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  • Mindy Jarvis

    Mindy Jarvis

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    ABC-CPDT & CGC Evaluator – Owner/Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Ever since Mindy was a little girl competing in 4-H for Horsemanship and Dog Handling, it was evident to family and friends that she had a unique and special relationship with animals, especially with dogs. As a matter of fact, there was never a time when she did not have a dog in her life. Mindy took her first obedience class with her Newfoundland Tina when she was 7 years old, and throughout life she continued to train all her dogs, not because she felt it was necessary (as necessary as it is), but because she loved connecting with her dogs. Mindy has continually educated herself by reading books and attending seminars held by renowned national trainers such as Brenda Aloff, Jean Donaldson, and Patricia McConnell. She started training dogs for friends and family by word of mouth, for folks as a part-time job or hobby. While doing dog training part time, she was also a CEO of a mortgage lending company. In her 12+ year mortgage career, she found that she also had a gift for working with people. Mindy prides herself with the fact that she is able to relate to all sorts of people, regardless of their different backgrounds and personalities. After a debilitating intestinal disease causing her to be unable to work for over seven months she and her husband simply could not afford to keep their home and lost everything. It was at that time that she looked in the mirror and decided that she had to do something that was good for her soul. That something was working with dogs. She immediately enrolled in Animal Behavior College, graduated with honors, and became a Certified Pet Dog Trainer! By founding Noble Beast Dog Training, Mindy combined her dog training knowledge and experience with her people skills to start a company that would improve the human/pet relationship. She aims to professionally develop and offer continuing education for her trainers, understanding that they are the key in helping as many people as possible. Her trainers utilize Positive Reinforcement techniques to help insure her clients have successful relationships with their pups, facilitating forever homes for our beloved friends! Mindy and her experienced staff of star trainers welcome you to join the Noble Beast Family in making a difference in both you and your dog’s lives!

    Noble Beast Dog Training
    At Noble Beast Dog Training, we not only love dogs but we also love people. We believe in working with pet owners to create a harmonious and lifelong home for their canine companions. We do this through fun, easy to use, positive training techniques, interactive learning, and leadership activities. We are dedicated to having our professionally developed trainers, who are continually investing in their education, bring you the latest in positive reinforcement techniques which build and supports the most positive relationship you could have with your pup!

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