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  • Five Delicious and Healthy Kong Recipes Your Dog Will Love

    Posted July 7, 2017 By in Educational With | Comments Off on Five Delicious and Healthy Kong Recipes Your Dog Will Love

    Kongs (the most common puzzle toy on the market) are all the rage right now, and why shouldn’t they be? They’re a great way to distract your dog, while promoting a dog’s natural chewing instinct. They’re especially great for anxious dogs, as chewing releases canine calming hormones, allowing the dog to self sooth itself. 

    But many Kong fillers are high calorie foods. If you use a Kong regularly, for things like crate training or daily amusement while you’re at work, those calories can add up fast and lead to health issues like obesity and joint pain. No one wants that! 

    Lucky for you, there are many alternatives to foods like peanut butter and canned cheese, that are lower in calories but just as appealing to Fido. 

    Five Delicious and Healthy Kong Recipes

    Veggie Delight:

    Cooked Peas + Carrots, Mashed together

    Add some dog friendly, low sodium chicken broth as an added treat!

    Orange Dream: 

    Oranges and Plain Low Fat Greek Yogurt

    Perfect for hot summer days and great for the gut!

    Fruit Salad: 

    Strawberries, Blueberries and Applesauce

    You can also experiment with other dog friendly fruits like melon or blackberries! Never use grapes, cranberries or raisins!

    healthy kong recipes fruit salad

    Autumn Joy: 

    Canned Pumpkin or Sweet Potatoes and coconut oil 

    You can even add a tiny pinch of cinnamon if your dog likes it! Make sure when using canned pumpkin, that it’s just plain pumpkin and NOT pumpkin pie filling.

    Peanut Butter and Banana Frosty

    Peanut butter, sliced banana and coconut oil

    We recommend peanut butter that consists of only peanuts and salt! 

    healthy kong recipe sweet potato

    Tips for stuffing your Kong!

    • Always cut foods into small, bite size pieces before stuffing, as large chunks can become choking hazards
    • When giving your dog a new food, always monitor for allergic reactions and seek medical care immediately if one is suspected
    • Freeze your Kongs to make them last longer. An unfrozen Kong could last anywhere from 5-15 minutes, depending on your dog, however a frozen Kong can last for an hour or more!
    • Make sure to buy a Kong toy that is the right size and chewing intensity for your dog. If you’re not sure which one, we carry them in our store and would be happy to help answer your questions! 
    • Consider purchasing 3-5 Kongs at a time, stuff and prepare them all at once (we recommend a Sunday). Put them in the freezer so you have Kongs on the go, ready for when you are running out the door! 
    • Always read ingredients, as peanut butter and chicken broth can contain foods that are harmful to dogs like xylitol, garlic and onion!

    Check out our Dog Friendly Recipe Pinterest board for other treats your pup will love! 

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