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  • Morgan Karol

    Morgan Karol

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    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Morgan Karol has been an animal lover her whole life.  At the age of 12 she got her first dog, a Golden Retriever named Matty.  She spent hours learning about dog training and working with Matty, and even joined 4-H PAWS with him.  Morgan went on to graduate from Rutgers University in New Jersey, where she studied Natural Resource and Wildlife Management.  During the summer she also volunteered her time at a local wildlife refuge, where she worked with racoons, black bears, skunks, and a multitude of other local critters.

    After college, Morgan traveled to Texas where she lived for three months as part of an internship at a big cat refuge.  She was responsible for the daily care and feeding of over 30 tigers, lions, and leopards.  It was there that she was introduced to positive reinforcement training thru the use of a clicker, and developed a new found love of animal training.  Morgan also learned that she enjoyed teaching people as well, after giving tours of the refuge on a daily basis and educating visitors about the big cats.

    Soon after, Morgan began working for a non-profit organization that trains guide dogs for the blind.  She spent six years working in various positions, training both the dogs as well as the people who would become their new partners.  This experience gave her a wealth of knowledge concerning dog behavior and training, as well as the ability to teach new and experienced pet parents.

    Recently, Morgan moved to Colorado and joined Noble Beast Dog Training as a Group & Private Trainer. She specializes in using the clicker as a positive training tool and continues to educate herself on other positive training methods.  Her reward as a trainer is that moment the dog and their person ‘get it’ and overcome the hurdle of mastering a new skill- even if it is just getting a pup to successfully lie down!

    Morgan currently lives in Denver with her female black lab, Ebony, and two cats, Milo & Zoe.  She is excited to explore all of the beautiful places the state has to offer, and looks forward to lots of fun training dogs with Noble Beast!

    Mindy Jarvis
    Certified Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant / Owner of Noble Beast Dog Training

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