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  • COVID-19 and Exercising your Dog

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    With all the time at home with our dogs and the current state with the change in you and your dog’s routine, learning to be creative is key.  If your dog gets her daily exercise by going to doggy daycare, going to a dog park or playing with friends’ dogs, you might be finding it even more challenging to meet your pooch’s exercise needs.

    Luckily, there are ways to not only still exercise your dog but also train him some valuable and useful skills.  Here are just a few resources to look into.  Keep in mind that while some dogs might be more interested in one type of activity, another dog might be interested in another.  Be creative, experiment and mix it up if your dog likes more than one of these.

      • Alternatives to a Dog Bowl (by Whole Dog Journal) – The first thing you can do, if not already, is ditching the food bowl for feeding meals and feeding your dogs through other means.   


      • Scent Games (by Modern Dog Magazine) – Listed here are a few simple scent work games you and your dog can get started with in the comforts of your home. The benefits of scent work are you don’t need any special equipment and with up to 300 million olfactory receptors in a dog’s nose, this will sure be a fun game she will enjoy!


      • Trick Training (by Kikopup) – Emily Larlham puts up a lot of good resources on her YouTube channel, Kikopup. This playlist is a compilation of multiple tricks you can pick from and teach your dog. Trick training is rewarding not just for your dog but for you too and is great for building your confidence and strengthening your bond with her.


      • Shaping with your Dog (AKC) – Shaping is a great way to help your dog problem solve and engages his natural curiosity. This post talks about how to use a box or any other novel object he isn’t afraid of to teach your dog shaping.


      • Playing With Your Dog (Whole Dog Journal) – Looking for a release of “feel good” hormones? Playing with your dog is a wonderful way to do that. It is also a great way to stay active. It is important to know your dog’s play style first though to make sure it is fun for your dog.


      • Decompression Walks (Cognitive Canine Podcast by Sarah Stremming) – Keeping all the COVID-19 safety rules in place, this is a good option for you and your dogs to get outside and has many benefits for both you and your dog’s overall wellbeing. We highly recommend you to listen to this podcast episode.

    Please also keep in Mind that Noble Beast Dog Training is still in operation and can support with our COVID 19 Dog training options during our nationwide Coronavirus Pandemic, as well our Day Services (Group Day Training and the Noble Beast Activity Center (our Dog Daycare options) have been officially approved as ESSENTIAL SERVICES and are open for enrollment! 

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NormanWilkes » 14. Apr, 2020

Helpful information! Thanks for sharing!

Mindy Jarvis » 15. Apr, 2020

So glad to hear it!
Thanks Norman!

Mindy Jarvis – Owner/Trainer
Noble Beast Dog Training

Paula » 22. Jun, 2020

Noble Beast Dog Training is literally the best dog community anywhere.I read it everyday and i am also greatful i found [Link deleted]It helped me so much with my dog. Hope it helps other too

Mindy Jarvis » 25. Jun, 2020

Thank you so much Paula, I am grateful that we have been a positive source for you! I appreciate your post! Your the best!

Mindy Jarvis – Owner
Noble Beast Dog Training

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