the damage to a small area and be well worth the effort. 

    2.  Provide dog friendly sunny and shady areas

    Most dogs love to sunbath, but when it’s too hot, they also need the shade. When a dog wants one or the other, he just moves to that area without regard for the plants his human has spent hours tending to. If you want to keep your dog from damaging your landscapes and garden, make sure to provide designated areas of both sun and shade. 

    dogscaping tips for dog owners

    3.  Build raised beds

    For fruits, vegetables and plants that require a delicate touch, use a raised garden bed. This will deter most dogs, but if necessary you can also use some fencing or netting to provide additional protection.

    4.  Provide pathways around your garden

    When a dog is chasing a ball or playing, he will often take the path of least resistance. Unless there isn’t a path, in which case most dogs will charge full speed ahead. Right through your garden, if need be. Providing a path around or through your garden will encourage your dog to not trample your tomato plants in search of their favorite ball. 

    Have a tip we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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